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Sent him another PM.
Rocky told me it's going to be released on the 20th. I've asked him whether there's some more info now. 
The LCD-X is open.
Definitely.    Another IEM I find pretty bad for it's price is the SE215. The sound quality is around the level of a MH1C which costs $40. 
Yeah, they are even though I don't like them. Too warm and smooth for my taste and kind of congested. 
I actually read Swimsonny's review (I think) and he regarded them really highly along with a lot of other people. That was before he was banned for writing paid reviews that is...
Lol, yeah. But with 128GB micro sd cards, the problem is not as bad and people can have 256GB just on cards with DAPs wit dual SD slots (probably actually like 250GB, but it's still a lot). 
If he is going to use them as portable headphones then it may not be a great choice.  Would be great for the OP to tell us more about what he wants. 
Would be awesome! 
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