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Yes,it can.
What is your budget? 
This.  I don;t think a laptop jack can damage your headphones, but I could be wrong. 
I would recommend you go for a DX90 or a used one if your budget is limited. 
I'm not sure they are worth the trouble TBH. It will cost maybe $300 or so to get them made. 
+1.  If you like the HD800 it can be just about end game. Until the HD900 lol. 
Once you have a very nice setup that you are happy with, then worry about cables. No point spending $500 on a cable if you have a $500 headphone.    From my experience they do make a little difference though, but obviously you can do much better with your money, which is why you should only get expensive cables when your setup ia lready very good. 
HD800 + NAD M51 + Audio GD Master 9 goes just over. That's what I am aiming for ATM. 
I haven't heard the Vali, but I can't recommend the M-Stage more. 
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