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Is there anybody willing to sell their Mini-X? Id be interested, especially if you are in Australia or if you have modded it with a 1/4 jack. 
Apparently this will be released 15-20th of March. 
Great news! Can you PM me the tracking number?
You need the DX90 
Hey Frank, I was just wondering when my SP cable will be posted? I sent you 2 PMs but you may have missed them. 
HE-500 with the grill mod for now, but I'll probably want to upgrade soon. I still need a better amp/DAC. 
Despite the Sad State Of Audiophile DAPs thread, I actually think the DX50 is really good. Can;t wait to hear the DX90. 
Have you by any chance tried the DX100? It would be great to compare those two. 
Not great, but very open. Cost me $3 and 15 minutes. 
I thought adding a cloth would defeat the whole purpose. I figure I'll just clean them if they get dusty. It was a $3 bin lolol 
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