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Yes, that is what I meant.  Maybe go for the Astrotec AX35? They may be a little outside of your budget though. 
Yeah, I'm not quite sure what reviews mean by "distorted treble" but I really recommend the MH1C. They are warm but quite balanced, the cable is annoying though. 
Hmm, so the have to be bass light? If not, the MH1C is a nice choice for the price. 
PM sent. I really want a cable that isn't too thick though and the one that project86 posted a while back looks perfect. 
Hey Frank, I heard that you had a 18AWG Litz copper cable? How much does that cost (HD800, 6ft)? 
In Aus the 009 is already 6 or 7K. 
Meant a good rig. There are some cheaper amps, but I'm guessing people who go for the SR-009 will go for the BHSE, LL, WES, A-10 or something like that. 
Yeah, let's not go too OT.    I don't see anybody being disappointed by the Alfa Genus. 
The T1 is really a love/hate relationship. Personally I find the treble to be a little sharp, I love the HD800 though. You may want to get a more powerful amp. Sure, it drives the T1, but not to their full potential. I quite liked the bottlehead amps. 
Beyer T1?  Have you demoed them beforehand and what are you planning to use to drive them? 
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