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Nice! The tips sound very interesting, almost like customisable filters.  Don't tone the treble up too much though, the DN-1000 is already pretty bright. 
Can't wait for my SP to get here. 
I would personally rate them 9.3 or 9.4 having heard and owned many TWFKs he rates 9.1/9.2. 
 Here you go. 
Is it possible like Joe mentioned that it was damaged? I think this is very unlikely that damaging a DAP would change its sound, but you never know...
Thanks H20! I will post some impressions, but I'm not sure if I will have time for a review (even kinda pulled out of the X5 tour). And guys, be gentle with this one so it doesn't end up like the AX60 .
Hi guys, up for sale today is my perfect Palaios portable amp. I have burned it in for around 100 hours and wrote a review on it. Even though I love how they sound, I got a full sized setup for home and I don't like carrying an amp around outside so these are never getting used. So these have to go .    As you can see from the pics, these are in perfect condition and sell for $220 new at the Noisy Motel. Considering these are basically new, but burned in, I think this is...
Or the AX35. 
I found the RDB a little too bright in the treble. 
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