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Mine gets to about 9. 
It should be fine but may improve with an amp.   Maybe this? 
Hey guys, I downloaded the USB DAC driver but I don't know how to use it? 
I think the 3 does to an extent, but not the 2. 
I think the LCD-2 and the T1 are two of the most overrated headphones. The LCD-2 has nice thumpy bass, but that's it. 
I have heard the HE-6, not sure what was used to drive it exactly, but I really liked it. IMO the headphones I've heard goes HD800, HE-6, LCD-3, Abyss, HE-500 and the LCD-2. For some reason I just didn't like the Abyss. 
What amp are your using? The B22 right? 
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