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High end and budget IEMs do not really have that much of a gap, I am very happy with a mid range portable setup. People paying 5K for a portable setup might as well buy a nice desktop that would sound much better. 
Pending sale.
Yeah, I'm they are awesome for the money. I wouldn't judge them by how they look.
Go for some Brainwavz S5s, I think you will like them a lot. They are a very good performer for its price, one of the nice sounding IEMs under $100. 
Not really sure about the earbuds, but I really recommend the Sansa Clips, I have the + and zip and both are great. You really con't go wrong with them. 
Go for something like a Jaycar Pro Monitor, they are awesome for their price. 
Glad I helped 
Lol, no, not at all. If anything, acrylic might be even less durable.    You will also need to reshell after a certain period of time, which costs around $200 every time. If you want to go down the CIEM route, it might be worth it if you go for a more expensive one, I would just leave the Heir as a universal. 
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