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Hi guys, created an IC thread for a Melbourne meet here.
It's time for another Melbourne Head-Fi meet to start off the year . Like previous times, Billy has generously put his hand up for the meet to be held at the Noisy Motel. So far, we have 12 people interested and but we are not sure just how many people Billy will say is OK so anybody interested after this point may or may not get in. Like with any other meet, be extremely careful with other people's gear (especially that HD800 lol) and make sure nothing gets damaged. The...
Not anymore on recent firmwares. Digitalfreak had major problems with his though, probably because his was defective. 
I really need to get my hands on some ASG-2s to see what everyone is talking about. 
Have you tried it on the DX50 yet? 
Doesn't the Colorfly have bass roll off? 
Everything 1.2.3 and below has issues. 
Im in Australia so basically no chance. 
Just wondering, never saw you in the DX50 thread. How are you liking it? 
Yeah, it came out a little harsh, sorry. I wished I could try one at a meet or something. 
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