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Yeah, the Monoprices are awesome if you get a good fit. 
Thanks, I have to get a chance to listen to one sometime. 
No, but they improve with an amp. 
It does very well without an amp, but high end amps make it better. 
The AD700 is supposed to be very good for gaming and it sounds pretty good as well but I have not heard the AD700X, but supposedly it is better. 
No, I don't think that the C421 will improve the sound. 
I've heard some people say the SR-009 is 10-20% better but it's really hard to say how much better unless you have heard it yourself. I haven't personally, so I can't really help. 
Yes, and the main difference is sound, the DX90 being a lot better. 
Lol, sounds like you are happy you blew up your T70...
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