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+1.  If you like the HD800 it can be just about end game. Until the HD900 lol. 
Once you have a very nice setup that you are happy with, then worry about cables. No point spending $500 on a cable if you have a $500 headphone.    From my experience they do make a little difference though, but obviously you can do much better with your money, which is why you should only get expensive cables when your setup ia lready very good. 
HD800 + NAD M51 + Audio GD Master 9 goes just over. That's what I am aiming for ATM. 
I haven't heard the Vali, but I can't recommend the M-Stage more. 
Just got a M-Stage again and I'm very impressed with what this little thing puts out. Obviously it is not as good as those 1K amps, but it gets pretty close and drives the HD800 very well. 
How much to just buy them?
Used HD25/amperior. 
Great, it's awesome that you guys are still responding to this thread even when  Frank is on holidays. 
  Seriously though, for the price that people are spending on their portable gear they can buy a high end headphone setup. An AK240 and + Noble 10/Roxanne/Mentor etc will cost you around $4000 + cables and with that you can get Schiit Gungnir/Mjolnir and LCD-3 which would probably sound much better. 
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