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So why doesn't it drive the He-500s? They are 32(?) ohms right? I'm using an M-stage right now and it does pretty well. 
How much power does the Essence One have exactly? It doesn't seem to say on the site. 
I meant used, sorry.
Thanks guys for the suggestions. The Audio GD models are looking good right now. Is there any advantage if going balanced? I saw someone say that balanced and single ended were very similar on the NFB 10.
March is quickly approaching...
Sometimes HD600s go for $200, but very rarely. 
Oops, sorry. Didn't read the description properly. The Alpha Dog looks interesting. 
Th HD600 is a ood choice. 
It's not too bad, but not a great deal. 
Thanks mate, I'll definitely look into it. Really interested in the Essence one pairing because it is only $400 in Aus. Has anybody tried that combo? 
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