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Well it's definitely not 90 grams...
Definitely burn it in a lot before you judge it, it improves a lot with burn in. 
Over 400. 
Hmm, I did have a silver cable and a copper cable and I could have sworn that the copper had more bass. I prefer my silver/gold one though. 
I find the treble has opened up a lot. 
I remember the DX100 and UM Miracles were an awesome pairing, but I won't vote because I don;t currently own them. 
Well at least AK corrected their impedance problems with the $2500 AK240... But then even a Clip+ doesn't have those problems, so it's not that much of an achievement. 
Hey guys, what aftermarket cables are you guys using, if any? It will be interesting to see if people prefer copper or silver. 
Oh, and nobody has mentioned this, but the channels are reversed lol. You have to put the left side of the cable into the right and vice versa for them to to sound right. I haven't tried the black cable yet though, so I can't comment on that. 
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