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No, to my knowledge you can't. Apple certified DACs are usually a few hundred. 
The HD700 is *almost* as good as the HD800. The HD800 disappears on your head and the HD700 almost does that, but doesn't quite do it as well as the HD800. They are one of the most comfortable headphones I've worn.  The 700s are like Sennheiser/Grado hybrids but leaning more to the Senn side. 
Cheers.  Done. 
Oh, and here is my comparison with the HD800 that I posted in the HD800 thread.   The HD700s are actually a good buy, especially at the used prices. 
 He got it. It is supposed to be a better ER-4S. Or maybe a Fitear F111. 
Off the V200 and M-DAC, here is my opinion on the HD800 vs the HD700.        The HD700 has more bass that punches harder but is still surprisingly fast and detailed. Mid-bass on the HD800 is not as heavy but it is cleaner and more detailed. The sub-bass is better on the HD800, it is cleaner and clearer. I do not find the HD800 bass light, it is very neutral and the HD700 are a little on the bassy side. I can see some people liking the HD700 bass more.    The...
I just received these and I must say, I am rather impressed at how well they do for around half the price of the HD800. Much better than the HD6X0s from memory and they are kind of a HD800/Grado hybrid lol. 
Just got a HD700 and comparing it to the HD800, I'm rather impressed. 
Get a Modi/Magni. 
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