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Cheers.  Done. 
Oh, and here is my comparison with the HD800 that I posted in the HD800 thread.   The HD700s are actually a good buy, especially at the used prices. 
 He got it. It is supposed to be a better ER-4S. Or maybe a Fitear F111. 
Off the V200 and M-DAC, here is my opinion on the HD800 vs the HD700.        The HD700 has more bass that punches harder but is still surprisingly fast and detailed. Mid-bass on the HD800 is not as heavy but it is cleaner and more detailed. The sub-bass is better on the HD800, it is cleaner and clearer. I do not find the HD800 bass light, it is very neutral and the HD700 are a little on the bassy side. I can see some people liking the HD700 bass more.    The...
I just received these and I must say, I am rather impressed at how well they do for around half the price of the HD800. Much better than the HD6X0s from memory and they are kind of a HD800/Grado hybrid lol. 
Just got a HD700 and comparing it to the HD800, I'm rather impressed. 
Get a Modi/Magni. 
This is a great deal, good luck!
No, I did not. I saw this thread in the recent threads.
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