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I have an O2 if you happen to be interested, does quite well with the LCDs and IEMs. 
I'm interested for sure.
Yeah, well in that case it would probably be the AD900 with something. I can't believe well it does for the price. 
I could live with my Apple Earbuds too, but I would much rather live with the HD800. 
Selling my Golden Gate RCA cables. They have seen very little use, and are in practically new condition. I believe they retail for $85 and I'll let mine go for $50. They are extremely good for their price.    PM me with any questions of trade offers. 
Yes,it can.
What is your budget? 
This.  I don;t think a laptop jack can damage your headphones, but I could be wrong. 
I would recommend you go for a DX90 or a used one if your budget is limited. 
I'm not sure they are worth the trouble TBH. It will cost maybe $300 or so to get them made. 
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