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The GR07s are pretty good as well but the DN-1000 may be a bit too bassy. 
The HiFiMAN RE-400 or the Rock Jaw Alfa Genus are pretty good choices. 
You do know that SNR does not apply to headphones right lol? And having a frequency response that goes up to 25khz does not make it sound better since most people cannot hear past 20khz.  Portable rules out a lot of options, but the DT1350 or the HD25 would be some good choices although they probably would not be comfotable enough. If you are fine with open headphones, then the ATH-AD900 is a good choice but they are not portable at all. They are, however, quite easy to...
Thanks, any reason why you thought the Gungnir was better at the time? 
I just got an Audiolab M-DAC to replace my DacMagic Plus and I am shocked at how good it is after just a few songs. The bass seems fuller despite it being an ES9018 DAC and it is so much cleaner and more detailed. Has anyone compared the M-DAC to other DACs? 
Wow, that looks amazing!
Wow, their cables are really quite cheap! Can't do any harm to try one right? 
I suppose I'll have to give it a try first. 
Interesting, I thought that the BHA-1 was supposed to be better than the V200. I own a V200 and I was actually considering "upgrading" to the BHA-1.
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