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I haven't heard both, so unfortunately I don't know. 
8-wire has more conductors and is suppose to sound better.
The HD800 is truly an end game headphone, I'm done on that front, but once you get it it you won't stop until you get the best amps and DACs lol. 
hifimanrookie and his 8 wire BW lol. 
You can't compare 2 DAC chips. 
Pending sale. 
So, this is finally for sale. I bought it off another Head-Fier a while ago and put maybe 10 minutes on it, I just don't find myself using an amp at all. It has just bee sitting there for ages. Included is a charging cable and a very nice OCC copper mini-mini cable. It is extremely short and great for stackiin your DAP on the top. The knob is a bit scratched and it is missing one screw, but those parts are very readily and cheaply replaceable if you wish.    It actually...
One of my favourite budget IEMs, it along with the RE-400 holds the title for the best IEM I have heard under $100. It actually sells for $110 in Australia at the Noisy Motel, so I think that $60 is a pretty good deal.    Comes with all original accessories, it came with one missing tip, but it's really not a big deal. Here is the Noisy Motel page.    http://www.noisymotel.com/product.asp?ProductID=638   Feel free to send me any offers or trades. 
Up for sale is my pair of FA-011s, a very regretful sale, but I really need the funds right now. They are in fantastic condition and have very low hours on them. I have the original receipt from Noisy Motel, which shows that they were purchased on the 27/05/14, so they are very new, only less than 2 months old.    I really don;t want to let this go, but unfortunately I am very short on cash right now so I have to sell much of my secondary gear, which isn't being used...
This I'm not sure I want to let go, very nice sounding headphone. It comes with one cable, adapter and bag, no big spongy box unfortunately. Have a look at the pictures and what you see there is what you get. The velour pads are optional are are not included in the price, you can buy them separately as well if you want, the have not been used.    I have put less than 100 hours on these, not really willing to move on price, but send me an offer if you feel like it. Trades...
New Posts  All Forums: