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I did not like the Momentum and found them to be rather overrated, but it's best to try them for yourself. 
Listening to the HD700 right now, very impressed with them so far. 
I would go with the MDR-1R or the Amperior. I prefer the HD25 over the Sony and the Amperior is supposed to sound better. 
From what I read, the NAD is one of, if not the best portable headphones available right now. You should consider getting a cheap amp, I've heard many good things about the Topping NX1.
You get used to it after a bit of using it, it is actually really easy to navigate through. 
Yeah, for under $100 you can't really get any really good headphones that can compete with the likes of the RE-400.  Let's get back on track, sorry for derailing the thread. 
^^^^   Lol :)
IMO the same amount of money can buy you a better desktop setup than a portable one. Obviously some people may disagree. 
It is very easy to use, you just slide bands up and down? 
I'm not a fan of the look, like other people have said before, it looks like an evil HD800 lol.  I started out with some IE8s, then TF-10s, B2s and then finally a pair of high end UM Miracles. The best decision I have made so far was to move to a full-sized setup. 
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