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HE-500 if you have a good amp. They sound better than IEM I have heard so far. 
Very interesting thread.    I wouldn't call myself a basshead by any means, but I do enjoy some nice strong bass once in a while. 
Your Merlins? 
They look ridiculous but sound so good!
Just got my AluMod MS1s today and I must say I am rather impressed. Very nice, exciting sound that is details and it's got very nice bass. Next time I hear a stock one I will compare them. The stock Grado headband doesn;t fit me well at all, an aftermarket one fits me better. 
Well you guys certainly get a 10/10 for how responsive you are.    One of the best I've come across for sure. 
Nah, the 1plus2 are in a total other league.
It just got released, give it some time. 
Nope, the EX1000 is discontinued and it sounds very nice if you like its sound sig. 
Haha, I'm sure they all sound nice in their own way .  Can't wait to hear what you guys bring to the table.  Oh, and one question. Does the hybrid use the TWFK drivers? 
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