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The thing is that it is probably not covered under warranty because it is physical damage. They wouldn't know if he bent it too far, or if it just broke under normal use. No company would replace it under those circumstances, it's not just Shure.    An example similar to this is if you broke your screen on your phone under normal use somehow, the company would still not replace it under warranty. 
Maybe contact the place he bought them from? 
Wow, that looks spectacular! 
Haha. Well if you do, I could be interested. I have no higher end closed cans yet. 
Nice! Do you find the TH600 overly bright, or is the treble on HD700 levels? 
I demoed the LCD-X and I was quite impressed by it, but I still like the HD800 more. IMO it is almost perfect, a little more bass would be nice.    BTW what do you use as a closed can (if any)? 
I see, how do you find the HD800, too bright?  You have a LCD-3 right, they are the king of warm headphones. 
Definitely. Very different, the HD700 is fun and exciting whereas the HD800 is neutral and very revealing. 
I did not like the Momentum and found them to be rather overrated, but it's best to try them for yourself. 
Listening to the HD700 right now, very impressed with them so far. 
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