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Don't think they will fit the HE-500. 
What budget do you have?    Mid-Fi can be a $1000 DAC to some people and a $100 one to others. 
Got to be the HE-560. Sounds like a good upgrade to the HE-500 and it looks more efficient from the specs. 
Nice! Can't wait to properly compare the T1 with the HE-500. I just got the HE-500 but I already want a HE-560 lol. Easier to drive and brighter sounds good to me. 
Yes, Billy's being kind enough already. Let's let him decide. 
I say we go until 4:30 if it's OK with everyone? 3 hours will probably not be enough, I agree. 
Good to finally tell us what you are bringing Gill! Surely you're bringing the transformer as well right? 
Thanks a lot! 
If it can fit the Shure SE215 then can I please get a pair?  And d-marc0, I am giving you the SM3 v2 at the meet. 
Yeah, can I take a pair? I'd like to try them on the Dunu. 
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