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My review has all of the firmwares right now. The first post isn't up to date at all.
I am getting one soon as well, review should come in 2 weeks or so.
Wow, can't wait for my BW IEM cable!
Dual TWFK as well as a dynamic.
It's like that for me too but I prefer it that way. The iBasso one also looks a bit thinner and less protective.
The Dunu blows the gr07 out of the water. It has bigger, better bass, midrange is much clearer and has better separation and the treble is more well extended and detailed. The soundstage and imaging is way ahead on the Dunu as well.
Went to Hong Kong for 2 days and I saw 5 customs, 2 Sennheiser Momentums, a UE900 and a few Beats not including the stuff I saw at Jaben. Never seen a custom outside if a Head-Fi event before...
Got the palaios amp yesterday from Charles and I must say that I am rather impressed. Let's get the negatives over and done with - the soundstage isn't huge, vut it is pretty good. The palaios amp will just come by itself and not anything else except for a manual, but I suppose this is to cut costs so it is cheaper for the buyers. Anyway, the bass is a tiny bit heavy and very beefy and solid. There is no bloat and is quite fast, faster than the T1. The detail is very...
Thanks guys.
Yeah, the Shozy is great, but comoared to other amps in it's price range it isn't anything special. 
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