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I agree with H20. The DN-1000 is around the same level IMO. The DN-2000 is clearly better and both are cheaper.    It is the best Sony IEM I've heard though, the XBA-4 and H3 wan't great. 
IMO the HE-500 has better vocals but the HE-400 doesn't. 
First of all, I’d like to thank d_marc0 for generously sending his personal pair of Noble 4s on a tour around Australia and including me. This review would not be possible without you! I’m just going to skip all the stuff that I usually write before the sound quality section of my reviews and get right down to it. This review is based on running the N4 directly from the DX90, which is a rather neutral source. Let’s move on to the sound section.   Sound...
I'm not sure, I didn't open them up and remove the mod because it is not mine. 
Do you have a HD800? 
The hard carrying case would be the most useful for most people. 
Yeah, Queens birthday. Don't you guys have that in the UK lol? 
Damn, mine didn't turn up yesterday.    Looks like it's gonna come on Tuesday then. 
It tames the highs and makes it less fatiguing. My new pair has no treble issues and I actually like it more than the modded one. 
Having fun comparing 2 HD800s I have on hand now. One has a serial of 25XXX while the other is 10XXX with the Anax 2.0 mod.       
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