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It's not trolling, he's just trying to help you... 
Maybe, I haven't checked the prices for a while and it might have been AUD. 
You can judge the detail, separation, imaging, soundstage etc. 
By playing the music you listen to you should be able to tell a truly good DAC like the DacMagic Plus from a cheap one. 
Frank's website always shows in stock, but that's not always the case. 
These CS3498 DACs looks quite nice, but I have no idea about the engineering behind them...
Maybe the "Phone Out" is really just a line out? 
What other DACs do you have? The difference between a cheapo DAC and a more expensive DAC does have significant differences. Also, you say you don't hear a difference between amping the HD800s and listening to them straight through the headphone jack of your laptop ? 
Best quality?!!  Sounds impressive. I've never actually heard it before. 
I'll be bringing quite a few HE cables and maybe we can do some blind tests on the cables. Would be very interesting indeed, I am a cable believer, but let's see if the people who believe in cables can actually make out a difference. 
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