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Nice! I love the silver poison, a very well made and very reasonably price cable. 
Thanks mate. 
I'm using the M-DAC ATM.  Oh and how does the Master 9 compare with the HDVA 600? 
Yeah, I'm wondering whether to get a HDVA 600 first or just wait and get a GS-X MKII. 
Just a question for those who have heard the HD800 on a ton of amps. Is there a better amp than the V200 which is around the 1.5k price range? 
CIEMs are not always better than universals.
Bump, still up for sale guys.    I'm in Melbourne, you can see it on the top right of every single one of my posts. 
Looking for a HD25 or Amperior, it doesn't matter what model or colour. I have quite a bit of stuff I can trade too if you are interested.    PM me any offers and the condition or pics and I'm sure we can work something out. I would prefer to buy from Australia. 
New Posts  All Forums: