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Yes, I too found the DX50 superior, but not by too much. 
The DX90 is no match for the X3, which is on the DX50's level. 
Gotta keep up with the latest one 
Hey Vlad, how do you think the RDB V3 compares? 
Yes, but the DX90 is no doubt a lot better. 
That would be nice    Personally I would prefer it if you guys stayed away from the Acero's adjusting mechanism, it just seems a bit flimsy to me. I'd prefer if the adjustment thing was in the headband. 
I like the DN-2000 a lot more than the other two and IMO the 1K and H300 is a draw depending on which one you prefer. 
The raw is closer IMO. The midrange is actually on the colder side and the upper mids sound more emphasized than the graph suggests. 
The sound and the graph don't really match IMO. 
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