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Congrats and enjoy your Kommand!
IMO the newer one I have is not so bright. I would pay $2000 for one that looks better and isn't made out of all plastic. 
Oh, and I won;t be able to bring the HD700 any more, but instead I will be bringing the Alpha Dog 
No, I think I will put that money into a better DAC and amp first. The Polaris is quite nice, but not sure if it is worth the $600 asking price TBH.    I bought a Blue Dragon to reterminate though. 
Sure, I will bring a little less this time.    Sennheiser HD800 Sennheiser HD700 Audio Technica AD900 Dunu DN-2000 HiFiMAN RE-400   iBasso DX50 iBasso DX90 Audiolab M-DAC Violectric V200 Isotek Polaris (Maybe, if I have space)   If there is already another HD800 at the meet, I think I might not bring mine, the amp and DAC take up quite a bit of room. 
Lol, no, DACs do not sound the same IMO. What is your price range? 
The UM Miracle sounds a little bit similar, but not really. 
I use the Hisound E212 and SE215 when I run. I go at a pretty fast pace and they don't really fall out. 
I would go with the HD800 + M-Stage (OPA627) and a good DAC. It should run you around $2000 altogether. 
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