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The DN-1000 is a great IEM but a little over your price range. If you are ok with buying used, here is a pair for a nice price.   I'm not sure if it is still available though. 
It doesn't really matter about the type or how many drivers that much. I would recommend the RE-400, Alfa Genus, AX35 and maybe the H100. It would be better to go and read some reviews on these to get an idea of what the sound like. 
The grey tips with a red interior ring are awesome IMO. 
I believe this section is for sponsor announcements. 
Review is finally up lol.   BTW sorry about the rain in the photos, it's been quite rainy here in Melbourne for the past few days. 
The LCD-X is very different to the HD800. 
Maybe PM the mods? 
Yeah, I can log on and post with no problems.    Maybe as an alternative try Tapatalk? I'm not a fan personally, but it works. 
I use the Mobile version. 
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