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Had the HDP-R10 and tried the HM-901. The HDP-R10 is a very solid and one of the best in terms of sound quality I have tried. Like a better DX90. The size, sluggish UI and battery are killers for me though, something like 6 hours.    The HM-901 is the best DAP I have heard, the sound is close to perfection, but unfortunately aesthetically it is the worst DAP I have used. Build is terrible and my friend's unit has started to have parts break already. The battery, size and...
Saw some silver Amperiors during lunch, they seem to be quite common in Melbourne.
Personally I would match the sound by ear with some speakers and test the volume from that. Not sure about the accuracy of apps though. I had three of the apps to test the volume I was listening at and they said 65, 73 and 85 or so. A 20db difference is huge.    So if you want to get the actual volume of how loud you are listening at you might have to buy a SPL meter. Seems like a bit of a waste to get one purely for that though...
Sorry guys, been away on holidays and got back a couple of days ago, been really busy. Can I have an update on this please?    From what I gather d_marc0 should have them now. Marc, after you are done with them could you post them to H20 again? He wants another go since he didn't use them much during his turn.    Oh, and I'd really appreciate it if those who have done they review to make a post linking it again. I'll link them to the front page. 
Just saw this and great review!   Seems like everyone likes the K10    Got to try them some time. 
Anyone else using the SE846 with the DX90? I find the white filter superb with the DX90. 
Would prefer to have this gone ASAP, just been sitting there for a couple of months and I've hardly touched it after I received it. 
I was actually really underwhelmed by the Abyss. It sounded good, but not better than the HD800 and it kept feeling like it was going to fall off my head. 
I have heard both and can easily understand why people would like each better. Technically the HE-560 is probably a step up, but the warmth of the HE-500 is gone. 
Totally agree. It is awesome for the price. 
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