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Oh, it turns out I will probably have a Lyr coming too along with a NAD M51. 
PM sent. 
Dunno, might pick up a Lyr to use for a while. Haven't really gotten into tubes.    My HD800 just takes time away from all my other stuff. 
And also, I am selling my MrSpeakers Alpha Dog if anyone is interested. I'll go $500 for Melbournians. 
I have a MrSpeakers Alpha Dog if anyone is interested, I am selling it for $520 but for local Head-Fiers I will let it go for $500.
Selling my MrSpeakers Alpha dogs that I just got off another member on these forums. I really love them and they are the best closed headphones I have heard, but I like my HD800 a but more and can't really justify keeping such an expensive without using it much.    It is only 3 or so months old, being posted on the 22/5/2014. These were purchased from Addicted to Audio, one of the most reputable dealers in Australia and the warranty is transferable. I have the original...
I don't see why not. I've heard it is a good DAC for the price. 
Really appreciate you doing this mate, very generous of you. I'm not going to enter, but good luck to everyone else. 
Yes, but I only voted for one by accident. Is there any way of voting again? 
I'm fine with any of the Sundays. 
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