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I second the DN-2000 if you have the budget. It is awesome and even after listening to many popular choices it remains my favorite IEM around $300. 
There is no second gen DX90 as far as I know. There will be a hibino/japanese one which is supposed to be better and uses better wiring or something like that, but it shouldn't be too different. 
Unfortunately I don't think anyone can actually repair them unless they have a pair with a dead side as well.    At least you still have another pair  They are getting pretty rare now. 
Wow, hell of a deal! Shame I'm not in the US or I'd snap this up. 
Lol, never heard that one before....
I also tried the foam pad mod and replaced the foam inserts with some thinner material and they sound much faster now. A lot more detailed as well. 
Have a look at the Meelec A151P 2nd Gen, they sound excellent for $50. 
Like H20 said, the major issues have been corrected with the later firmwares and while the software isn't excellent, it is perfectly fine for a music player. Just don't expect it to be as snappy as the latest smartphone.    Best thing for you to do is to try it out before you buy, depending on where you live it should not be too difficult considering how many shops (especially in China) stock them. 
Hey @Loquah how is the voting going?    Is it possible for you to see who voted for what dates in order to see which date suits the majority of people? 
I agree with Brooko, I just rebought the HD600 yesterday and really enjoying them again. Funnily they were my first pair of proper headphones but now with proper amplification they seem to sound a lot better than I remember and the veil is gone too. Extremely balanced sound, IMO a perfectly neutral sound is a little bit brighter, in between the 600 and 800.    I too have the HD800 and even though the HD800 is miles better technically, the HD600 has a similar, yet very...
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