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Selling the following because I no longer need/use them. Don't have time to use everything.      - Geek Pulse Sfi - Like new condition, hardly used. This version has the femto clock upgrade and the amp upgrade, it is essentially a single ended version of the X. Comes with the original box and all accessories including the 1M Lightspeed 1G USB cable.    - DHC Complement Custom 8-Wire 22AWG Silver Peptide HD800 Cable - Awesome HD800 cable, details...
Don't think so, I'm under the impression that they come as a package.  I'm curious how much of an impact the power supply is going to have on the amp when it is used with IEMs. 
Lol, nah, think I'll be right, but thanks for the offer
HD800 sold. 
Ok then  You've got to try out the D14 sometime. Maybe I'll send mine over when the hype wears off a bit. 
Comparable to the HA-2? Isn't it like 3-4 times the price? 
Like new, when I checked the DHC website it looks like this is selling for around $1300USD or $1800AUD. Sounds amazing with my HD800, the best cable I've tried out of many. Comes with the DHC cloth bag as well. Only selling it because I have sold my HD800 and no longer need this.    Fr those who are worried it is silver, it actually adds bass, which I found to be really weird. no need to worry about treble either, it really doesn't add any more sparkle, which was why I...
Interest check on my Earsonics SM3 v2. They are in pretty good condition with the case and box, along with some tips, including the original double flanges.    Make me an offer for them, don't use them much so not much point keeping them around. Open to trades as well. Happy to post worldwide. 
Pending sale on the HD800, cable still available. 
Yeah, but I don't really mind, been hectic recently. 
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