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Not yet. 
It's what I think, but obviously I haven't tried every Sabre DAC, and I'm sure a lot of others like Sabres with their HD800. 
Sabre DACs do not work well with the HD800, makes then sound very detailed, but lifeless. If you can get a NAD M51 used for around 1k that would be good.
Oh, and @Loquah I will just be bringing my main setup. The NAD M51, Violectric V200 and HD800 with Moon Audio Blue Dragon. The DX90 as well probably. 
From what I read it doesn't really matter what the order is? 
No idea. But yeah, some people in my school are pretty rich.  
In Australia so only year 1-12. 1-6 is primary school and 7-12 is high school.    Won't tell you guys what year I'm in 
At school I saw a guy with universal Roxannes in year 9 and it turns out he has a SR-009 and WES lololol. This was a while ago. 
Oh, didn't know that. I got sent them to review. 
@Loquah, If you want to meet up at the Noisy Motel I think that could work. If not I will just post. 
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