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Not as bassy, but still very bassy.  Overall I like them much more. 
No, it does not.  Almost every $500 IEM I have heard sounds better.  I would recommend you go with the Altone200. 
I think it the the JDS one. 
Ah, I see. You may want to include that the body is HD580 as well to prevent confusion.  Either way, GLWTS. 
I head there is an electrostatic successor but will be priced t around 5-6K. Hard to imagine substantial improvement over the HD800 to make me want to buy them though.    Heard the 009 and it is good, but I don't feel any need to "upgrade". 
Isn't this a modded HD580 because it has no HD600 parts? 
I don't think I have heard any cases of this on the 2K, only the 1K.
If you are going with a full sized amp why not go with a full sized setup? 
Congrats on the 10k posts lol. 
I tried one of the XBs before, not sure which one but it was very comfortable. 
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