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Haven't got a shipping notification yet, guess they are not posted yet? 
Considering selling my HD800 and cable in excellent condition. The HD800 is perfect, just a little dusty in the pictures. Maybe 200 hours on it, warranty until next year at A2A, only a year and a bit old. Serial number is 25XXX. One of the best headphones in the world at any price, just a bit too busy to use it, so no point keeping it. Comes with the box, receipt and all accessories including the original cable. I'm only selling it because I've got to much on now to use...
AKG K7XX is perfect for you. Sounds like a mini HD800, loses the treble spike of the 701s as well. 
Have a look at the iBasso D14, it's pretty damn good for the price. A little big though. 
The Dunu Titan 1 is hands down better for me. 
They should be legit and if you can get them for around $200 I'd say go for it. Sounds better than the M50 easily. 
It drives the HD600 sufficiently well, but I haven't heard the HA-2, sorry. 
Review is up: http://www.head-fi.org/products/ibasso-audio-d14-bushmaster/reviews/13653            
PM sent, thanks a lot for selecting me!
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