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Nope, haven't got anything yet. 
@LucasCL Any update? 
Pending sale on the DHC cable and the headphone stand. 
Pending sale. 
Pending sale on the K7XX
M-stage has been traded to H20. 
If anyone is interested in anything over here, send me a PM :)   http://www.head-fi.org/t/777855/audio-clear-out-australia
SM3 v2 and Chord USB cable sold. 
Selling the following because I no longer need/use them. Don't have time to use everything.      1. Geek Pulse Sfi - Like new condition, hardly used. This version has the femto clock upgrade and the amp upgrade, it is essentially a single ended version of the X. Comes with the original box and all accessories including the 1M USB cable.    2. Matrix M-Stage - Never really used, just got it as a backup amp for my HD800, but never needed to use it. No packaging for...
New Posts  All Forums: