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Listening to the HD700 right now, very impressed with them so far. 
I would go with the MDR-1R or the Amperior. I prefer the HD25 over the Sony and the Amperior is supposed to sound better. 
From what I read, the NAD is one of, if not the best portable headphones available right now. You should consider getting a cheap amp, I've heard many good things about the Topping NX1.
You get used to it after a bit of using it, it is actually really easy to navigate through. 
Yeah, for under $100 you can't really get any really good headphones that can compete with the likes of the RE-400.  Let's get back on track, sorry for derailing the thread. 
^^^^   Lol :)
IMO the same amount of money can buy you a better desktop setup than a portable one. Obviously some people may disagree. 
It is very easy to use, you just slide bands up and down? 
I'm not a fan of the look, like other people have said before, it looks like an evil HD800 lol.  I started out with some IE8s, then TF-10s, B2s and then finally a pair of high end UM Miracles. The best decision I have made so far was to move to a full-sized setup. 
No, to my knowledge you can't. Apple certified DACs are usually a few hundred. 
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