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Glad I helped, enjoy your DX90 :)
It would be a lot easier to make playlists on Poweramp. 
You could send it back or just sell it and get something else. Or go for a D14 paired with an android. 
I meant just copy your playlist into a folder on your SD card and play it from there instead of going into playlists. 
You could create a folder with all your playlist songs and just play that from the directory. That's what I do. 
Selling my Geek Pulse because I am going back down the IEM route for now, and there is no point in me having a desktop DAC/amp. Sounds amazing for the price, and this is not the normal S unit. It has all the upgrades of the XFI, which retails for $2300 but isn't balanced. It has upgraded internal components including the femto clock. I don't believe you can buy this anymore.    Included is also a Lightspeed 1G 1m USB cable which is actually quite good.    Open to any...
Nope, haven't got anything yet. 
@LucasCL Any update? 
Pending sale on the DHC cable and the headphone stand. 
Pending sale. 
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