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Yeah, the 800s are definitely 300 ohm. 
Definitely headphones. They are what produce the sound after all.    I'd say 320 to 24bit is not very different, minute differences with the HD800 and I can't tell them apart with my other stuff. 
I have found them to slightly degrade the sound, but mine are cheapo ones.    If they are well designed they should be OK. 
GLWS, great pair of earphones.     Not that you will need it lol, it will most likely be sold by tomorrow. 
Yeah, a lot of people set their budget at $100, but keep in mind the crazy price/performance of the T1 already. 
WES I think.
Probably will be bring my main setup and the DX90, DN2000 and a few more IEMs. Might be able to persuade a friend to come with his Stax SR-009 setup if it's in the holidays. Hopefully....   NAD M51 - 3 Channel Beta22 - Sennheiser HD800 (DHC Complement Silver Peptide 22AWG)
I see a lot of HD429s in Melbourne, anyone else finds this to be the case too?   Some Momentums today. 
Definitely the HD800. End of the road for me. 
Nice, what's new? 
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