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PM sent. 
Dunno, might pick up a Lyr to use for a while. Haven't really gotten into tubes.    My HD800 just takes time away from all my other stuff. 
And also, I am selling my MrSpeakers Alpha Dog if anyone is interested. I'll go $500 for Melbournians. 
I have a MrSpeakers Alpha Dog if anyone is interested, I am selling it for $520 but for local Head-Fiers I will let it go for $500.
Selling my MrSpeakers Alpha dogs that I just got off another member on these forums. I really love them and they are the best closed headphones I have heard, but I like my HD800 a but more and can't really justify keeping such an expensive without using it much.    It is only 3 or so months old, being posted on the 22/5/2014. These were purchased from Addicted to Audio, one of the most reputable dealers in Australia and the warranty is transferable. I have the original...
I don't see why not. I've heard it is a good DAC for the price. 
Really appreciate you doing this mate, very generous of you. I'm not going to enter, but good luck to everyone else. 
Yes, but I only voted for one by accident. Is there any way of voting again? 
I'm fine with any of the Sundays. 
Never heard of any fakes of them. How do they sound? 
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