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I'll pass, but good luck. 
You might want to include a few pictures and specify how much cash you are willing to put in. 
The DX90 is so close to perfect for me, but if I had 3 things that I could change it would be these:   1. Easier way of creating a playlist, maybe a software we can download to create and manage playlists?  2. Replaygain support 3. Fixed line out   Would make the DX90 just that little bit more complete. 
Join the club  They are like a gateway drug, a taste of high end. 
Definitely, the MKII punches well above its price range. Works perfectly with my Z2. 
Saw some MDR-1Rs or something that looked like that earlier today. 
So far we have    Mach3 Loquah gikigill White Lotus lin0003   This leaves approximately 5-10 spots left. I have now sent out a group PM to some members that have been to previous meets to ask whether they'd be interested in attending.    I'm thinking either the 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th or 18th of April, are people ok with these dates? They are all saturday and sundays and the meet will most likely run from 12 noon to around 4 or 5pm. 
Yeah, the 800s are definitely 300 ohm. 
Definitely headphones. They are what produce the sound after all.    I'd say 320 to 24bit is not very different, minute differences with the HD800 and I can't tell them apart with my other stuff. 
I have found them to slightly degrade the sound, but mine are cheapo ones.    If they are well designed they should be OK. 
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