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I wouldn't mind if mine got posted with the Acero either. Saves you guys the trouble too. 
I recently bought a Schiit Lyr V1 and just received it. After listening to it, I've decided that my Violectric V200 is better, which is no surprise costing over twice as much. The Lyr comes surprisingly close, but the V200 edges out in the end. Unfortunately right now I really need some cash and since I will not be using it a lot it has to go. Will be posted with the original box that they were shipped in from Schiit.    It is in excellent condition and comes with the...
Not sure, but you should try it first. 
From what I've read, it is a bit bright and is near the top. Not quite "end game", but what is? 
I would keep it and give it a chance. See if you like it first. 
I think raw is what comes up when measured whereas the frequency response has been changed a little simulate what we hear? 
That's odd, 128 and FLAC sounds very different to me, even on cheaper gear than what you have. 320 on the other hand is very hard to tell apart and I can't do it unless I am using my HD800 rig.
Check out the AD900 as well, very good for classical IMO. 
If you go for the HD800 you will need an amp and a DAC, whatever soundcard you have will not cut it. A budget solution is a Schiit Modi/Vali. You will also want to check out the Anax mod if you want to get the HD800. When you have more cash to spare you can always upgrade your amp and DAC, the HD800 scales incredibly well. 
Pm sent and where exactly in Aus are you? 
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