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Pmed.    Any chance you could post a close up of the frequency graph? 
Don't think so, it's my first time using it. 
Cost is the same as the H-300, sounds exciting. 
The N4s are a clear step up from the W4 IMO. They sound clearer, more detailed and have a larger soundstage. The W4 sounds a little warm in comparison. 
Right now the best setup is probably the AK240 + Chord Hugo + 1plus2/Roxanne/Mentor/K10 but they are definitely very costly. Honestly, you are better off with a full sized setup. 
Mine's still stuck in singapore....
Mine was posted on Saturday so it should be here around Wednesday. 
Definitely a scam. Way too good to be true. 
Stretch a little and get the HM-700 and RE-400B combo. They pair very well together. 
Great review. I though that there was a veil in the midrange as well, but I thought the treble was rolled off, more so that the TF-10. It's a really nice IEM but it's not really my sound sig.    d_marc0, are you hopping on the DN-2000 train? 
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