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My review should be up over the weekend.  It's awesome, sounds incredible with IEMs and headphones. 
Haven't tried any tube amps for IEMs. 
http://www.head-fi.org/products/creative-sound-blaster-roar-2-portable-nfc-bluetooth-speaker-with-aptx-aac-black/reviews/13920   Here is my review of the Roar 2. 
The iBasso P5 is the best portable amp for IEMs I have heard, it is well worth a look. 
What headphones are you using? 
There won't be any discernible difference, and if there is any difference, you probably won't be able to hear it over the car noise. 
I don't think any DAP in the same price point can compete with the D14 right now, you need to factor in the extra cost that goes into a DAP.    The AK100 MKII is not as good as the D14, it isn't quite as good as the DX90, and the D14 is better than the DX90, so the D14 is a pretty big step up from that.    I agree with cotnijoe, the D14 is excellent for the price it comes in at. 
Been burning it in for around 75 hours now, it sounds very good, probably the best portable amp I have ever tried. 
I was wired like someone said above. 
I find that the Roar 2 is actually a very good sounding portable speaker and it actually has really nice bass, which I wasn't expecting. Quite a balanced, slightly warm sound.    Had no issues with battery so far, seems to run for around 8-9 hours on cable connection. 
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