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DX50 + D14, the DAP makes no difference with digital output. 
My review is up:   I really think that this is the best portable amp that I have tried. Would be interesting to see if there will be a version with just the P5 and no PS. It would be better for those who want to use the P5 as a portable amp only. 
If he wants bass, the LCD-2 might be worth a look. Honestly, I find them very overprice though. 
@Loquah   Not sure about shipping and stuff though. 
Have a look at the Dunu DN-2000. 
My entry:   1)103,657 2)104,759 3)104,568   Edit: added in the commas. 
My review should be up over the weekend.  It's awesome, sounds incredible with IEMs and headphones. 
Haven't tried any tube amps for IEMs.   Here is my review of the Roar 2. 
The iBasso P5 is the best portable amp for IEMs I have heard, it is well worth a look. 
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