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You mat want to include whether you have the receipt. 
I'll start a new thread in meets forum.
Anyone interested in a meet in the first half of 2015? Been a while since the last one and we seem to have one every 6 months or so.    Won't be until at least April I would guess. Anyway, anyone interested? 
+1.  Lots better for the price, but it is an excellent all rounder if you like a warm sound. 
In terms of isolation, build, overall it is still one of the best. A few IEMs under $100 I feel are better are the AX35 and RE-400. Just my opinion though, others will disagree. 
Great, anyone else? 
Overwhelming responses guy, must have gotten 20 pms lol. Anyway, this is now sold.
Lol, it never ends...
Don't like them? 
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