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Updated my post for more sound impressions. 
After a while with the DX90 I can confidently report that I am hearing some things out of the Dunus that I haven't heard before out of any combo. The DAC and amp in this is absolutely amazing.    The bass is more or less the same in quantity as the DX50, both are quite neutral in the bass area. I do, however, get an impression that the bass is a little heavy because the DX90 has better sub-bass performance and that makes the sound seem a little on the thick side. Now...
+1  I don't find the senns very detailed. 
Finally got around to getting a headphone stand.   
I actually really like it. I got it a week ago. I highly doubt I can tell the difference between 192/24 and normal FLAC, but why compress it? 
Some high res music on the DX90 .   Can't wait for the DN-2000 to come...
Any IEM should be fine. It won't make much difference if she doesn't listen to music.
Not sure, but if it's not too thick, scissors? 
I see a lot of people selling their DX50s soon... The DX90 blows it out of the water. 
It has arrived!!!!   A few songs in and I must say I'm impressed. I though that it might just be hype when Jamato said how good it was. After hearing it I must say that it is every bit as good as Jamato said, the clarity, detail, soundstage and presentation is simply amazing. Unbelievable how big of a step up this is from the DX50 which is already a splendid player.    The hour and a half I spent sitting, watching the 2 doors (I live on a corner) was worth it...
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