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It is odd that all his 2 posts are here and he joined just to post this...
Lol.    Well we've seen that if you apply a fair bit of force they do bend, and much more than the M8 or Note 3 does. Probably exaggerated by a lot of people though. 
Final drop! It's so cheap now, really surprised nobody has picked this up yet.    $300AUD is around $260USD! 
I wouldn't risk opening it up, it would probably crack the screen. 
Sounds great too! 
You write @someone and a list will come up for you to select that user. I think they get an email when they are tagged. 
Lol, yeah. I love the Kogan/SAP combo, it sounds as good, if not better than many much more expensive DAPs that I have heard. 
I'd love to give the T10i a shot and write a full review on them. I loved the MA750 that you guys sent me to review and while ago and here are some of my other...
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