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Review is finally up lol.   BTW sorry about the rain in the photos, it's been quite rainy here in Melbourne for the past few days. 
The LCD-X is very different to the HD800. 
Maybe PM the mods? 
Yeah, I can log on and post with no problems.    Maybe as an alternative try Tapatalk? I'm not a fan personally, but it works. 
I use the Mobile version. 
It definitely is, I go on Head-Fi on Chrome on both my GS3 and Nexus 5 with no issues at all. 
Not sure about the HD650, but that is definitely true for the HD800. It is very revealing of source/amp changes. 
Just had a listen to the LCD-X and I was quite impressed, it was better than the LCD-3 IMO but I like the HD800 much more. I also tried the Stax SR-009, which was about as good as the HD800 on a 007 amp and AK240, which was interesting. I wonder how good they can get with a better amp and DAC. 
I liked the HE-400 with the Schiit stack. 
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