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Review is up: http://www.head-fi.org/products/ibasso-audio-d14-bushmaster/reviews/13653            
PM sent, thanks a lot for selecting me!
You could try finding someone to recable them, might cost you around $60. 
Looking for a pelican 1010 case, preferrably black, but whatever colour is fine really.    PM me if you have one you want to sell and we can work something out. 
Does anyone have a spare Pelican 1010 lying around? 
For $250 you can get a used HD600 which would be good because it is really neutral. Or look around for a K70X or K7XX.    Both are very comfortable. Your soundcard probably won't drive them very well, but they will still sound good. 
I second the iBasso, I own one as well and for the price it is remarkable. 
You didn't link him properly.  Just shoot iBasso an email, they will probably get back to you quicker there. 
Can't wait 
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