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The HD800 with a $500 setup sounds just fine if you pick right.  Just that more expensive ones sound better. 
They are pretty good.  Over the ear cans are larger, so have worse "neckability". 
Maybe a DT1350? 
What sort of sound are you after? 
My guess is around 75db, definitely not above 80.
I own the M51. I run them witha  HD800 and it is a magical pairing. 
I only really use my HD800, HE-400i, SE846 and a few other IEMs. These do better than all my other gear. 
Bit late to the party, but yeah, upgrading DACs can make huge differences. Wait til you hear a truly high end DAC like the M51 or DA06 etc lol.    When I first got my HD800 setup I use today, I was really blown away. What headphones are you using? 
Anyone else feel like photos take ages to put up? Anyway, my review is up:                  
I agree. The HE-400i is incredibly good, a solid step up would be the HE560 or HD800, anything else is not really worth the trouble. 
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