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So you're looking for a V shaped IEM right?    If so, the Astrotec AX35 might be a good choice. 
Have a look at IEMs from Etymotic and Shure, their IEMs have very good isolation. 
Pending trade
Selling my Aurisonics Rockets because I just don't get the time to use this. I have only put maybe 2 hours on them after I got them.    They are in good condition, and come with all original accessories. Sells for $300 in Australia.    Read a few review on them, people seem to think that they are better than even the ASG-2 and IE800. Here is a review for them: http://www.head-fi.org/t/774799/review-aurisonics-rockets-endgame   Send me any questions or trade offers....
DX50 + D14, the DAP makes no difference with digital output. 
My review is up:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/ibasso-audio-p5-portable-amplifier/reviews/14027   I really think that this is the best portable amp that I have tried. Would be interesting to see if there will be a version with just the P5 and no PS. It would be better for those who want to use the P5 as a portable amp only. 
If he wants bass, the LCD-2 might be worth a look. Honestly, I find them very overprice though. 
@Loquah   Not sure about shipping and stuff though. 
Have a look at the Dunu DN-2000. 
My entry:   1)103,657 2)104,759 3)104,568   Edit: added in the commas. 
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