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Here is the link to my review:
If you are ok with buying used, you can get a ATH-M50 for around $70 or wait for a good deal on the AKG K/Q701 which goes for a little over $120 typically. 
It's pretty good, I'd say go for it. 
What are you using it with? Apple, laptop or android? 
Maybe something from Shure? They isolate very well and are pretty durable. 
Why not go for something with a detachable cable? 
So you're looking for a V shaped IEM right?    If so, the Astrotec AX35 might be a good choice. 
Have a look at IEMs from Etymotic and Shure, their IEMs have very good isolation. 
Pending trade
Selling my Aurisonics Rockets because I just don't get the time to use this. I have only put maybe 2 hours on them after I got them.    They are in good condition, and come with all original accessories. Sells for $300 in Australia.    Read a few review on them, people seem to think that they are better than even the ASG-2 and IE800. Here is a review for them:   Send me any questions or trade offers....
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