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  Great news. 
I was the one who sold this to H20 and it is definitely very well made. Made with wire straight from Frank at Toxic Cables.    If you work out the cost, the wire alone costs over $30. Bargain here. 
Koss have a lifetime warranty so if they break just take them to the store you got them from. 
I think all the companies do a custom order and nobody is going to know unless they have a Kogan and one of the other ones. 
Not sure about the second one....
I reckon the Kogan will be better, but that's just a prediction. H20 will be getting it too. 
I will be comparing my Kogan/SAP combo that costs around $100 new to the Fiio X1 that everyone is raving on about. Let's see how they compare. 
Looking good.    Thanks for making this happen. 
BTW guys, what is this T1 mod? Does it work on the DT880 too? 
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