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Item: Wireworld Eclipse 6 Copper Sennheiser HD800 Cable 2M Location: Kew, VIC Price: $300 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Not Used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info:   This is a rather rare cable and only a few of them were made by Wireworld. The wire that is used is the same as the one in these RCA cables so you figure out how much a 2m HD800 cable using this wire would cost    https://www.addicted...connects-rca-1m   An...
I would say headphones are much more popular than high end speakers because they are relatively cheaper. 
Maybe ask in the HD700 thread?    I think the Schiit Modi/Vali could potentially pair very well. 
Anyone interested in a  Wireworld Eclipse Eclipse 6 limited HD800 cable? 
Haha lol. My friends think it is pretty crazy to spend so much on audio but some people in my year have computers that cost more. 
Actually no, it's not distortion and all that stuff that is different.  I would say 99% of people who are familiar with the HD800 would say that the HDVD800 or some other high end DAC and amp is much better than the O2/ODAC.  Soundstage, detail, imaging and everything will be better.  I do envy you though, because you don't need to upgrade gear since you can't perceive any difference. 
Most people hear a distinct difference between DAC/amp changes.  Haven't heard of the Schiit combo so can't comment on that. 
The T1 is good but won't drive them well. I would recommend going for the V200, it is a warm amp that matches very well.    If you are in the US a used one goes for around $600. 
No, but for me, the lack of a screen is a killer for any DAP over $500 or so, let alone $5000.  I don't imagine the sound would even come close to any full sized DAC/amps around that price though.  I'm quite interested in the Shozy though, looks very promising but only FLAC and WAV is a bit annoying. I see you've put your X5 up for sale? 
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