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I'm just wondering, if you are in Singapore why didn't they just send you one from there? Mine was posted from Singapore for some reason. 
I have the HM-700 and I like the DX90 more, but it's not really a fair fight. 
Mine is fine. 
I meant after they arrived, perhaps in a week or so. That's what happened with the DX50 threads I think (there was 3 lol).
Just read this and IMO my DX90 beats my DX50 with UHA760 and O2. I wished the battery life was longer, at least 10 hours though. 
We should probably move to the other thread now that they are starting to arrive. Jamato, should you get this one locked or...?
I'll post my impressions here as well:  I can't see anybody being disappointed with the DX90. My only suggestion is to correct the touchscreen scrolling problem. The DX50 is fine, but I accidentally select songs when scrolling with the DX90. 
Never heard the PB2 but the DX90 is better than DX50+O2 and UHA760. 
No way you'd ever get an LCD-2 for close to $300. Lowest I've seen them go is around $550. 
Updated my post for more sound impressions. 
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