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My first PC build, pretty average compared to some of the other stuff on here. 
Not interested in buying them, but just to help you out with the pricing, ones in good condition typically go for around $400USD, or around $350EUR.    Anyway, these are really nice sounding headphones, good luck with the sale. 
Looking for an IEM cable, preferably silver. Has to be terminated in JH/Westone pins.    Open to anything, send me what you have. 
Have a look at the Hugo, a lot of people like the pairing. 
Nice of you to do this :)    Good luck to whoever enters. I won't because I won't put them to good use, but always good to give back to the community. 
I'd love to give these a review, I have quite a bit of experience with RHA products, having reviewed the MA750, T10 and T20 and organised the Australian tours for the T10 and T20.    Here is a link to my reviews:   Good luck to everyone!  
Oops, missed that. 
I have heard it, but I don't own one.  Not sure about the Teac, but it is one a different league to the X5. It does have many drawbacks hough, build, size, battery, UI just to name some. 
HM-901 maybe. 
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