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The HD800 thread would be a better place to ask, more HD800 owners will see your question. 
A relative bought a cheap CS4398 DAC/Amp from China which costs about $60 and I tried it with the HD800 and I was quite shocked at the sound quality this cheap thing puts out, the most bang for your buck I have ever heard.      Very clear mids, tight but with good bass impact and quite a clean treble. Soundstage, imaging and separation sounds awesome, this is amazing! This honestly sounds like something in the $300 price range. Here is where my relative got it from,...
I was referring to he Shozy one he mentioned, not all amps. 
The amp isn't very good, I wouldn't bother. 
Wow, nice!    I'm really tempted to go for some of their XLR cables, but I'm not sure, might order some custom ones. 
No, the DX50 plug was very tight when it was new too. You just need to let it loosen up over time. Maybe use a cheap earphone to plug and unplug a few times? 
Awesome sounding combo, good luck!
The DN-1000 is a great IEM but a little over your price range. If you are ok with buying used, here is a pair for a nice price.   I'm not sure if it is still available though. 
It doesn't really matter about the type or how many drivers that much. I would recommend the RE-400, Alfa Genus, AX35 and maybe the H100. It would be better to go and read some reviews on these to get an idea of what the sound like. 
The grey tips with a red interior ring are awesome IMO. 
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