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Looking for an IEM cable, preferably silver. Has to be terminated in JH/Westone pins.    Open to anything, send me what you have. 
Have a look at the Hugo, a lot of people like the pairing. 
Nice of you to do this :)    Good luck to whoever enters. I won't because I won't put them to good use, but always good to give back to the community. 
I'd love to give these a review, I have quite a bit of experience with RHA products, having reviewed the MA750, T10 and T20 and organised the Australian tours for the T10 and T20.    Here is a link to my reviews: http://www.head-fi.org/users/353936/reviews   Good luck to everyone!  
Oops, missed that. 
I have heard it, but I don't own one.  Not sure about the Teac, but it is one a different league to the X5. It does have many drawbacks hough, build, size, battery, UI just to name some. 
HM-901 maybe. 
Here is the link to my review:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/rha-t20/reviews/14069
If you are ok with buying used, you can get a ATH-M50 for around $70 or wait for a good deal on the AKG K/Q701 which goes for a little over $120 typically. 
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