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No, just turn the volume down. With the SE846 for example, I keep it at around 140 on low gain but I listen quite softly. 
A2A is selling the M51 for a pretty crazy price of $898, way cheaper than used.   I have one and for this price it is an absolute steal. 
Don't think there any many deals for the DX90.  Perhaps Amazon or direct from iBasso? 
I don't see why not. Of course you won't be able to make the most of the HD800s, but I think that is the best sound for the price. Even though the HD800s are very expensive, they are very good value IMO, outclassing every Audeze headphone for me.    I haven't heard the Vali so I can't comment on that, but the M-Stage is very good for the price. The X3 should be a decent source. 
Could it be possible that you are used to listening at very high volumes?  Have you been to any meets and compared how loud you were listening to music to others? I try to keep my listening under 80 db to protect my ears. 
Wow, any idea how loud that is in decibels? You may want to consider listening at lower levels, not sure how loud the BHSE goes with the 009, but I imagine that full volume would be very loud. 
Hey guys, just curious about what headphones you like if you enjoy the SE846?    I actually find the HD800 to complement the Shures very well. 
Have you tried maybe resetting it? Might work. 
I agree with this.  The build is perhaps the best I have seen on any IEM. 
My review has been posted.
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