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I've found most people on Head-Fi are pretty trustworthy and decisive. In all of my dealings here, I've never been scammed. 
Size doesn't always equal better. The ASG-1 is a prime example, contender for the worst IEM I have ever heard. At first I was sure they were defective, but it turns out they weren't. 
Better than the Altone?    I love the titans as well, for the priece they really are incredible. 
Yeah lol, I remember the early DX50, the most glitchy player....
Dunno mate, really hard to decide. I just got the K712, only listened to them for about an hour so can't decide yet. 
I'll be able t bring the K712 Pro I just bought as well. 
Looks like the HE-500 would actually be quite good if you can find one. They are discontinued so you can't get them new/. 
You might want to consider getting a cheap amp and a used HD600.    The 600 is a classic, if you get it you should not need to upgrade until you start to itch for the HD800 . It's still one of my favourite cans I've ever heard. 
If it is on a Tuesday I'll only be able to make it after 6.  I'll probably just get dropped off and bring my gear with me. 
Check out the Meelec M6 Pro.    They sound nice and are $50. Come with detacheable cables as well, so you will be able to just change the cable instead of having to buy a new IEM. 
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