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Yeah, it is remarkable how good it is for the price. I have a SAP-5 coming too. 
I'm double amping. The Kogan does not have a line out. 
Should be.    Not sure if anything under $100 is worth the upgrade TBH. 
Some glue should work.    What price range are you considering upgrading to? 
Yeah, so many things I need to try.    Havi, VSD, Altone, NX1, T-Tpod etc.    I have a SAP-5 coming to replace my E11 soon. 
Haha.    Doesn't stop me from enjoying the cheap stuff though. I love cheap IEMs especially that sound like they cost much more. 
Haha yeah.    I remember it was him that got me rolling a year and a half back when I joined Head-Fi. From an IE8 and Clip+ to NAD M51, Violectric V200 and HD800, what a journey....
Haha. If you've heard it you'd think it was worth it.    On a site from China it seems like they are $8-$15 in bulk. 
There is a link of the same player on Aliexpress for around $50 shipped. 
  I actually can't believe how good this sounds. Add a GR07 and everything can be had used for under $200. 
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