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Better UI and this will be the perfect budget player. 
Up for grabs is one Aune T1. The unit is in great condition as seen in photo's, comes with x2 tubes. Stock 6922 tube and x1 bonus mystery tube. The unit will come with an upgrade tube protector and stock guards. Box is included / power supply / unit.    Sounds awesome for the price, punches seriously above its price tag. Selling because I simply don't use it, my NAD gets all my time.    Feel free to PM me with any questions. 
For now ...   Nah, but I'm seriously done buying stuff for a while. The only real upgrade is the 009 which I can't afford so no point upgrading amps and DACs for that extra 1% improvement. 
Yeah, I think the HE-500 and HD800 are my end game headphones. Don;t need anything else, I find the HE-500 to be better than the LCD-2 and only a bit worse than the LCD-3. 
Was listening to the HE-500 and it has something special about it. Gets about 50/50 head time even with the HD800 here.    The HD800 is better, no doubt, but the HE-500 are so good for just enjoying music. 
I might have a Beta22 here by the meet. 
Awesome review as always. Looking forward to hearing the X1. 
Not to kill the spirit or anything, but TBH I'm not entirely sure that the other variants are the same because they have different features etc. It could be possible that the other versions have different chips and internals as well despite similar software and looks.    Could be possible that every company does some sort of custom order and specifies what they want inside the player.    Does anyone have both who can pop in? Or maybe there are some photos of the...
Alright guys, can everyone interested in the Kogan from the US only drop me a PM? Maybe we can work something out if the batteries are not an issue. 
As I'm sure many of you guys know, the V200 is a very good amp and sounds excellent. It pairs magnificently with both the HD800 that I own as well as the HE-500, not to mention being OK for IEMs as well lol.    Not much else to say, very good condition and I'd prefer local pickup. Comes with power cable as well of course. Retails for $1400 at Addicted To Audio and I'm letting it go for $700, which IMO is very nice price and half of the price in Australia. This is around...
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