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Yeah lol 
Quite the decision between this and a Rolex Sea Dweller, but I didn't want to go too mainstream. Rolex seems too common nowadays...
Thanks, loving it :)
  AP ROO Diver
  Pic of my Raymond Weil Freelancer watch :)
Open a dispute on Paypal. 
Nice, this is my trusty G-Shock, had it for a little over a year and I love it.    Just picked up a Link Calibre 6 today 
Yeah, the Strix is the GTX970, there's an i7 4790, 16gb ram and the motherboard is an MSI gaming 3. 
My first PC build, pretty average compared to some of the other stuff on here. 
Not interested in buying them, but just to help you out with the pricing, ones in good condition typically go for around $400USD, or around $350EUR.    Anyway, these are really nice sounding headphones, good luck with the sale. 
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