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And also, does anyone have an SPL meter by any chance? It would be nice to see what volume I'm listening at. My phone one says around 65-70db but I'm not sure whether it's accurate. 
Yeah, came today. It is very hard to navigate but the pairing with the RE-400 is unbelievable. 
Means the next person on the list is in then! Who was it again? 
No, they are the RE-400B, the balanced version from HiFiMAN. It comes with the HM-700. Best stock buds ever lol.
The RE-400 balanced sounds epic! Normal unbalanced it is nice as well but the RE-400B pairs better with the HM-700 than anything else I've heard it with. 
New rig 
HiFiMAN RE-400 or Astrotec AX35 are your best bets. The RE-400 is more neutral whilst the AX35 is more v shaped. Running the RE-400 balanced from the HM-700 sounds a little better than the AX35 with the DX50. The RE-400 pairs incredibly well with the HM-700. 
My HM-700/RE-400B has landed! 
Wait for the DX90/X5 comparisons to come first. Rather impressed with the RE-400B right now. 
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