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So happy I got the DHC Complement Silver Peptide 22awg for my HD800. It has truly been a mind blowing experience.    When I got the cable, I immediately thought that it was built superbly, it felt sturdy but flexible enough and very well built.    It wasn't I listened to it that I was just amazed. I has expected it to be bright and a bad pairing with the HD800, but it wasn't at all. This cable seriously makes the stock SPC HD800 cable seem bright and a little off...
Asus Xonar Essence One.    Heard it's quite good. 
Yeah, cables take a huge hit when they are used just like customs. From my experience they usually go for around half of new price if it is in good condition. 
 Yeah, the HD800 is great. 
Really? You must be listening really loud lol. 
The M9 are pretty awesome for such cheap IEMs. Do try out the tape mod, it improves the sound a lot. 
Not all mine lol. 
Yeah, that is like the SE846 as well, but I'm not really sure what Shure mean by subwoofer bass.... I guess it is supposed to be more realistic? 
They are not next level, there is no technology that is that much better and they are not "better" than every other universal.    Not sure what their "subwoofer" bass is, but it sounds pretty normal to me. 
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