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If you have the budget, the HD600 and a good DAC/amp is an excellent starting point. 
Got a few stares I presume? 
Looking forward to listening to what RHA has in store for us now    A more neutral T10i would be awesome!
And HD800s at a library lol 
I thought the Altone 200 was much better than the H300, but that's just me. 
I'll post my impressions now, sorry for not writing a full review, but honestly I'm just too busy right now and I'm going on camp soon. Thanks very much to svyr for including me in the tour, much appreciated.    The bass is awesome, it is very strong for both the sub-bass and mid-bass, much more than what I hear as neutral, so if you are looking for a neutral sounding monitor, this will not be it. From what I remember of the Altone 200, the bass quantity is quite...
Should be ok, but I'll have to see closer to the date how my exams are coming along.    If someone else is desperate for a spot I'm happy for them to take mine.    Thanks Paul. 
Hey guys, sorry but it looks like I can't make it tonight, something came up in school...   You guys have fun though!
  The Cozoy with the MH40, but I haven't even tried it yet 
Not too many people are coming this time so it should be fine. 
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