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Has anyone tried the Talisman T-35HP? It is actually really good with the HD800, for the size it is remarkable. 
What amp are you using? I just tried running them off a Talisman T35HP and it sounds awesome. Granted people generally don't use $1K amps with $120 headphones, but they scale very well. 
They are a little bass light to my ears, but the bass is not non-existent. 
It is somewhat "lacking bass" if you are more used to bass heavy headphones. 
The sound is somewhat similar, but the K3003 is in another league. 
IMO the DN-2000 is way ahead of the W4 and EX1000.
I suppose more people trust it because it is from a large company like Shure.  If it was from a smaller company like Lear or Unique Melody, it would probably not be as successful. 
Very different headphones.    Some people say the HD800 is overly bright.    Personally I like the HD800 much more as well, but the LCD-X is a very good headphone that is more or less fairly priced. 
I haven't listed my Beta22 yet, but I am considering selling it. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM.    From what I gather it is very hard to get the parts from Australia and they don't pop up very often in Australia. 
Good luck, the modded T1s sound excellent.    Very different from stock and also much better IMO. 
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