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One sold, one left. 
I have two one of these, I was cleaning out a box and just found these. Right angled neutrik plugs on both ends and it's either SPC or silver, not really sure. 17cm, if anyone wants them they can have them for $20 each and I'll chuck in free shipping as well. 
Not sure I want to let this go TBH, a very reluctant sale. I'm not going to be able to have much time to listen to music soon, with my VCEs starting next year and I can't really justify keeping this magnificent amp. Selling for $650USD or $880AUD   It's a 3 Channel B22 amp and I bought it from a member in the US before changing it to 240v to be able to be used in Australia. Good condition and punches well above its price range, It's one of my favourite amps with the...
Keep in mind a new source will not sound a lot better, the jump from a $30 Clip+ to the $200 X3 will not be nearly as significant as a headphone upgrade of the same price. 
Up for sale is my entire high end setup, would be great for someone who want to get into high end audio with one step lol.   Make me an offer for any of the stuff in my sig really, just need to clear out stuff. 
Looks really cool!   I'll be getting one soon and I'll post my impressions and a review. 
Yeah, not a fan of the stock ones myself. 
Just had a listen to it today and first impressions are that it is very much different to the T10i. More to follow soon.    Damn, that treble filter is nice     If anyone has spinfit tips, definitely try them, after some tip rolling I found that they are the ones I prefer. 
Looks great! Looking forward to it 
Looks like they have been selected already, not sure if I can say who 
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