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That's great, anyone else? I'm thinking between 10 and 15 people would be ideal. 
Thought about a cheeky answer, but wasn't sure if you were serious 
A lot less time with school giving more work now, when I'm at home I mostly listen to my HD800 setup. 
Yeah, I still feel like it is the $300 king. Just perfect for the price. 
Definitely, even though it's my own money my parents still don't see the point.    $200 eventually moves to $5000.... Started with TF-10/Sansa Clip+ and thought I'd be happy for a few years. 2 years later and things have gotten much more expensive.
W4 lol... Yeah, I felt like the SE535 had some more to offer with the DX90. 
Anyone interested in a meet in the later first half of 2015? Been a while since the last one and we seem to have one every 6 months or so.    Won't be until at least April I would guess. Anyway, anyone interested?    @Loquah @gikigill @atsq17 @Mahdi8 @d marc0 @Mach3 @White Lotus and anyone else?
I tried them several times, from an iPhone, S3, Z2, DX50, DX90, X3 and X5 and they sounded warm and lacking in detail and soundstage.  Maybe technology has moved on, the design is rather old I guess. They still sound nice for music enjoyment, but I feel for the price better can be had. 
Lot's of new toys hey?  Good to see you coming back to the DN-1000, they are still incredible basshead IEMs, the DN-2000 is more different than better. How do you find the Shure? I found the 535 really lacking when I tried it. 
I'll do a comparison when I visit A2A or Noisy Motel next. 
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