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Yeah, not a fan of the stock ones myself. 
Just had a listen to it today and first impressions are that it is very much different to the T10i. More to follow soon.    Damn, that treble filter is nice     If anyone has spinfit tips, definitely try them, after some tip rolling I found that they are the ones I prefer. 
Looks great! Looking forward to it 
Looks like they have been selected already, not sure if I can say who 
I think the newer amperiors come with a mic.    If you don't want overpowering bass, best to stay away from the M80 IMO, it was quite muddy.    Which hifimans did you demo? 
What is your budget? Supposedly high end tube amps are good, but I use a B22 myself. I think it's quite good for the money. 
The Dunu DN-2000 is one of my favourite IEMs and I find them in a different league to the W4s.    http://www.amazon.com/DUNU-DN-2000-Hybrid-earphone-1Dynamic/dp/B00JP37WK4
Even the HD25/Amperiors are really old, they still sound excellent, IMO miles better then the M50.    The M50 was quite disappointing for me, sounded quite metallic and lifeless. 
I'd say just go for a cheap Clip+. Sounds surprisingly good. 
The Valhalla is good, but I preferred the Crack more. TBH none of those really bring out the best in the HD800 IMO. 
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