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This is one hell of a deal! It won't last!   So tempted to pick this up as a backup. 
Yeah, if you are looking for a warm IEM, the Superdarts that I tried a while back are pretty nice.
IMO no.
Maybe go for a modded T50RP? Some mods sound fantastic, listening to the Alpha Dogs right now and they are amazing for the price. 
Have a look at the DN-2000. 
Get the RE-400, they are still the king for under $100 for me. 
Not a fan of their T1, the treble is too sharp. 
If I had an electostatic rig I would snatch these up!   GLWS!
Even though I do not like Ultrasones, you really have to admire their build quality. 
Congrats and enjoy your Kommand!
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