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I own the M51. I run them witha  HD800 and it is a magical pairing. 
I only really use my HD800, HE-400i, SE846 and a few other IEMs. These do better than all my other gear. 
Bit late to the party, but yeah, upgrading DACs can make huge differences. Wait til you hear a truly high end DAC like the M51 or DA06 etc lol.    When I first got my HD800 setup I use today, I was really blown away. What headphones are you using? 
Anyone else feel like photos take ages to put up? Anyway, my review is up:                  
I agree. The HE-400i is incredibly good, a solid step up would be the HE560 or HD800, anything else is not really worth the trouble. 
Some photos for my review.                  
Some photos from my review.              
Yeah, it's a shame really...
Yeah, just a heads up, I feel like the tuning is really off, but the T10i has potential if EQed, so maybe look into tuning it to a more neutral tone and release a MKII? 
A few upcoming reviews. 
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