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Pretty basic headphone headband padding, got these a while ago for around $15 and never used them. They take a good few weeks to get here so I thought that someone in Australia might want these. One is gone, one left.    I'll do FREE shipping as well. 
The SAP 5 is one of the most highly regarded portable amps in it's price range and is around $60 AUD posted. I'm selling mine because I haven't used it in months and I just don't see it getting any time in the future. Great condition and will come with all the accessories.    I will chuck in a free Altec Lansing Bliss Platinum earphones that are brand new for $15. I have no idea how I got them, I just found them lying around in a drawer.    Send me any questions or...
That Justin said.  PM Frank or Peter from DHC and ask them which one is the best for what you want and they will work something out for you. 
This will vary from people to people. Some think cables make a lot of difference, but some don't.  My suggestion would be to buy a cable from another cable manufacturer like Toxic Cables or DHC. 
The upper midrange is a bit boosted, but the treble is not bright at all, quite neutral to my ears. I think it actually has  a bit of a dip in the treble. 
I have the iBasso D-Zero MKII and it is wonderful for the price, works with android phones as well.  The Lyr is not a good choice for the SE846, it is way too powerful and there is no fix (I think anyway). Maybe get a portable amp to go with your Modi? 
The Titan 1 is not bright, but I haven't heard any of those, sorry. 
I find wearing them over the ear is not very comfortable though :( With a cabl clip wearing them down is fine.    I'm loving these, should have a review up in a week or so. Oh, and I didn't feel like they changed with burn in. 
Not sure what you mean.  I just connect it, and play music and it just comes out of the D-Zero. 
Yes.  Edit: 5000th post lol. 
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