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Yeah, that is like the SE846 as well, but I'm not really sure what Shure mean by subwoofer bass.... I guess it is supposed to be more realistic? 
They are not next level, there is no technology that is that much better and they are not "better" than every other universal.    Not sure what their "subwoofer" bass is, but it sounds pretty normal to me. 
That's not true at all and if you've compared the SE846 to other IEMs you would know.  you can have some 10 driver IEMs that suck and the SE846 will blow them away. It is better than the Roxanne IMO, which has 12 drivers. 
He obviously has no idea what he is talking about and has no experience at all.  So he says they are great and "next level". And he doesn't say anything about the sound at all, just that everything is great, insane etc.  I have them and they are good, but next level? Nope, they perform very solidly but do not blow other top IEMs out of the water. 
Not a fan of the Comply tips, they make it too dark for me. 
Yeah, I saw his UM IEM reviews and they were pretty weird. 
Haha, this guy obviously has no idea what he is talking about,     Found this pretty funny as well. 
Yes, not sure, maybe a few years.  It's not mine, I'm just borrowing it. 
Thanks.  Sounds absolutely fantastic. 
Oops, it's the sound science section, just realised. Thought it was the high end gear section or something.  I'll be getting out of here 
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