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I'll try and get it arranged today, its been petty hectic for the past dew weeks.
Great deal, good luck. 
A pair of monster diamond tears today. 
GR07 is a good decision, still a solid choice despite all the new stuff.    The Dunu Titan 1 is incredible for the price, but might be a bit t much. 
Yes, if not a little on the brighter side, but it's hard to say because different people hear and perceive things differently. 
I'll pass, but good luck. 
You might want to include a few pictures and specify how much cash you are willing to put in. 
The DX90 is so close to perfect for me, but if I had 3 things that I could change it would be these:   1. Easier way of creating a playlist, maybe a software we can download to create and manage playlists?  2. Replaygain support 3. Fixed line out   Would make the DX90 just that little bit more complete. 
Join the club  They are like a gateway drug, a taste of high end. 
Definitely, the MKII punches well above its price range. Works perfectly with my Z2. 
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