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  Stacks quite well with the S3. 
Oops, my bad lol. 
I'll burn it in for around 50 hours before I review it, already 10 or so on the clock. Can't say I have noticed any change so far.  Just found a use for my old SGS3. I think an S2 could work quite well as well, the dimensions are quite similar.  @HiFlight what are you using as a source? 
I've just got the D14 and played a few songs and first impressions are that it is a solid step up from the D-Zero MK2, from memory around the same level as the DX90.  Detail on this thing is awesome. Both are not really warm at all, but yeah, the D14 is ever so slightly colder than the Zero.  If you are getting it for OTG use, then I would say go with the D-Zero because it is a lot smaller, but if you are planning on using it at home and the cost is not an issue, the D14...
Have fun with it :)
Selling a mint pair of HD600s, I've used it for under 20 hours. No scratches anywhere and has lived pretty much all its life on my headphone stand. Not sure I really want to sell it, but I'm not really using it so I guess not much point in keeping it. I'm sure you've probably heard of these, a true classic and remains one of the best headphones you can buy for the price, but just can't compete with my HD800 for time. Very neutral, leaning towards the slightly warm...
Both sold
Pending sale. 
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