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Nice! Love the cable 
Going to be way too expensive for me. Sticking for the HD800 definitely.    Orpheus 2 sounds like it will be awesome though, and at $5000 if they can make a SR-009 killer it will do very well. 
Definitely should mate!
These are really amazing, I don't really want to admit how good they are, but let's just say with easy to drive IEMs they sound as good as a certain Fiio player from memory. Not as good as the DX50, but for $30 they are a bargain.    Clarity and detail as mentioned before is awesome and these do a lot better than Sansas. Both the Clip+ and Zip sound like they are somewhat lacking compared to them.    Soundstage and imaging is also very hard to fault for the price, the...
Weekdays are fine with me in a few weeks. Holidays start soon. 
How is adding an amp?
Lol, might want to change the title.
Toxic Cables or Brian from BTG audio if you are looking for something cheaper. 
Just received these and I must say, I'm very impressed for $30. The clarity is nice and it is rather detailed. Good pairing with the RE-400.   The annoying thing is that it lags a bit. For $30 can't complain and it even has a camera!
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