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You won't be disappointed with the shures. As good as the Titan 1 is, the SE846 leaves them in the dust (as they should). 
Not sure if anyone has tried, but the spinfit tips are pretty awesome with these. 
Then why not simply just send them out to established members with let's say 50+ trading feedback here?  The chance of someone with so much feedback stealing a beta testing headphone is very low. 
Looks like Tuesday it is then. I'm thinking 28th if that is fine with everyone? 
Is there any word on the final pricing? Not sure if he was chosen or not, but if the beta testing cost is indeed $3000, we can expect the final production to cost a bit more, perhaps $4000.  TBH I think some people are making too big a deal out of this. I did not apply, and although I disagree with hifiman's way of "selling" beta units to testers, I guess there is a reason behind it. Personally, I think it would have simply been much easier and better to just PM some of...
I find it is quite bright.  I modded it a little bit by putting some fabric over the uncovered driver cone and it seems to have a more controlled treble now. 
Totally understand.  The Titan 1 is different from other IEMs, they seem to present music like a full sized headphone. 
I've found most people on Head-Fi are pretty trustworthy and decisive. In all of my dealings here, I've never been scammed. 
Size doesn't always equal better. The ASG-1 is a prime example, contender for the worst IEM I have ever heard. At first I was sure they were defective, but it turns out they weren't. 
Better than the Altone?    I love the titans as well, for the priece they really are incredible. 
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