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For feeback only
    My JLC came today :) Perfect size for me, though I probably wouldn't go for anything larger than 44mm. 
So I've just received a pair of X1s from Gilly down at Echobox and I'm sending them out on an Australian and New Zealand tour. I haven't had much time with them yet, but they sound like they are very crisp and slightly bright IEMs. Quite an interesting earphone, I've never really heard anything which is really similar, I think it is well worth a try. They also have 3 different filters for different sound signatures, similar to the K3003.    Standard tour rules apply, 1-2...
Looks like an amazing watch
Looks great, especially with that aftermarket strap. 
Yeah lol 
Quite the decision between this and a Rolex Sea Dweller, but I didn't want to go too mainstream. Rolex seems too common nowadays...
Thanks, loving it :)
  AP ROO Diver
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