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Damn, so tempted having just picked up my 4th pair of HD800s . 
Does anyone want some SuperDupont Resonator mods for their HD800? I'm going to get some so if you want some as well PM me. 
Too late to put my hand up? Been missing from here for a while.    I'd love to see how these compare with the HD800 which I have coming this week. 
I purchased these X2s off a friend a few months ago but never really had the time to use them. I've probably put less than 5 hours on them, so I might as well see them go to someone who will actually use them. With a HD800 coming soon I'd imagine they'd get even less use.    Open to offers, but please no lowballing. And I'm open to trades, especially for a 2M+ length USB cable. Australia Only
For feeback only
    My JLC came today :) Perfect size for me, though I probably wouldn't go for anything larger than 44mm. 
So I've just received a pair of X1s from Gilly down at Echobox and I'm sending them out on an Australian and New Zealand tour. I haven't had much time with them yet, but they sound like they are very crisp and slightly bright IEMs. Quite an interesting earphone, I've never really heard anything which is really similar, I think it is well worth a try. They also have 3 different filters for different sound signatures, similar to the K3003.    Standard tour rules apply, 1-2...
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