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I just tried the E11 with my HD800 and man, they really surprised me with how good they are. 
After searching for a while on eBay and Aliexpress, that seems to be the only place selling that player. Has anyone tried forwarding to the US? 
I have had my HD800 for a few months now and they have not got a scratch on them. They are either on my head or on my stand. 
Maybe just ask someone to reterminate your stock cable?
Yeah, it's actually really good.
Of course the HD650 will improve with amplification. The DX90 has an awesome DAC and hooking it up to a Bottle head Crack will make the HD650s sound much better.
Yeah, that was kind of why I sold mine to you. I reckon it is one that every Head-Fier should try in their journey, it really is a special can. 
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