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Newest addition, sounds amazing 
Picked up a NAD M51 today
Pending sale
Geez, gone for half a year and this is what I come back to... $6k DAPs and $4k IEMs...   Glad I got out of the portable section.    I remember a time where $10k AUD would get you a decent SR-009 rig, compare that to the AK380 + Layla.    I'm willing to bet my HD800 rig picks it apart and costs significantly less. 
Looking for an LCD-2 in Australia, preferably the fazor model. PM me and we can discuss the pricing, but you have to be located in Australia. 
Couldn't stay away forever right? You know you want them h20, one day you'll be sick of your IEMs and decide to move to HD800s 😉
Damn, so tempted having just picked up my 4th pair of HD800s . 
Does anyone want some SuperDupont Resonator mods for their HD800? I'm going to get some so if you want some as well PM me. 
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