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Great, anyone else? 
Sure guys, sorry about not posting here sooner, been terribly busy wih school, but that's finishing on Thursday so I'll have a lot more time to update this thread etc.    So the 18th looks good for me, shall we set it then? 
At this point, probably.  Anyone else have a preference?  Personally I would prefer a Sunday, but Saturday should be fine too. 
I have both the M9 and M6 Pro and the M6 is a significant upgrade to the M9.    I should have a review up in a few weeks. Been really enjoying them, great IEMs. 
I asked him as well, and he prefers late April and around 10 people would be good.    I'm thinking the 18th, 19th, 25th or 26th, what do you guys prefer? 
I've also sent Billy an email on whether we can have it at the Noisy Motel again, I'll post what he says. 
Sure, that would be fine. 
I'll try and get it arranged today, its been petty hectic for the past dew weeks.
Great deal, good luck. 
A pair of monster diamond tears today. 
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