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I think I won't bring my HD800 since there will already be at least one at the meet.
I'm selling my V200 for $700 if anyone at the meet is interested. It's half of what A2A are selling it for.    Great amp for the HD800 and HE-500. 
$115, send me a PM to discuss. 
Well this is late, but I borrowed them.  
They are actually amazing, sounds so good. I think this is now the best IEM I've heard. The adjustable bass is pretty cool as well.    Might buy them... 
Yeah, I've told him about it, I'll ask him to confirm tomorrow.  I also have his Roxannes ATM, I'll ask if I can bring them to the meet.  Looks like I'll bring the  Sennheiser HD800NAD M514 Channel Beta22DX90DN-2000 Should be final, sorry for all the changes. 
Trying to convince a classmate to come with his DA06, WES and SR-009 lol. Hope he makes it. 
Roxannes!     Sounds damn amazing, when I tried them previously I don't remember them sounding nearly this good. Must stop myself from buying this loan unit lol. 
I'm selling my Aune T1 and Violectric V200 if anyone is interested. 
God no, the bass boost on the SAP is horrendous. You'll be better going for a Fiio E11 which is on the warmer side and has a bass boost that is ok. 
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