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Nice, what's new? 
Might be interested in a HE-500, but has to be from Australia because of the terrible exchange rates right now.    Interested in HD600 and HD650 as well.    Hit me up with offers. 
The X1 is an excellent choice for the price. 
Should have no effect on SQ, but will help a bit with isolation. 
Those Etymotic Kids earphones isolate very well and are supposed to sound quite good. 
Not really a fan of them TBH. I would rather spend the money on some Senn HD25s or amperiors. 
Boost the upper mids/treble and it should help with the veil. 
Great, now we just need 6-11 more people. 
They are basically the same. The Amperiors are supposed to be a little better. 
Look into the HD800. They pair very well with the matrix. 
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