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Haha lol.    Surely someone around you guys don't use apple earbuds or beats? 
If it is posted by china post it is usually a lot longer though. I had something come after 65 days when I was sure it was lost. 
Talking about addiction, I am still in love with the SE846 and I think that it is clearly the best IEM I have heard with a new cable upgrade. So much detail and a near perfect sound signature with the white filter. Wouldn't mind slightly more bass but the blue and black are too dark for me.   
Weird.    A cable from HK just took about 2 weeks to get to me in Australia. Could it be stuck in customs? 
I might be interested had it not been flat lol.  I hate flat cables, especially for over the ear. 
The Toxic Cables Silver Poison was not microphonic from memory, really want to try it with the SE846. 
It looked a bit sketchy to me, but H20Fidelity aways hears stuff similarly to me so I trust him.  The only downside is that it is quite stiff and microphonic. the build is actually very good.  For $50 it is well worth a try, even as just a replacement for the stock cable. 
^^ 2 posts up.   Wasn't sure how good it was going to be before I ordered it, but H20 likes it very much too so I went for it and it is safe to say it exceeded my expectations. 
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