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I was referring to the Furutech one, sorry if I caused any confusion. 
I meant what new ideas do you have in mind? 
I wouldn't recommend using CIEMs at the gym, you could wreck them.    If it's just running, you can get an over ear IEM and it should stay in. The SE215s stay in very well and they have never fallen out for me. 
Interesting.    Everything has been about IEMs and not much attention has been given to earbuds. Wonder how HiFiMAN will tune it. 
Crap, that's almost $100 AUD for a plug    A cheaper priced carbon fibre plug would be more than welcome. I think the acrolink ones look rather nice, but they are a little fat. I would prefer something Oyaide or Viablue sized.
Lol  If you are seriously considering buying a Porsche, I doubt you'd really care about the speakers. 
Like what? 
Carbon fibre would be awesome!
The M-stage modded with the OPA627.
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