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Wow, looks amazing! How does it sound? 
Wow, sounds really dodgy.  Call up amazon, they should be able to process a refund. 
It wasn't bad, I just felt like it was very overpriced. 
I have heard the Abyss and I don't understand the hype. Not a fan.    The fit is pretty crazy, it just sits on my head, I was pretty concerned that it was just going to slip off my head. They are kind of speakers over your ears. 
Wow, never seen that before lol.      It looks quite promising actually, but I'm not really a fan of Audeze.... But this could be good if they tune it closer to the X. 
I really suggest you compare them to the HE-500 and LCD-2 or even X and 3 before you buy, you might find the cheaper options better. 
The HD558 is somewhat warm. The 800 is not.  If you think the XPT100 is very tinny and fake sounding in tone, you will likely come to the same conclusion as the HD800 given the model you have is the same as the HM5. 
But you find your cheap speakers to sound realistic ? Obviously speakers sound more realistic compared to headphones, but at a price, a large one.  I don't think any $3K speaker setup will beat a $3K HD800 setup, but others will argue otherwise.
So you are complaining about the mids and treble then?    Looking at what you have said, the best headphone for you might be the HE-500 IMO or perhaps the LCD-2. 
  The Heaven IV are pretty damn impressive, not to mention look amazing. 
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