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Wow, really? They didn't do too well with my HE-500. I mean they were alright, but they just didn't sound that good. 
A used O2 should be just about $100 and they sounds great! 
Holy schiit!   I was just listening to "We Are Young" by Fun. and the imaging, detail and the soundstaging really shocked me. It sounds so much more open than the DX50. 
According to iBasso the DX90 should be burned in for 400 hours, which is very long! that's like half a month of continuous playback. 
Very nice and simple rig 
Lol, what about the LCD-2s? They sounded pretty damn good at the meet so good that Lachlan wants a pair now .
Great! Look forward to reading everyone else's impressions. 
Great price, especially for Australia! 
Not for me on the Dunu DN-1000. 
Not bad, go for it!
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