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I was wired like someone said above. 
I find that the Roar 2 is actually a very good sounding portable speaker and it actually has really nice bass, which I wasn't expecting. Quite a balanced, slightly warm sound.    Had no issues with battery so far, seems to run for around 8-9 hours on cable connection. 
It's a solid upgrade over the NX1. Feel like it drives all the portable headphones I've tried on it fine. 
I felt like the SE846 was very sturdy and durable, had no issues with mine. Comes with a couple of cables as well so even if one breaks you'll still be fine. 
My Roar 2 has arrived, sounds pretty nice right out of the box, will burn it in for at least 50 hours before I test it. 
Glad I helped, enjoy your DX90 :)
It would be a lot easier to make playlists on Poweramp. 
You could send it back or just sell it and get something else. Or go for a D14 paired with an android. 
I meant just copy your playlist into a folder on your SD card and play it from there instead of going into playlists. 
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