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Hey guys, sorry but it looks like I can't make it tonight, something came up in school...   You guys have fun though!
  The Cozoy with the MH40, but I haven't even tried it yet 
Not too many people are coming this time so it should be fine. 
See everyone tomorrow :)
I'll bring most things in my sig except for the HD800 because there are already a few there. 
Done Lachlan. 
Yeah, I don't think I can sell mine either. Simply the perfect headphone to me, but some people really hate the sig lol.    I have heard the SR-009 and while it is better, IMO not worth the effort for the tiny upgrade. If I had 10 grand to spare though, that might be a different story    Anyway, I probably shouldn't derail this thread any longer, back to how wonderful the Titan 1 is 
Lol, just a little too late. Still enjoying the HD800s? 
Have you heard the SE846? As someone who has owned and listened to it for half a year, I can tell you it most definitely does.  I have also had the IE8 and I think the Titan 1s are much better. By today's standards, the IE8 has a dreadful price/performance ratio. 
I would actually prefer a saturday as well, I'm fine for both though. 
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