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Selling my Crystal Cables RCA Interconnects if anyone is interested. 
Item: Crystal Cable 0.6M/2FT RCA Interconnects Location: Kew, VIC Price: $175  Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Too short Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info:   I have put maybe 5 hours onto them and they sound spectacular, but unfortunately they are just a bit too short for my setup.    The cable itself is in mint condition, but the box is only in average condition. Wished that I could keep these, very sad to see these...
Feel like this is really my end game setup after a pair of RCA upgrades. I have heard the HD800 on a few higher end amps, but I don't really feel like that tiny upgrade is justifiable considering the price. 
The Earpods really surprised me too, they sound excellent for the price. A lot of fakes out there though, and they sound like absolute trash. 
Lol, WTF?    I mean surely he knew that they are not portable and cannot be folded before he bought them?    Hard to imagine anybody finding the M-100 better, but I guess some people dislike the brighter sound. 
The last time I talked to iBasso they said it was still not ready. 
Thanks mate, really appreciate it.  Oh, and it is to my understanding that some people didn't enjoy it as much as others, but I would still prefer it if you posted some short impressions. 
These are a clear step up IMO. 
Had the HDP-R10 and tried the HM-901. The HDP-R10 is a very solid and one of the best in terms of sound quality I have tried. Like a better DX90. The size, sluggish UI and battery are killers for me though, something like 6 hours.    The HM-901 is the best DAP I have heard, the sound is close to perfection, but unfortunately aesthetically it is the worst DAP I have used. Build is terrible and my friend's unit has started to have parts break already. The battery, size and...
Saw some silver Amperiors during lunch, they seem to be quite common in Melbourne.
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