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Although a lot of people seem to love the Hugo, I'm sure you can do a ton better for the price. Why use a portable DAC/amp when you can get much better for $2000? The Lehmann is supposedly quite good, but the M-Stage is essentially a clone at a fraction of the price. I own one and it is indeed great for the price. If you are looking for something higher end, I use the Violectric V200 myself because it has a smoother sig; they pair rather well. For $1K they are not bad at...
Clip+ better gear than IP4S? lol
Haha, we all trust uncle H20 and his hype trains...    The Clip+ is great though, I have used it so much for running. 
WTF, that's got to be the weirdest ad I've seen in a while.    But yeah, seems interesting. 
Running them with my M-Stage right now and they are very good. the NAD M51 gives it gobs of detail. 
I just got these and upon getting them, I listened to them on my phone. In short, they sounded pretty crap - veiled and lifeless. Then I hooked it up to a DX90 and O2 and I was really amazed. No more bloat and very fast now. I absolutely get all the praise now. Amping is an absolute must, and it better be pretty powerful, or else you will get a flabby and veiled sound.    Off to try them with my NAD M51 and Violectric V200   
Some more Kogan goodness with the Fidelio X1.  
I meant the E11.Unfortunately I don't have a NX1.    Will report back when the SAP-5 is here. 
Yeah, it is remarkable how good it is for the price. I have a SAP-5 coming too. 
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