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Bump, still up for sale guys.    I'm in Melbourne, you can see it on the top right of every single one of my posts. 
Looking for a HD25 or Amperior, it doesn't matter what model or colour. I have quite a bit of stuff I can trade too if you are interested.    PM me any offers and the condition or pics and I'm sure we can work something out. I would prefer to buy from Australia. 
I haven't heard both, so unfortunately I don't know. 
8-wire has more conductors and is suppose to sound better.
The HD800 is truly an end game headphone, I'm done on that front, but once you get it it you won't stop until you get the best amps and DACs lol. 
hifimanrookie and his 8 wire BW lol. 
You can't compare 2 DAC chips. 
Pending sale. 
So, this is finally for sale. I bought it off another Head-Fier a while ago and put maybe 10 minutes on it, I just don't find myself using an amp at all. It has just bee sitting there for ages. Included is a charging cable and a very nice OCC copper mini-mini cable. It is extremely short and great for stackiin your DAP on the top. The knob is a bit scratched and it is missing one screw, but those parts are very readily and cheaply replaceable if you wish.    It actually...
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