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Yeah, when it is really soft that happens. 
The Hugo should be capable of driving it quite well right? 
Have a nice portable amp for sale if anyone is interested.
Quite a few companies use this, the Astrotec AX60 does as well. Shure also does this with their SE846.  Read up some reviews and decide which one is best for you. 
Also listening to that sort of volume is probably not very safe.    I listen to my Pros at around 7 or 8/15 on my phone which is really soft (Z2). 
Check out some of DHC'c flagship cables 
Read up on amps.  If you bought a Stax SR-009 you wouldn't be able to pug them into your laptop, doesn't mean the Beats are better. 
I really like the Spinfit tips on these for over the ear wear. It makes it much easier with their "rotating" stems (?)
Did you buy them as new?    Mine was not like that when it just came out of the box. 
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