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Haha will try for sure when it actually comes out. They are still changing the sound. 
Haha thanks. 
Final price drop to $700. That is half price of what A2A are selling them for and is one of the best amps in it's price range.
Maybe around $4-5000? 
Nice meet, got to meet some people I've never seen before at previous meets.    Thanks to Billy and Lachlan of course!
Heard from iBasso and they are not happy with the IEM ATM and they are making changes before releasing it.    Hope I get to hear them when it is released! 
I think I won't bring my HD800 since there will already be at least one at the meet.
I'm selling my V200 for $700 if anyone at the meet is interested. It's half of what A2A are selling it for.    Great amp for the HD800 and HE-500. 
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