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No, but for me, the lack of a screen is a killer for any DAP over $500 or so, let alone $5000.  I don't imagine the sound would even come close to any full sized DAC/amps around that price though.  I'm quite interested in the Shozy though, looks very promising but only FLAC and WAV is a bit annoying. I see you've put your X5 up for sale? 
Lol   Over 5K AUD... I can buy a high end headphone setup with that much. 
IMO the Tera Player is the most overpriced thing in audio. At it's original price of 1500 euros or something it was already hugely overpriced IMO but at 3000 or whatever they have jacked up the price to now it is just ridiculous to me. 
The IE800 is quite good, but the SE846 is better IMO. The SE846 deal you have is actually very good so if you don't like it you can always sell them for how much you bought them for.  The SE846 also has very good isolation whereas the IE800 doesn't. 
Fair enough.  When I owned mine I found that they excelled with the Violectric V200 or the Matrix M-Stage if the OP is looking for something more budget minded.  Very hard to try the Crack before you buy so unless you want to take a risk...
Be patient, you only posted this a few hours ago.    The Crack works very well with the HD6X0 and the HD800 so I don't see why it would be a bad pairing with the HD700. 
It looks really impressive, but the lack of MP3 and no screen makes it less appealing for me.  I do very much believe that it could be better than the AK120. I tried the AK100 and it was terrible, maybe it was the impedance but it honestly sounded no better than the Kogan DAP. 
Me too.    I remember the AKG was very nice when I tried it. 
No worries.  I don't think you will find them in your local shops, they aren't very mainstream. 
Not as bassy, but still very bassy.  Overall I like them much more. 
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