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With the test, I can only really hear 18 kHz and 19 I can sorta feel but not hear.  I am 23 but I hear all sorts of random, high pitched electrical noises in the house.  I wonder what frequency those noises are at? 
Even after turning the volume up and cupping to make sure that there was some isolation with the microphone, the highest I got up to was 75.  Could be a defective mic though.  
I understand where you're coming from.  Thanks for the suggestion! It was just kind of a spur of the moment gut reaction to the thread since I almost exclusively listen to electronic music.  The headphones I have do a great job of making me feel like I'm in the middle of a club and it feels fantastic since I generally don't enjoy ACTUALLY being at clubs/concerts/bars (for a variety of other reasons besides the sound level).
I don't know if those cellphone ones are at all accurate, but according to the microphone on my Galaxy S2, my normal listening level is around 60-70 decibels.  I tried to get it up to and past 85 decibels and that was like HOLY **** THIS IS PAIN volume level so I'm not sure if my ears are just sensitive or what.  
Man, this whole thread is very depressing.  What's the point of listening to music if its not loud?!
I didn't know what forum to put this in so I apologize to the moderators if they have to move it.   After going through some of the literature in the Sound Science forum, there is quite a bit of skepticism regarding the ability of Amps and DACs to affect sound quality despite many, many testimonials to the contrary.  Let's assume that they don't affect sound quality or provide equalization as a baseline.   Is it scientifically possible to change the sound quality...
Hmmm... well alright. Time to get crackin. Thanks jaddie!
I assume by "soundcard line input" you mean the microphone jack (input)?   I installed the REQWizard and played around with some of the measurements, but I have no idea what any of them do.  Can you point me in the right direction of what test I should be using so I can research that and find out what values the amp is outputting?   Also what values would be useful to me to see if the headphone or the amp is not outputting as much sound as it should? What should I look...
I don't know how widespread this mentality is in the UK but in the USA a few years ago, it took on the form of a movement.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control; governmental body) had to run a counter campaign with PSAs, brochures, billboards telling people that vaccination was not causing autism.     The American media, which is already notorious for bad reporting actually joined in the frenzy by allowing celebrities, specifically a former porn star turned...
Hey, thanks jaddie! Do you know what cables I would need to measure the amp?     That what I thought originally but I was just messing around with digital volume vs physical volume (on the amp) just to see what different sounds could be achieved. I have also been playing around with EQ to some degree of success which is fun to do.     Before, 100% digital volume seemed too much at the same dial turn but now... I don't know what happened. 50% does not sound anywhere near...
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