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From what I remember (haven't heard the se535 in a long time), precision is barely better with W4R. Signature is something I cannot comment, honesty what pushed me towards the W4R was instruments separation.
Personal opinion: W4R is a tad more comfortable than Shure. Isolation is more a function of the tips selected, I'd say they are about the same. Check joker's thread for a more deep comparison.
While I am sure there are better IEMs out there, W4R is probably the end game IEM for me. Or close to that, maybe in the future I'll try a custom model. But I am really interested in open cans, their soundstage is something that's worth trying, a whole new world, I guess.
OK, so if the static exists with other HP your problem is somewhere else. Maybe the files weren't ripped and compressed correctly. Maybe it is phone interference. Maybe the headphone jack is defective.
Yes, I'd say even those who defend there is "burn-in" would not agree with this. Are you plugging them directly to your phone? No other headphone has this static when plugged to your phone? If this is the case, you may have a defective unit.
A new cable won't change the sound, doesn't matter if you spend 20, 50 or 400 dollars (a common measure of sound quality around here, LOL). W4R is not exactly bass heavy, but maybe you are not reaching a good enough seal. Try a bigger tip, or a Shure Olive tip. EQ settings also may help! Save your cable money for buying albums or for a future headphone upgrade.
Nope, W40, already announced.
Where have you guys seen this W40 info?
Ok, so I finally managed to pick those. They sound great, BUT... They clog easily if you are a heavy sweater. So it kind of defeats the purpose of using them for sports. Too late to get a refund for me, but I am still searching for the perfect running headphones.
  duncan1, a lot of your posts insist on the fact that you or us or "we humans" are not robots. Are you a robot in disguise??? 
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