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Is this correct? I think optical also makes your DAC the "sound card", bypassing the one on the computer.
And the cables section is - surprise, surprise - DBT-free.
Do you find the W4R demanding of an amp? The DAC part I may understand depending on your DAP, but I have yet to find one that does not power these well enough.
As a Microsoft employee (from Brazil), I must say: Go Sounders!
I'd say that if the E11 already gives him enough juice to power his headphones, keeping it might be the best decision. If he needs a portable DAC, that's a different story.
I am using a Meelec M6 following joker's recommendation. It sounds good and the fit and price are perfect for something that will wear and tear a lot during running.
Diving and faking are the corollaries of a sport so adamant to its non-dependency on technology as an aid to the referees. Brazilian players are masters of this art. FIFA is slowly showing signs of opening to technology, so maybe there's hope ahead.
Maradona has tons of charisma, no other player combines his skill and his history. I haven't seen Pelé except for archival footage. In my lifetime, Maradona was the best. Messi is not far from that, though. And if was a little bit more charismatic, the discussion on who's best between the two of them would be hotter. Nowadays I still hold my allegiance to el Diez.
Even Messi looked baffled when they gave him the award. In the end, the better team won. Football is a fantastic sport because that doesn't happen always, there's always room for an individual play breaking all predictions. I really think Messi's history would be complete with a WC title, but hey, we are still privileged to be witnesses of his genius. And Germany is a top team. What a World Cup this was. Maybe the best we will watch in our lifetimes.
Holy ****. Don't see how Argentina or Holland can beat this German squad. Still rooting for Argentina, but this seems like a nightmare and we still haven't even beat Holland.
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