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I'm leaning towards HD 600, price/performance ration, lighter than HD 800. I'm hoping to get few comments before I make my final decision. Thanks for your comment Eee Pee.
Hello, anyone?
I've been looking at these headphones below   Sennheiser HD 600 Sennheiser HD 650 Audeze LCD-2 Fostex TH-600 Denon AH-600 Audio Technica ATH-AD200X Beyerdynamics T1 AKG K702 Anniversary Alpha Dogs   What do you guys think, which one will work best with the Sonett?
Hello guys,   I'm looking for headphones for my incoming DNA Sonett(MK1). Trying to stay within $500 range. I previously had ZANA Deux SE with HD 800 which I enjoyed very much but had to downsize. I found HD800 to be perfect. So ideally I want something similar. I listen to Jazz, Flamenco Guitar, POP, RNB, Hip-Hop and of course I do watch movies.   Looking forward to your suggestions, Thanks!
Hello,   Is it still available?   Thanks, Grant
How does it sounds?
Hello,   I've tried my best to hold on to this amp but I can't justify keeping this beast since I'm moving in the whole another direction.   Zana Deux Prototype is at least 3 times as powerful as the ZDSE, I'm not exaggerating. I had to lower down sound on PC by more than a half and the same on media player just so I could move the volume control to the 11'o. It's absolutely insane. This amp is one of the few prototypes that were made with 5U4G rectifier. The tubes...
I've only done with with apple stock headphones, so no worries :)
Sorry to hear about your iPod, perhaps its time to get Astell & Kern AK240?
Wake up with a headphones on!
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