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Ha, I'm glad to hear that you enjoy it!  I'm not sure, if an E09K would be a huge improvement. If you had the 600 Ohm version, maybe a Schiit Audio Valhalla was worth a look. Are there any shops where you could test the FiiO? I think this was important... Cheers!
 I usually use a FiiO E11. It's got a lot of power! Volume level 3-4 hits my threshold of discomfort ^^  I would like to hear your impressions of the Beyer's sound ;-) Have a nice day!
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it will do. Since the E07k has a DAC inside, it should sound even a little better than a FiiO E11 or similar. And in my opinion, the DT990 Pro are awesome cans. You'll have great fun with them :-)
Well, I also heard the two of them yesterday. I've bin in a huge market of electronic stuff, where I also tested a few High-End headphones, I heard that much headphones, that I'm not able to remeber the sound of the K619s or K450s, but the K619 was better, I suppose. Sure, they cost about 50 Euros more. The K619s are neutral, and the K450 are a rather "funny". That's my opinion, but I fear that the K450s have been broken, since they sounded kind of scary...   Thanks...
Nah, unfortunately not yet. Do you know them, or one of them? I saw the K618s this weekend, but I didn't test them... Silly me ^^
    Sorry that I'm answering that late (I hope you've still got these three headphones) but I'd be interested too. Since my Koss Porta Pro is broken now, I could really need a new pair for the outdoor use... I've still got HD439s by Sennheiser laying around, but I don't really like their sound. So, what can you tell me about the AKGs? 
Haha, nah i need the amp anyway, because the Beyers sound awful driven by my IPod ... Without any bass and stuff. But I like them very much. They're not burned it (if you believe in "burn-in-time"), but they sound awesome, anyway. Maybe you have to put the sound on such a high level, because you're not using the "L-cable" of Fiio? Without it I'd also have to put the volume up to 5 or so... Or my ears are just sensible, and they don't like loud sounds. ;-)
Thanks for your answers More or less unfortunatly I went for the Beyer DT990 Pro, and I'll use a Sennheiser HD439 for outside... But apart from that I'm still interested in differences and which one is better ... ;-)
Really? I'm not someone who destroys his ears through very loud music :-) normally, I listen music at a normal level... I just prefer a good sound, like deep bass, nice treble and stuff.As an example: my ears began to hurt when I put the Fiio's volume up to 2, with my Sennheiser HD439 (32 ohm) and even with Koss PortaPro (60Ohm)Have you changed the Fiio's option to "high-impedance"? I think there's a button or something like this on the right side, next to the bass-equaliser.
Final update: I ordered the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro a few minutes ago from thomann, for 200$. I can't wait to test them with my Fiio ;-) What do you think, should I choose the high-impedance option or the low-impedance option? 250 ohm are quite much... Thanks in advance
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