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canon to nikon switch! Still waiting on my 85mm 1.8 though.
ultimately, I love the 24-70 and 14-24, the nikon counterparts are better. I just don't have the money right now for both of those, along with a d700. Hell, I think 17-55 would be great too. I just happen to pick up the 16-85 because it came with the body for only 1829 from B&H. So I have an awesome body but only decent glass for now. I mainly like to shoot people indoors and I feel that nikon has better wide/midrange telephoto and a better flash system. Add a great body...
I just ordered a d300 w/16-85 kit and a sb900. Looking around I see a limited selection on FX compatible glass for around 1k on the tele end. If I was still with canon, I'd be looking at the 70-200 F4IS,135L or even a 24-105F4IS. There so much dead space on 'budget' constant aperture glass for nikon.
Dj mocok has a running joke of posting really bad shots in this thread. Look back on all his picture posts and you will see what I mean. However, if you check his gallery, he has some nice shots. Its real night and day.
Quote: Originally Posted by lan I'm not sure why you can't take photos with what you already have. Go into full manual and you won't have any problems. I shoot full manual already. I take decent shots with what I have right now. My main complaints right now are ISO performance and handling. I'm really enjoying my beyer DT770 but it doesn't mean I don't want an AT L3000.
I am currently a canon user who is switching to nikon soon. Right now i'm in the research phase. First off I shoot with a canon xt, sigma 18-50ex 2.8 and 430ex speedlite. I interested in nikon's fx format, better metering and flash systems(CLS). If I was concerned with long primes or f4 zooms I would have stayed. I primarily shoot people indoors in low light situations. Right now its mainly just friends and family at parties. Occasionally I do get asked to shoot at...
is there an equivalent to the 100-400L for nikon?
looks like peter has 'L' fever. Also i think its unfair to compare a $400 sigma lens to $1200 'L' canon lens
nope its a 725B head/tripod combo. I plan on getting a BH-1 and Gitzo combo later down the line.
just got my sigma 18-50 macro. Here it is mounted on my XT body.
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