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I decided to repair a pair of beyerdyamic t51s a friend said was busted. I tried soldering on a new 3.5mm jack but still had no sound on one side.....trying to remove the drivers despite guides on this website is proving to be impossible. I've tried a knife, pressure to pop it out, and I'm considering power drilling a hole. Guides say you need a sharp knife to pop it out between the wedge but it's practically glued in there.   Even worse, I poked a hole into the white...
I don't normally repair headphones but scored a good deal on A t5i on ebay with the usual broken solder joint issue most likely(no sound in right ear!).   The cord has a microphone attachment control thingy so replacing it with any old cable is a no go if I want that functionality.   While some I've seen are scew off, others were a real pain to remove or weren't designed to be removed.   Any advice? I could always just buy a new replacement cable from beyerdynamic...
I have an old volkswoofer v-1b which was one of the first self powered subwoofers. I decided to recap it(works fine but 30+ years old so why not) and thought....have subwoofer amplifiers gotten much better? Is it worth just buying a newer Dayton plate amp with moar power....I know the vintage amp stuff stuff is ********(I repaired enough of them, pita) but Subs pcb boards have only 5-7 caps to replace. I'll assume a more modern one would be more power efficient I guess.
  Tuscan milk is god. High end scotch proves old men like blowing money.....I like nicer alcohol but It's made to get you crunked not "taste smooth and joyous".   However, I once was invited to try a Chinese dude's "moonshine" baiju recipe he recently created in a small, remote tibetan border town at 1 am in the morning(he completed his masterpiece and ran to the local hotel/hostel to share it).    For garage Baiju....jesus christ....the greatest acohol I EVER tasted and...
Scent based foods are even more laughable than audio for placebo effects.   Wine experts strike me as being worse than high end cable sellers IMO. Nobody would debate the difference between a high end drink of any other type in terms of quality such as beer or milk.....but only in wine do you see the crazy obscene prices and prestige.
  Here's a graph everyone can understand  
  As a Nightlife photog, that was kinda of my job.....if you get a chance, try that on Koreans or Japanese: fun times.
    Yep, I wonder if this cable nonsense started in stores..... "that guy works for an audio store, he must be like...an audio genius or engineer!"   Reminds me of the Lens protectors debate in Cameras. Stores push lens protection filters becuase of insane Profit margin.   Pros and smarter amatuers point out the stupidity of putting a $25-$100 piece of glass to put over a $500-$1000+ piece of glass to "protect" it.   Meanwhile, the included Lens hoods(actually improves...
Only if they look awesome
DIY win-win   Buy a decent pair of broken headphones off ebay and fix them!
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