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Canceled. Sent for repair.
Am in Naples. Anyone else in the area?
Do you know if they have added virtual 7.1 over optical yet, by the way?
I'm a little confused about the matter. Until recently, I was under the impression that a Creative E5 or X7 could do it, but then I read that this was only SBX and would only work with a PC. I want to use a game console and a blu-ray player. Do I need a full-fledged home theater receiver?
Any reason to upgrade to the Limited if I'm not using IEMs? I'm planning to get this for Dolby 5.1 over headphone, if it does that through SP/DIF.
I just bought a pair of 60 Ohm headphones (Takstar Pro 80, on the way), and just saw a group buy for the Aune X1S. People are mentioning something about the "rule of 1/8" in which the output impedance of your amp should be less than 1/8 of your headphones. People are also saying that the Aune X1S has a 10 Ohm output impedance. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I looked on Aune's website, a digital copy of the manual, etc. and can't find anything concrete!
I mean Audio Engine D1.   Hey, I'm going to be using a Takstar Pro 80 on a PC and would like to have positional audio. My onboard audio supports Creative SBX and can process it and output it in Linear PCM format via optical. Optical input also means I can use it on a game console to get high quality stereo output. I have it narrowed down between an Audio Engine D1 or an actual Sound Blaster with hardware surround built in (via USB). I will also be using it for...
Bump. I should clarify that I'm talking about an external sound "card" for my PC. I'm going to be migrating to a low profile setup and need a card that is either low profile or external.
So, I'm looking for either a mixamp or an external sound card. I don't currently intend on using this on console, only PC. Going to be used with Takstar Pro 80. I'm looking for something that's more going to drive those while providing "some" level of positional audio. I may also use this with a Blu-Ray player (not for positional audio) so optical would be appreciated as well.   My current choice is a Creative Sound BlasterX G5.
Last time I bump this. Any more advice is appreciated.
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