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The idea is to use it for Blu-Ray and Wii U. I'm not going to be using it at all for broadcast TV.
Okay, two more questions. Is there a good HDTV receiver that is economical that people recommend that performs virtual surround? And does virtual 7.1 give any better accuracy than virtual 5.1?
Just want to say thanks for this detailed, thought out reply. I was confused on so many things. I was hoping I could get something like a discrete DAC and audio processor to encode PCM 7.1 or 5.1 into a headphone surround technology, then send it to an amp via line out. The Wii U has 5.1, but not Dolby. Shame nothing like that exists.I still may get something like that for PC though. Thanks again.
I'm asking, what's the point of the X7 having support for something that it can't use besides converting it into basic stereo? Is there any situation where a 2.0 audio track wouldn't be available?It'd be like having a Blu-Ray player that supported Blu-Ray 3D disks, but the only thing it could do would be to convert it into 2D, all the while every 3D movie already has the 2D version packed into it.Makes no sense. Unless I'm missing something here.
On this again, are you sure? If so, what is the point of the Sound Blaster X7 being able to decode Dolby Digital 5.1?
If I went that route, I'd get a Sound Blaster Z > Modi 2 Uber > Magni 2. From what I understand, the Creative cards encode SBX into PCM in realtime.
Hey guys, does anyone have any experience with a downmixer for movies and games? Will I get positional cues with this? Planning on connecting it to something like a Magni 2. Looking for something compatible with game systems, computers, and blu-ray players. I am basically looking for something akin to the Astro Mixamp, but without the amplification stage.
Canceled. Sent for repair.
Am in Naples. Anyone else in the area?
Do you know if they have added virtual 7.1 over optical yet, by the way?
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