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Thanks, everyone! I didn't expect to get that much help! As luck may have it, HD6xx was my second choice. I did not like the bright treble on the K702, and that being my main problem with the cans.   Oddly enough, I've heard DT880 25 Ohm, and I really thought that the K702 was brighter. My friend, the owner of the DT880, echoed my sentiment with the treble.
Hey all,   Are these headphones worth $330? I currently have the standard K702 but hate, HATE the brightness. Getting it mainly for rock and video games.
I am considering getting M4U1s to use at home personally. They seem to be everything I'm looking for.
Bowers & Wilkins P7, PSB M4U1, Sennheiser Momentum, and the like?   I've always preferred the sound produced by closed sets over open sets. I cannot pinpoint why. Perhaps I prefer the intimacy of the "in your head" sound. Perhaps the reverberation inherent to closed cans gives it a certain warmth I like, or maybe my only set of open cans doesn't have the right sound signature for me. Either way, I've been looking for a good set of closed cans with good sound isolation...
Wait, so it DOES send SBX positional audio out through optical? I am probably good with the SBX provided by my motherboard, then. Good to know.
Wondering the same thing! Here is mine BTW:  Mine is intentionally utilitarian though. Got a case with an understated design, and I don't have anything I don't need. Do not underestimate it based on how it looks :DMissing from the pic is my NuForce Icon HDP. You can just make out the K702 on the lower right.
I'm curious, does anyone here use Crystalizer? The icon it has seems to imply giving your cans a more u-shaped curve, but does it cause any negative effects?
Thanks for this. I'm in the market for closed cans. Looking at both the SRH-840's, CAL! 2, and Ultrasone Pro 550 (if that's worth the extra cash at all). It will be used for gaming and some music mainly. Despite the discomfort, do you remember how the 840's isolation was?
Downloaded that the day after I installed my motherboard, less than two weeks ago.
Just upgraded some components on my motherboard. It has an isolated, shielded sound circuit with a Realtek ALC1150 codec and Texas Instruments OPA1652 op-amp.   The manufacturer's page advertises it as being able to drive 600 Ohm, studio grade headphones. I have my AKG K702 connected to the motherboard's line out, and the audio I'm getting is definitely not amped. It can just barely drive my cans. The separation is horrible, the soundstage is narrow, and the levels...
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