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I'm considering getting a pair of DT880s and was wondering if the metal badge could be easily removed? I think it would make them more handsome as I find the font on the badge to be particularly annoying. I tried doing a search but couldn't find anything.   Thanks!, Michael
They have a lifetime warranty so they can always be sent in.
Does the scrape on the screw affect sound? Does it make it loose at all? I'm really interested in these headphones so let me know if they're available! My DT770 pros got stolen so I'm really interested!
Sent a PM!
Here are some craigslist finds: Bang & Ollufsen Beogram RX turntable with MMP3 cartridge for 125 Sony PSx600 for 300 Dual CS505 for 70 Garrard Direct Drive DD130 Turntable W/ Shure M91ED -...
My father recently threw out my pair of 225s thinking they were trash and I am looking to replace them. I had enjoyed my 225s before and if anyone is willing to sell me a pair or another comprable headphone (in price and quality), then I am more than open to suggestions! Thanks, Michael
I was also curious as to what the headfi community thought of this site:
Quote: Originally Posted by flamerz Just wondering, what did you get for them? Grado SR 225 +50$
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