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Pico Slim sold, LOD still for sale if anyone is interested.
Pending sale
Buyer fell through, still for sale.
For sale is a black, Limited Edition Pico Slim (Lifetime Warranty with free battery replacement - Ser# 0079) in perfect condition with its leather case and micro USB cable (sold separately by HeadAmp) and wall charger in the original box. There are no scratches or signs of wear on the amp and it sounds amazing with my JH-16 Pro's, I've just decided to invest in a home/non-portable rig and don't have a need for the Pico Slim anymore.    I'm selling this for...
Any members in Chicago with a Pico Slim and/or Protector that would be willing to let me take a listen? I'd prefer to hear them before I pick one (or in the head-fi way, both). Thx!  
PM sent
I'll give some Infected Mushroom a test.  I previously had a pair of Future Sonics Atrio's - could never get a good seal with them
My impressions were received April 23, got my JH16's June 2.  I haven't had a ton of time to listen to them yet, but right now I think the fit is correct (definitely getting a seal), however, I have a couple issues. First - they have a typo in my initials on them! I haven't decided if I want to bother with having that fixed, but it would be nice if JHAudio got that right the first time... Secondly, the midrange sounds great and much better defined than my previous IEM's,...
Just to add mine to the list, impressions received April 23, my JH16's were supposedly shipped out today.
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