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Same phone and headphones here.  You won't be satisfied with the volume without an amp.
Got the 439 2 days ago and burned them in for about 30 hours.  Bass was slightly lacking for my taste so I did the mod removing the tape from just one of the holes.  The sound is exactly where I wanted it now.  Thanks for the pictures.  I had read up on how to do it before purchasing them but the pictures gave me the confidence that it would be easy enough to do without causing any damage.  All in all the mod took less than 20 minutes.  I now have a nice little brother...
Another quick question.  I just had the left earphone audio cut out from my pc.  I immediately checked to see if it was working on my phone and my chromebook and everything sounded fine.  Then, I reset my computer and when it booted back up everything was fine again.  Is it safe to assume this was a computer issue?  The chords all look fine.  I have 5 days to return them and I really don't want to if people think I'm fine.  Thanks
Hey man.  Just wanted to let you know that I was in the same boat as you a few weeks ago.  I use the s3 as well, and it simply can't power the 80 ohm version.  As soon as I added an amp I could pump the volume and bass so loud that people sitting next to me get headaches.  You will be shocked at the difference.  Not only is the bass extremely strong, it also becomes much clearer with an amp.  Good luck man.
Thanks for your help.  It's bad music quality without a doubt.  The music is all on google play music because I love the free storage.  I tried the troublesome songs out of a few different sources and on my old ear buds and I could hear the imperfections, the 770's are just making the issue more obvious.  It's only a handful of songs after maybe 30 hours of listening at this point so I can deal with it.  I'll save up so I can get a nice amp/dac down the line, and start...
Thank you.  I have double checked all of the cables and everything seems in fine working order.  The amp isn't brand new, it's been sitting around for a while in it's original packaging, but had never been used before I got the headphones.  I do not think it's the cables or the headphones because some songs sound great.  I'm thinking it's bad music quality, or I need a quality dac.  The thing that gets me is that different songs from the same albums will either sound...
Hello everyone, and let me thank you in advance for you help.  I recently purchased the DT 770 Pro/80 as my first pair of non 7-11 purchased headphones.  I would like to use them mainly for portable use around my house and running errands, as well as long trips and flights.  My main source will be a samsung galaxy s3.  It is the US version(no Wolfson chip).  I will also be using them out of a hp pavilian entertainment pc some of the time at home.  I contain most of my...
Thanks for the quick reply on New Years Day, I appreciate the help.  I think I'll go ahead and order a pair.
Can I drive the hfi 680 off of a cell phone without a portable amp?
Can I drive the hfi 680 off of a cell phone without a portable amp?
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