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It's not huge, but the newer batch sounds noticeably louder than the older batch. I had to dial down the volume. Safe to assume that the ASG1 I tested is an ASG1.2 with the new ASG1.3  drivers but old shells and accessories? It looked exactly like the one currently on ASG web store.
  The store received the new batch ASG 1.2 with the new logo about 2 weeks ago. I don't think it's the new ASG 1.3 since it doesn't have the new shell, new drivers, new nozzle, new tips, and new case that Aurisonics said the 1.3 is supposed to have. The difference in sound was also confirmed by the store manager and some customers who've listened to both.   I sure hope it's a preview to the ASG 1.3 sound cause I'm sold if it is.    
I've just compared the older batch ASG 1.2 (with the old ASG logo) and the newer batch ASG 1.2 (one with the new logo). I should call the newer batch ASG 1.2 as the 1.25.   The 1.25 strangely sounded noticeably brighter and IMO better because of it. I didn't like the 1.2 much since it was quite dark sounding. Note that the 1.25 still sounded very smooth and non-sibilant. I'm not talking about GR07 mk1 vs mk2 type of little differences. The difference is more like...
I don't think the Beyer and GR07 sounds alike at all too. The Beyer has better transparency and clarity but has a trade off in its slightly artificial sounding treble. Something sounds off and dry between the mids and treble. The GR07 doesn't have that problem but tends to be more sibilant. 
Just noticed this. Thanks for the review, Eke. Great read.
Price drop :)
  Different stroke for different folks. Sometimes I don't get the re262 hype, considering they have such an awkward treble drop-off. Back to the GR07 for me. Would love to listen to the 7550 one day.
I'm wondering if you'll say the same thing if you have them side by side, given your preference for bass.. Some days I think that the R50 is great or 'objectively better' is, but when i line it up against good dynamic IEMs, my hands seems to reach for the dynamics. 
  SM3 has excess forward treble  The SM3 never sounds fatiguing and actually has proper treble sparkle, If anything, some people call them too polite because it's not sparkling enough. What people complain about the SM3 is their unique presentation and sometimes too aggressive lower mids, though i don't necessarily agree on the mids part.   I personally think the BA200 could use more air and also cymbal could definitely shimmer a little more with it. This is possibly due...
Not much of a surprise really,..., two IEMs with completely different soundsig. 
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