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I like the xba h3 though I'm keeping it regardlessAlthough I wish I could buy the stock cable for them as a backup
I read the thread and blog about the Walkman a10 and it seems pretty cool, but I can't keep up with Sony lolI'm surprised there was never a xba h30 the new version probably has a better fit and midrange
I have a unopened box of jvc spiral dot tips in the medium size Would anyone be interested in trading me a box of jvc spiral dot large tips? I usually wear mediums but idk they seem smaller than most mediums and they don't seal well for me
I'm very happy
That and or burning them in
thanks man
I eventually plan on buying a box of them
I swear I've tried a lot of different tips on my h3 (including the jvc spiral dot) and to my ears the red foam ones are the best sounding and most comfortableMuch better than the regular foam tips from sony
Does anyone know where to buy the Sony foam tips that come with the xba h3? The red foam ones?
 the sony pulse elite are gaming headphones primarily but they make decent music headphones as well, the main feature of them is they have little electric motors in the earcups (similar to a dualshock controller i guess) basically anytime there is deep bass it rumbles your head (very accurately though, the lower the bass frequency the harder it rumbles) its not just a feeling though, you can hear the impact as if its actually happening for real. aside from that they are...
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