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Lurker0 are you going to do this for every firmware? You will be my hero It sounds phenomenal
no problem but u should actually thank Lurker0 for modding it, I am merely a messenger
I guess you guys could check out the dx90j I need to hear some thoughts lol
yes you can go back to the original firmware same as a regular update, rock box shouldn't soundnt different than the regular firmware but it will give more eq options (some people say it sounds worse) I am using the bit perfect firmware and I think it sounds more consistent than stock 2.1 firmware. Everything looks and works exactly the same except for it has a different font
try this firmware that Lurker0 fine tuned, it makes your dx90 a bit perfect DAP...
LOL no man the xba h3 sounded exellent . I have a pair of xba 3 (the triple balanced armature ones) they didn't pair correctlyI never ever use eq
I have done a pretty in depth comparison between my F887, fiio x3, and I basso dx90. I am surprised by my findings, I think the walkman is dead last out of the 3. The dynamics just arent on the same level. The F887 is nice and crispy but I think that it lacks power and authority compared to a good DAP. the X3 is smooth and bassy (not my preference) but everything is there and with great poise and not to mention that this new X3 firmware is wayyy better than the former The...
I wouldn't call the h3 mellow at all. I listen to plenty of metal with it and I can say it gets pretty nasty manIt downright shreds to be honest, mellow is more like my srh840
I'm also interested in a comparison
hey I could be wrong I'm just saying that when I plug it in the wall outlet it sounds the same
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