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Also the sennheiser hd25 or amperior would be a good choice too, but considering the ue6000 is $90 new I think that's a steal
Judging by what you said I think the ue 6000 would suit your taste, I love mine with a dying passion
Actually YOUR RIGHT I can't believe I forgot me and h20fidelity were talking about that, it looks to be promising
I need to get a dx50 now
hey man I've done the whole ipod/imod thing and honestly from what have personally heard the fiio x3 is GREAT for the price. And if your looking for some good all a rounder headphones try the shure srh840 I love them. The best thing is with the fiio x3 you can add your own storage and you shouldn't need a external amp either. I have a fiio e6 and it's nothing special AT ALL (it's kind of a pain in my ass to be honest)Here's links for everything I mentioned, stay golden my...
That's awesome man! I'd cry if I dropped my amperior's, I'd hate to scratch them. My girlfriend thinks they're butt ugly but I think they look cool and I can head bang with them!
How did u manage to clip the wire inside the cup? I thought u meant the little part of the cable, my bad
Some cans really benefit nicely, but others it's hard to even hear the difference. IMO anyway
VERY NICE STUFF! I've been meaning to hear the hd600
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