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I've noticed my brothers dx50 is less glitchy than my dx90 Neither of them are bad though
I thought soThanks for being so helpful guys
... Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys when you rip an hdcd in dbpoweramp make sure to also add the "disable 6db boost for hdcd" along with the hdcd effect The 6db boost ruins the rip, it can introduce clipping. Whoever added that feature to dbpoweramp must have forgot about the range extension option in the hdcd specifications (not every hdcd has range extension but if it does the +6db boost will ruin it) naturally hdcd is quieter than regular 16/44.1 but come on this is...
thanks man, I did find one with hangers. But the Sony cable doesn't swivel, I love that feature
I just read about that and I think that's a cool idea, I'm shure you can dynamat the inside and go crazy overboard."I wired it with twag man zelda never sounded better" lol
Does anybody here know where to buy a replacement cable for the h3? I can not find them at all, I love the hangers on them and I don't like the way the se846 cable fits with them My cable works great but it's always nice to have a backup (not the one with the button and mic "it bottlenecks the sound quality")
it doesn't take up anymore space than the 16/44.1 rip (don't quote me on that)That's what I remember from when I last ripped an hdcd but I've been wrong before
dbpoweramp rips hdcd in the full resolution if you enable it in the dsp effects box
All I know is it makes tool and van halen sound awesome
It does indeed!!! Guys hdcd is just audio encoded with a bit depth of 24 and a sampling rate of 44.1 I use dbpoweramp to rip my hdcd's but you have to enable it in dsp effects otherwise it will just rip in 16/44.1 Overall hdcd is a rare find but an enjoyable one. It's fun to rip (my girlfriend thinks I have a mental problem because of it)
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