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I wonder if the remaining classics will be discounted
how does the headphone out of the z2 fair against something like a Walkman F880?
rush can get very fast lol I think I might pick them up in a week or 2
Damn I really hope they make a revised version with a removable cable
maybe aluminum with a super thin layer of wood on it
I've been there my friend, I'm shure you'll love them
I love led zeppelin but it's a lot less demanding than newer metal
I plan on getting a pair of the dje 1500 How does it fair with heavy metal?
now how much better/different are they than the audio technica im70?
Guys I really REALLY need some convincing if I'm going to order the ckr9 It doesn't have removable cables and I can't use the warranty in the USA (only things I have against them) I listen to heavy metal A LOT, I have the xba h3 and I love them dearly I'm not trying to replace any earphones by buying the ckr9 I just need reassurance that they are for me How is the comfort and build quality BTW?
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