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I'd say around 200 CDs and records. I buy a whole lot of downloads, however, from Amazon MP3 and such.
Yep. Total waste.
Because, uh..... That's not natural. In fact this 2007 mastering of "This Year's Model" I got yesterday is often downright painful to listen to.
Quote: Originally Posted by strangemusic EDIT: 222nd post! I divide a circular Head-Fi into segments the ratio of whose areas is equal to the golden ratio. MAGIC! you called? But seriously, Discogs has two listings for the vinyl of Jaco Pastorius' s/t: Jaco Pastorius So yes, there were two pressings in 1976, one in the Netherlands and one in Japan.
I just looked this guy up on YouTube, and.... wow. His performances are so ho-hum. No variety whatsoever. "Bang Bang" certainly is accurate - I played like that when I was 10.
Elliott Smith was an instant favorite the very first time I heard him. So haunting and intimate. Slint's Spiderland took me a while because the first couple times I thought it was boring and gave up. After getting Talk Talk's "Laughing Stock" (amazing album btw, and well-recorded too) I decided to give Spiderland another chance and now I'm hopelessly addicted.
the phrase "I want the hd580"
Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh Pink Floyd without Waters (I must be the only PF fan who doesnt really like The Wall) I don't like most of the Wall, but I didn't like Division Bell or AMLOR either, so... meh. I'm happy with Piper and WYWH, I don't need a PF reunion. Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh Godspeed You! Black Emperor need to construct at least one more glorious piece of sound too. Yes.
The Avalanches. It's been over 7, almost 8 years. Where did they go? Since I Left You was amazing! Rick Astley. You can't just not capitalize on the rickroll! Quote: Originally Posted by rhythmicmoose Primal Scream, because ending on a low note sucks. be careful, they could get lower!
Order of operations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Quote: The order in which the unary operator − (usually read "minus") acts is often problematical. In written or printed mathematics, − 3^2 = − (3^2) = − 9, but in some applications and programming languages, notably the application Microsoft Office Excel and the programming language bc, unary operators have a higher priority than binary operators, that is, the unary minus (negation) has higher precedence...
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