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Heritage is still to Opeth-ish to be radio friendly. I mean, the whole undertone, lyrics etc. Not for the masses.Yes! Thats also my favorite Opeth song (followed by The Moor) :)For Mastodon I have to go with The Last Baron.
I concede. Your version is clearly superior.I'm all about busy music! The busier the better!Interesting album btw.
Excuse me? There is a whole con dedicated to that show? I'm baffled.
What show?
I've been watching Gaki no Tsukai the whole morning. I'm dying xD
Don't forget Beethovens Ode an die Freude.I swear, its in every second anime.
KissAnime has like 22 episodes of it. You would still be posting even if nobody was here.Just casually talking with yourself. I watched every season of House at least twice ♥Some of my friends call me House from time to time....and not because I love the show so much..... It's a pretty Chuunibyou-ish name tbh. Why on earth are you and your family going by bus?
I actually really like Pale Communion (more than heritage), but trust me, I would take a second Still Life or Black Water Park over it anyday.Oh Neal Morse....has some nice songs but the lyrics almost always give me the creeps.Yeah, I'm that kind of guy.
But wouldn't it be enough to say "I have some experience with music and happen to know some people"?How are all these mansions, expensive guitars, unbelieveable performances etc relevant? I don't get it. Do you really have to make yourself more interesting? Again, modesty is a virtue. Bragging about all this only makes you less likeable.And what about all these post where you mention having super rare item X?Why not just say "Yes, I own all albums of this great band/I...
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