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I's more shounen-ish. KissAnime offers downloads....  The most srs. That looks pretty sad. Would still eat it. It's not too complex though. You love to defend your purchases, don't you? :DHeck, you don't even own that thing right now and you start fanboying!
Because we all can just **** money on command.
I got up at 7:45 to watch it! Kind of regret it now....We could have watched it together :|And yes, you have to play a Souls game sooner or later.
Brain burn-in is something magical, isn't it?
I prefer normal SoL or comedy stuff when I'm in a mood like this. The music, singing and dancing are just....I can't. It's too much for me.
What a cool guy. The world needs more folks like him.
These idol shows are all a big homogenous mush to me. Bunch of girls dancing and singing. Actually one of my most "hated" genres. But hey, I was close! And with that you mean that you have to hook them up to a $2k+ amp/dac, right?Awesome.
Much appreciated.
I also glance over all of them. Let my brain built-in Head-Fi filter do it's thing.
Yes, you are and only you know why.I, at least, scroll over every post.
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