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I listened to some tracks of the first three albums.No, I'm not going to listen to them entirely. The songs I tried were only okay and I don't care enough. Very very nice Post Black Metal from Russia.Great riffs and atmosphere.It's also "free".https://trnaband.bandcamp.com/album/lose-yourself-to-find-peaceLose Yourself to Find Peace by Trna  
Alright, quick impressions from the CopyrightInfringementJam Europe convention I went to with Rozenbutt and Mystery Person X.   Whole AAW line-up: First two models are not really good. Not even for the price. W300 is good. Flagship has weird treble. Dita: Pretty nice sound, fit was a bit lacking. Weird A&K IEM from Beyerdynamic: Really liked the sound, has stupid tips, is too expensive. Custom Art Harmony 8.2: Nice, would not buy for this price. Inear Stage Diver 4:...
Not bad! Yes, don't really like them.
Jup, very tight and punchy bass.
Well, the 10's are, if you ask me.Only got to test them with some Nine Inch Nails and Pink Floyd, but those sounded pretty damn good with the iSine.Will try them with some proper Metal once my local audio store gets them with the standard 3.5mm cable.
Did not notice any sibilance and I'd say I'm rather sensitive to it.
The one I tried was hooked up to a regular iPod Touch and that thing provided more than enough power. Turning the volume up to 1/4 of the max was loud enough cancel out all noise from the convention around me.
Also listened to it at the same event today (CopyrightInfringementJam Europe).Like you said, not bass-shy at all. Fit is a little bit...unusual. Not tricky, just unusual.Really really impressive sound for €399! Definitely my highlight of the convention. Liked them more than a lot of the other IEMs there that were two or even three times as expensive.Too bad they only had the Lightning cable there. Might be able to try them in the near future with a regular 3.5mm.Actually...
The new Insomnium album/song is pretty great!   More awesome Saor:
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