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Wow, your resistance to caffeinated sugar water is truly awe-inspiring! I hope I'll be as cool as you one day! I bet these guys can eat a whole Happy Meal® on their own.
Headphones and gurls.
ES3 is far better built quality-wise than their older models.You'll have a hard time to get these shells to split since they are now screwed together instead of just glued.Does make the whole housing bigger, but hey, it's really worth it.
Because you can't decide on one :P
As long as you don't lewd her, you are not degenerated. Big huge new IEM delayed...this is how CIEM nerds must feel :(At least I'll get my Shozy Zero back soon. These 2€ earbuds sound worse than the speaker of my Mi5.
Quick PSA: Oriolus Mk2 will be back in stock mid-March in the official Oriolus webstore.
A warm source? Huh, got the impression that a more neutral one would be preferable since the Oriolus is already rather warm.
I'm gonna buy big huge IEMs soon so I don't have any spare money. Please guys (and miceblue), fund this game in my stead. Why? Look at the trailer. Holy **** it is everything I want.
To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
Thats never gonna get a global version.I really like the designs, but I can't be arsed to stumble through Japanese menus etc.
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