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Math is the only subject that I'm truly horrible at. Always sucked at it. Got into so many problems because of it...I don't suffer from dyscalculia or anything, I just really suck at everything that goes beyond normal everyday math.Screw you, Fourier and your stupid transformation BS!Yeah, you too La Place!Ugh.....bad memories.
Or you could just stop bragging, nerd.Also not really a fan of that.
Study......lelMore Monogatari?
This is so retarded, I really hope they'll make enough money to pull this off. Wow.
Oh Sega....well I guess this is the only way to keep the ship from sinking.Focusing on Sonic after the Boom desaster :|
I still beliefe that everything in Cromartie High is based on a real stroy. Everything.
Not creepy at all :| Your friend who discovered how to poop money?
Hmm not so sure about that. Customs could be avoided if someone would mark it as a gift and even with shipping costs of 30€ or more, I would still save money. He comes from the future to save John Connor.
Oh you mean the EB Games one? Comes without the games.The game costs AUD$60 extra. Total of AUD$310 which is still cheaper than every offer here in Europe :|Australia and Europe share the same Nintendo BS region lock region.....
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