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Vektor and Revocation are the only Thrash bands I really like because of how tech and prog they are. Maybe also Exodus.Fallujah? Not everyones cup of tea with the Dream Pop-ish influences.Oh and try Spheron!
Hmmmm....In no particular order:Moonsorrow - Jumalten Aika Haken - Affinity Vektor - Terminal Redux The Myrrors - Entranced Earth Fallujah - Dreamless First Fragment - Dasein
Thing i'm most hyped for next season is the Kekkai Sensen OVA :|Noooot impressed.Amanchu, because diving has potential for nice visuals 91 Days because the premise sounds cool Handa-kun because it will maybe sort of be like Barakamon Mob Psycho because the mangaka is good New Game because I kind of want to see a video game Shirobako (won't be that)  
Yeah, me neither. Doesn't really look all that interesting to me.
Very pretty, sure...but it's just an ad. KyoAni hasn't even confirmed if the project will have the same staff as the ad.But no matter if it will really look like this in the end, the source material seems to be really good. So that is something.
Everything above a 320kb/s MP3 sounds the same to me because I'm a filthy scrub who should not own a 400€ IEM.
Yeah, for a Death Metal band :DNothing will beat Moonsorrows 60 minute long 5 track Tulimyrsky EP anytime soon.
Praise the loudness war!People are way too stupid to use their volume knobs. Just crank up the mix to 11. To me one of the most wonderful feelings. Can't get enough.
1:59am -> 3amJust skips one hour and since we live in the 21st century most clocks adjust themselves.
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