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Cheap and cute.I approve.
The new Lesbian album kicks ass ♥ Buy it.   HALLUCINOGENESIS by LESBIAN 
I like the new Metallica song. Sorry.
Your vtec meme is getting a bit out of hand. heh
*sigh*They did not learn. 
My local audio store is run by d-bags that don't take me serious because I don't look like I have tons of disposable income.
Why not PM people stuff like this? Normally I would never post something like this, but since we now seem to have some people in here who like their Metal christian.....maybe you'll get a kick out of this.
Oh, only the most genuine and sincere compliments for you.
Speak for yourself. Some really heavy ****.https://mizmor.bandcamp.com/  Yodh by מזמור Thanks for showing me how to embed bandcamp songs, @Music Alchemist!You are literally the best ♥
I really don't know why they picked him, but I love Godzilla and the majority of Urobutchi's projects, so...i'm curious to see what he can do with this franchise. Can't hurt to let him try.
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