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It feels like a GitS show buuuut it's not really up to the original.That's not a problem though, if you ask me. I can enjoy it for what it is (since I'm no hardcore fanboy). It's on par with the regular Pocky IMO.I know, but I don't acknowledge that system since it's dumb. Why not just go from smallest to biggest? :| You can't get the original LU ones here, but plenty of German copies.
I don't think I want to.Oh get yourself ready for a lot more doki doki in the next episode! Here in Germany all we have is Mikado. Pocky is even rarer than mochi.  It's 204. Not 420.
You shouldn't think too much about this summit-fi stuff.It's really just aimed towards people with too much money on their hands. I think the nerds who actually save up for months and months to get a super high-end piece of equipment are actually in the minority. I watched a bit more Aria today.While it might not be very fluffy, it certainly is the most friendly and peaceful show I know.
Nonono! Eleven 49 minute long episodes. They put two episodes together and added like 90 seconds of new (and often interesting) stuff like monologues and a bit more background info. It's the definitive version, if you ask me.
Were the episodes 24 minutes or 48 minutes long?  [[SPOILER]]
Naisu! Did you watch the extended version or the standard one?Not salty about the last episode? A lot of people were (for reasons that I still don't get).The second season was made by people who fundamentally misunderstood what the first season was about and what made it as great as it is.
GitS Arise blabla episode 3 Aaaaand we are back to the specials from 2014. They should have aired the first two episodes after the 2014 specials. Would make more sense.
There are plenty more fish in the sea, my friend.
Wow.I can't believe this thread was helpful for once.Anyway, great to hear! Yeah, it lost it's charm. Could be worse though.
I got my Salafist Quoran signed by this fine gentleman. He wrote "Probably my best book" into it and signed it. I love him ♥
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