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Your favorite female character doesn't have to be your waifu, if you ask me.   Btw.....where does Tyll get his shirts from? I kind of want one of these tacky hawaii shirts. Oh and how many kilobucks does one of these weird dummy thingamabobs cost?
Zombies and lots of drama. It's like a Walking Dead spin-off. Yeah, why could that be? What an odd coincidence :P
One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us, one of us, one of us!mostweebpictureever.png
I wholeheartedly with everything he says.This problem seems to be kind of exclusive to the anime industry. Can't really think of any other form of media that is going through a similar phase. Maybe modern Pop music. Dunno.
Anime fans are ruining anime!The world does NOT need this many trash-ass harem moeblob self-insert moneygrab shows!I swear, in ten years when everyone is already braindead because of the garbage we get to see right now and watching their **** via VR glasses, everything the industry will put out, are 20 minute clips consisting of various shades of pink, blue and green accompanied by the latest generic bubbly J-Pop and occasional moaning.
That is lame and nice at the same time. Dish washers are super useful (and expensive)!You can always be a child at heart, I guess....
You mean no more dumb highschool stuff? Cool twists and alliances like F/Z had them?Even if, I don't see how this show could ever trump Fate/Zero (at least for me). Both masters and servants are really meh in Stay Night.Where is your stupid MAL list when I need it!Geez....
You mean the movie?Hmmm yeah, I would say so.You'll not miss any important background story stuff but might have to figure out one or two terms like Ghost or brain dive on your own. Or you could just look them up somewhere.The first movie is super worth watching btw
Key animation grandpa senpai will forever be the real MVP! Shirobako is without doubt my favorite anime of this season.
I like the second one more for various reasons. The first one is anything but bad tough!
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