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Oh I'm almost back in shape! Just one or two more weeks and the wound will be fully healed. Took long enough. Way more annoying than having your arm/leg in a cast.You could join our LINE groupe if you really really hate yourself.Wooow what a dick move.
Would love to try that.So expensive :(
Some really good (modern) Prog Rock! Great video.
New Earsonics announcement at the end of the month! O M G M G
Some weeb stores here have legit Pocky.Also can't complain about a shortage of rice crackers, but most of them are just cheap knock-offs. This stuff right here is the real deal :3 
Look what just arrived :3 A Get Well Soon package from @miceblue! So many things that would be almost impossible to find here. I really met some wonderful people since I joined this silly thread :) Will now try to shove all this up my wound. Just what the doctor ordered
How stronk are the sport anime tropes in this show?
Look what I got my hands on :3 Haven't listen through all of it, but I can already say that this is album is a winner (at least in my books).
I don't know why I find this so funny :D
The other show looked terrible. Not going to touch that.
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