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Hey, you supported a series that you like. Nothing wrong with that. My whole schedule for this week is ruined.From Software postponed the last Dark Souls 2 DLC by a whole week :'(
What an odd "concert". I guess going for the best possible quality is a bit difficult with a live crowd. Already pre-ordered my Blu-Ray!
Is it? Okay.Giving the whole sci-fi setting too much attention is a bad idea, I guess.
Started watching Gankutsuou. Now this is what I call visually impressive! Really really unique and cool stuff. Since the story is loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo, I can already kind of know what will happen (blabla escape from prison blabla treasure blabla revenge) but whateves :3
I'm sure you will have a lot of fun defending Singapore against all the enemies that it doesn't have.
So now we have plot armor armor?Okay.
It's just a Japanese language thing.
Apple did everything wrong.
Exactly what it says.
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