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Bless you. :|Why exactly?
Because I'm going green with envy everytime I browse through this site!I don't even draw stuff and I'm getting soooo jealous that I can't draw awesome **** like all these ****ers do!
Awesome new Mushishi wallpaper :3 Did I ever mention that I really really hate Pixiv? :'(
Really really interesting video:
1. I hate Pixiv 2. I can't wait for the second season ♥
One of my absolute favorite Black Metal songs. Pure frenzy.
Hi.Artistic Integrity: The GamePretty much.
Oh I totally knew I've seen this before! It does. It's a bit lighter and with less budget.Dragon testicles. Huh.Oh is that how they want to attract viewers now?Is a magical wish-fulfillment boob highschool not enough these days? Oooohhhh it's such a close reace between Onodera und Ms. Tsundere here! At least in my books...Right now Onodera is best girl because she gets a lot more screentime. :/
I still don't like her. Ichijou is one poor son of a gun.
The new Mushishi episode is even better than the previous one! Really really awesome :) I totally want to know how they manage to come up with all these amazing stories. The persistent level of quality in this anime is astounding.   The second Mekaku episode was....not like the first one. Still no sign of an overarching story, but whatever. The little song bit at the end was nice. And, needless to say, I'm totally in love with all the SHAFT stuff going on in this show...
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