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how's the midrange and soundstage ???
To me AD900x headband fits much better than AD900, which I think the headband is too loose I can't even feel the "wings" of AD900x on my head at all and it wouldn't slide down or bulge on my head. On other note, I have to agree that AD900x on open box sounds seriously congested. I couldn't distinguish it with my old M50 at all except for weaker bass. After 100h of burning in is a different story lol. My M50 is going on sale soon.  Have anyone tried AD900x with Odac...
I assure you that AD900x will have much better low end than AD900. Last time I auditioned AD900, I thought the sound was way too thin and lifeless, not so with my AD900x, bass is tight and midrange sounds pretty full.
I just read his review and it seems the only thing that E12 won over c421 is bass. However, what I'm looking for is cleaner midrange and larger soundstage 'cause my E10 adds a little too much warmth to AD900x and the ss is even worse than plugging directly to my iPad. His review also mention that O2 beats E12 in most tests, and according to several people, C5 sounds quite identical to O2, Guess I'll try the C5 then. It's not that I have huge budget but I don't want to...
Can anyone recommend an amp/dac for my AD900x. Would C421 be a good choice ? I'm using Fiio E10 right now!! 
Received my AD900x yesterday, been burning them for around 15 hours already. Sound out of the box does not really impress me much going from my white M50, I actually found my M50 sound cleaner than AD900x. I hope after fully burn-in (100 hours??), it will be like what Dsnuts reviewed. Well my M50 wasn't sound cleaned on open box either.
Not expecting much though, Xperia phones have never regarded as good PMPs
I get the feeling that every ATH headphones are godsends for Dsnuts . 
Just out of curious, how's your impression on MDR-1R. 
  I believed you 've said that your A900x sound 10x better than M50, can you elaborate more :D
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