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Since three weeks I am an owner of the AH-D7100. For over 30 years I have owned AKG's, Senheiser's, Stax and Grados (325 & GS1000). Despite a lot of negativity spread over the Denon, I am convinced that it has a very, very strong position in the Reference catagory. Ok, ok, we all have our own preference and taste, but looking at the overall package, built and sound quality, the "experts" should just accept that this well thought design deserves a fair judgement. I listen...
Hello Currawong, thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I am using ITunes icw Pure Music. Problem on the 10ES2 only exists through USB input. Software updates have not yet solved the problem. The "clicks" are not continuous but only occassionaly...
I got my 10ES2 this afternoon and facing a problem when connecting with my macmini through USB. I hear "clicks/ticks" when playing different kinds of music. I have asked Kingwa for advise and waiting for his reply. When connected to the optical out of my streamer (sm6), the sound is impressive.
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