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  New tristam song! Can't wait for 020
No probs! I've heard about lots of people saying that the VQs have fairly weak internals and can't handle much more than 8 or so psi but yours is proof that it's just fine! If I did have the money I'd probably get proper brakes (Brembos or something), a chip and exhaust. The J31's stock exhaust it quieter than my grandma's car! I'm saving up for a car that can be in my name completely and I'm looking at a 2JZ twin turbo aristo. I've kinda been a fan of wolf in sheep's...
Nice! I know it's been a while since you posted this but how's that VQ35 handling the extra power? At 600 you must be running quite a lot of boost! I often drive a VQ35 J31 Teanna and it's a nice car but definitely needs better brakes.
Yep. Also I love Final Call.
Agreed. Your World was epic, Number One was beautiful and Miracle was a great feel good song.
This blew me away.
Funny you should mention him.... I started listening to him a few days before you posted that haha. My favorites from him would possibly be like you and I like some elements from endless and trigger.Have a new Vanic song
I know Flux Pavilion is a bit mainstream and all, but I've been waiting for this to be released since I heard it for the first time and here it is!
Anybody here a fan of monstercat stuff? Monstercat 17 (Ascension) has some of my favorite songs on it.   Here're my favorites from the album (so far): 1. Pegboard Nerds- Hero 2. Tristam and Braken - Frame of Mind 3. Direct- Wanna Know You And by far my favorite, Moonlight (Varien and SirenCeol)
True fact... I haven't seen MLP since Rarity in Manehatten and I have no idea which music artists are new in the fandom.... What is wrong with me? 0_o
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