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I know Flux Pavilion is a bit mainstream and all, but I've been waiting for this to be released since I heard it for the first time and here it is!
Anybody here a fan of monstercat stuff? Monstercat 17 (Ascension) has some of my favorite songs on it.   Here're my favorites from the album (so far): 1. Pegboard Nerds- Hero 2. Tristam and Braken - Frame of Mind 3. Direct- Wanna Know You And by far my favorite, Moonlight (Varien and SirenCeol)
True fact... I haven't seen MLP since Rarity in Manehatten and I have no idea which music artists are new in the fandom.... What is wrong with me? 0_o
Not trying to start arguments but I was talking about the time in 2011/2012 when skrillex was starting to become popular and EDM became a term used commonly. I know electronic has starts that go back further than 3 or so years but when the now almost -typical-growl-and wobble-bass "dubstep" started becoming popular, there weren't anywhere as many producers trying to become popular as there is now.
Skrillex started with nothing. It was time and success that made him famous. Thing is, back then, there wasn't as much competition and now every man and his dog is producing electronic music. He's got a fan base and just got in there. The music industry is like that. A lot of the time, it isn't just how good your music is
New Varien and SirensCeol collab. The vocals are pretty freaking dreamy.... anyone else know of songs with amazing vocals like this?  
Are you honestly me? I showed my sister a song that I liked (I think it was From the dust or something) and she said it was boring. She then talks about how good animals is. I'm sorry but a kick drum and a preset melody isn't boring, yet rouge is? And that's why I've simply just given up
I don't see why it's becoming popular. It's bland and boring to me. I can't listen to a boring song... I just can't stand it. There are simple songs and slow paced songs that are amazing so it's not just that aspect. I don't understand why the song Animals got so popular. Martin used nothing original. Just samples and the basic presets and then all of a sudden he's rich at 16/17 and he's playing at EDM festivals and all.... *Sigh* Right place at the right time.
Have a stream for the upcoming seven lions EP! Including the Seven Lions Collab! I can't wait for the full release
Burn up- the Dabin Remix. That song is also amazing Also, anyone heard the Running to the Sea remix by Seven Lions? really like the eerie mysterious tone it has and was wondering if anybody knew other songs like this. 
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