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I got my hands on a pair of Raptor RA5001 ear protection and I was looking for a cable that would allow me to connect it to a 3.5mm jack and i was wanting to know if someone could tell me what the connector that i would need is. I need the female end to that cable with a 3.5mm if that is possible. Any help would be great.   thanks
if you help out on the shipping I can
Lowered to 190 shipped.
I have a Little Dot MK3 (110v) that was bought new in dec 2012 that I am selling. It probably has less that 100 hours on it. It will come with a another set of tubes I can get the names of them if wanted. It also comes with a audio quest evergreen rca to 3.5mm (3m long). I everything that it came with it when it was new. Please let me know if interested. I am asking 200 shipped. I will take a trade on a pair of binos I prefer 10x42   thanks
Unless you are in Germany near the Nuremberg area I will not ship to eu I don't know how to use or where a eu mail place is. As I said I am stationed on a us post in Germany so even though the amp is shipped from Germany it is coming from a US address using USPS
lowed price to 200 shipped. let me know if interested.   thanks
SPF.   thanks
it will ship from an APO in germany using USPS. I am stationed in germany and my home state in NC that is why I did that sorry for any confusion.
no thanks not really looking to trade. Thanks though
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