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  Are you serious? Don't tell me that "normal" music, for you is only basic rhythm and basic 130 tempo kick beat. ;) C'MON WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!     Sorry for offending you, but disagreeing that modern (mainstream) music is getting worse every month with all nicki minaj, one direction, david quetta, lil wayne, rihanna, lady gaga,, black eyed peas, justin bieber, skrillex, rebecca black and most of other POP, RAP, Hiphop genres that are infested...
Rap/Hip hop? Sony XB series will do the job fine. If you are considering listening to something that contains music, then get Sennheiser HD650 for sure. Also other headphones such as Beyerdynamic DT880,DT990 premium can also be very good for hip hop (good hiphop).
So many rich people here ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ  
 Well I suggest you to move on. Beats solos are horrible headphones. Insides of those headphones are not so good. Really cheap diaphragm, no wonder they break. If you still want to fix your headphones I suggest (your own risk of breaking the headphones) to take them apart and look if the diaphragm is damaged (not central), if it is you can try fixing it back with duck tape. If your headphones are broken I highly suggest to buy anything else than the beats.
Bose is overrated and overpriced that's about it.
The fact that I have nothing to do and that beats do really suck (a lot). But lol, If I had a flashlight I would shine a rainbow up the a--.
My classmate actually has them, and I had a chance to listen to them. They sound even worse than the Studios. The fact is that the permanent hissing sound from noise canceling makes sounds REALLLY REALLY HARSH and unbearable. Overall beats executives has no soundstage whatsoever .
Most people are really really stupid. And if they weren't any stupid people, then it would be hard to control people. Anyways if all younger people would read books, listen to normal music ( no POP, or RAP), we would end up being type 1 civilization (not that I believe in types of civilization theory) .
  It's all marketing. They pay people to writhe positive reviews. They also pay websites to put them in good positions. And when it comes to average consumers, it's really efficient.
How do these headphones compare to something like DT1350, DT 990 premium, Sennheiser HD600, HD650 and Q701? Planning on buying Q701 or DT1350 or HE-400.
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