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they look sweet! I can imagine the soundstage on these would be amazing?
that's awesome.. Good call. Would love that!
ill keep that in mind cause id love to go for sure..and ya Toronto is a great city.i don't think it gets the credit it deserves specially with our sports teams seems like they have a harder time to recruit players lol ..but thanks buddy for your kind words..cheers!
i sooooo wish canjam would come to Toronto Canada someday,..please oh please!!!
it is very good iem and I agree it is very underrated!
I too am very interested in this comparison. I also have the Heaven II and absolutely love them. I think your right they are definitely a little gem specially for the price.i also have the adagio v which is a dynamic driver and really like them to. I actually like them more then my ie80's. I find they have better treble and better controlled bass and mids are OK not to forward and not to laid back either and fairly good amount of detail and separation. Sound even better...
I did the same thing I put the green etymotic filters in the ck10. How would you compare the sound compared to the original filters?
looking to trade my westone w4r for your cardas ear speaker 5813 . the w4r is in fairly good shape ive had them roughly 2 years. let me know if your interested...pics will follow...thanks for looking..cheers
that's saying alot considering the your headphone list very impressive.
And they eq very well.im not a big EQ guy at all but I lf I want a little more bottom end from these I use the bass boost on the fiio and it bumps up the bottom end very well without getting into the mids way what so ever. Actually the bass boost gives a little more sub bass actually gives them a little more umph!
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