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Great thank you. Great read. Now I'm really interested. Same with the x12. Add some ampag and these little things sing and go to a different level. They do sound good out of my iPhone 6s but sound much better with some power. And with the added tweeter that would be sweet. These play with pretty much everything in there price bracket and beyond. These are one of the only BA. That comes close to a DD earphone. Specially in the low end. BA's sound fast and accurate but to me...
I picked up a brand new sealed x12i the other day for 150 cnd. I wanted a back up pair for my w60 so I thought why not. I thought I got a good deal until I listened to them. Now I think I didn't get a good deal I got a steal lol these sound frign fantastic. Holy crap I wasn't expecting that. I had a few years back the image 10 and they were ok I guess. But these are a lot better from what I remember from memory imo of course. I think they beautifully made too. Very small...
I think at this level it's just a matter of taste. I love the 2.5 and I'm not even a bass head.they are just a fun headphone.for something a little more serious I use my laylas but for fun I think the 2.5 is great.with the port closed for me.
Wow that's what those cases are worth? One came with my laylas but no idea they were that much..beautiful case though!!
I haven't read this thread in a while.. I was reading a few posts back and they said .."RUSH'S VERY BASIC MUSIC" wow thanks for that ,I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time!! LOL  thanks I needed that!
the ii is pretty amazing for the price..
to be honest it took a little bit to get use to.at first listen and kinda bought blindly and on reviews, and was like omg what did I do lol but I would say after about a couple days they sounded great.everything else I had..W4r..se535ltd and so on sounded very muddy to me.im not sure why I traded them away but now I'm so happy to have them back I'll tell you. I love just how clear they are and how much room they have like hearing things outside of my head.lots of space...
great thank you very much..good read.
thanks buddy awesome.. I have to try the fibass for sure..cheers.
I traded my 3003's away a few months ago and now have them back for about two weeks now..not really sure why I traded them but I'm really loving these things again..so happy I got them back.. Great iem at any cost!
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