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I may be wrong. But i think at this level there really isn't ant better just different. Imo depends on what you like and want ☺
they are a brighter earphone so maybe you just need a bit of time to adjust. And yeah make sure your using a higher bitrate. They defently bring out the bad in bad bitrate music.
Yaya I'm with you on this.rolled off treble? Sure maybe the bass a bit..but for their price point I think they have one of the best mids I've heard for sure.
when I had the roxannes ak03 version ..I thought they were made like tanks to be honest.I only had them a couple months though so maybe not enough time for something to break I guess
thanks brother..I don't think it's the problem with lollipop per say. I think it's got to do with Samsung devices.I've read some people with lollipop on their nexus 5 I believe with lollipop has it working. It works great on my sony z with kit kat..there is a message telling me there is an update. .no way am I updating lol anyways hopefully the developers will come out with some kind of update for it.fingers crossed.
ya wish I never upgraded.maybe they will put a update soon for lollipop .
Ok rooted my s5 lollipop and can't get viper to work..works great on my sony z using Android 4.4.2 but can't get it to work with the s5 5.0 very frustrating.😡
haha ya these are a gem to listen to for sure ..
that's what I'm finding out now..I love the sound of these things but I use them at work where it is kinda noisy and they just don't cut it for isulation .might have to trade them for something else 😭
 i knew i liked her from the beginning .lol.
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