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no I dont think they are all bogus ..I feel bad for people who have maybe saved up and bought this earphone and got a dude..That can happens with everything you buy...the sound cut out happens with other earphones to its the connecters. .they are horrible imo my shure 535's did the exact same thing and they cost 100 dollars more ..I would just like to hear some good experience on this thread about these earphones .I like I said am on my second pair .and I got them after...
im with you ..I don't get it on my second pair of these ..and only cause I traded the last pair which I fastly regretted. So I got another pair and have had no problems with either one..and i don't really baby them either lol not that rough with them either .I love the sound quilty of these and are for me very comfortable. I also have the fi10 which is a close second .
couldn't have said it better myself ..and I'm sorry for your misfortune. .inconvenience
very funny lmao
does people think just because JH is no longer there that this company is stupid and not know what they are doing..think they just scrapped everything and started over..i think not.. i would love to try the uerm..maybe one day,,i also think that all the defective product you hear about on here from this company is far and few inbetween from what this product really is..i think people like to just hear their selfs speak sure everyother company has their...
Got to say.. With all the multi driver iems and iems up and over 1000 bucks..I think the ck10 is still a very impressive phone
Listening to music at work by the Hip....who say rock don't sound great on these.. Lol
I totally agree.
I've heard the 846. Not for a very long time though. But to me they don't sound to be a 500 dollar jump from the se 535. Better?? Yes. Not that much better. Except for the bass.. And like I said not 500. More. Imo. I've owned now three pairs of the 535. Guess I like them Lol the ones I own now are the 535 red Ltd Ed. Which seemed to solve the bass and treble of the se 535. I'm sorry but I'm not to sure what these companies are trying to do by selling products that cost...
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