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hi i have a alo continental v3 portable headphone amp for trade in great shape about two years old and sparly used for trade for a pair of iems,,, pictures apound request,,,,thanks for looking.
yes that's I figure to..they still work like normal but like you I'm scared that it will eventually short out inside the ear piece itself..I will have to phone or end them a email .thanks for you input .
I've had my w4r for a couple years now and still use them from time to time and still like them a lot actually. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. Not so much a problem as a concern.on my left housing where the the two pins connect to the ear piece,it moves back and forth quit a can see where it's actually the piece inside the ear housing it's self..I'm curious if anyone has this happening ?I'm a little worried as my warranty runs out in a few...
me either. .only had these bad boys for about two months though and no problems. I also had two pairs of the se535.the 535 Ltd. And the 315.I only had a slight problem with cut out sound once on a pair of se535 .I cleaned the connection on both sides and never had a problem after that.☺
+1 very well said
I found with the ck10 a little while for the brain to adjust then the bass is great.very detailed controlled and fast. When I put them in my ears after listening to something a little warmer or thicker it's like there is almost no bass but like I said once you adjust it's great.for the price they went for back in the day they were a steal.
would you know how the s5 compares to the s6? I have the s5 and think it sounds great with power amp.the amp isn't as loud as some other phones but I think qulaity of sound is pretty good actually imo
I'm still lovin these iems. I use my shure 846 as my main earphone but put these in from time to time..I like using them at bed time I find them very comfy.the only thing about these I find is that they take a little more power from my ipod to run..which is really no big deal.does anyone else find they need to turn the volume up a little higher with these? Other then that they are great..I don't take them out of the house to often. I don't want to wreck them because they...
Plus I always make sure when rolling in my fingers that I roll them back so non of the foam is covering any of the hole where the sound comes out.that's where you'll get treble difference. It will kinda soak up the treble.same with any foam really.
I've tried every tip under the sun and the those yellow tips to me sound the best bar non.when I had the 535 it took me a while to figure out how to get a good seal with them but once I did the detail came flowing through them.same with these.I like the silicone olive and even the foam olives but the yellow ones definitely take it..although sometimes they can make the inside of your ear itch. I've also tried them with my w4r but maybe because the stem is smaller on them I...
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