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haha ya these are a gem to listen to for sure ..
that's what I'm finding out now..I love the sound of these things but I use them at work where it is kinda noisy and they just don't cut it for isulation .might have to trade them for something else 😭
 i knew i liked her from the beginning .lol.
gotta love this hobby hehe!!😆 lol
yes I traded the 846 for them☺ and your right they ain't that clinical ..thanks enjoying them very much..
Hey guys ..I've had the 3003 for about a week now..traded a fellow headfier for them..it too a little bit of time to get use to the signature and find the right tip.I starting using the medium tips at first but found that they were a little big and were actually pushing the casing against the insside of my ear and causing some discomfort.kinda weird since all the other iems I've owned and still own I use medium tips.I switched to the small tips and wammo..perfect fit and...
hi i have a alo continental v3 portable headphone amp for trade in great shape about two years old and sparly used for trade for a pair of iems,,, pictures apound request,,,,thanks for looking.
yes that's I figure to..they still work like normal but like you I'm scared that it will eventually short out inside the ear piece itself..I will have to phone or end them a email .thanks for you input .
I've had my w4r for a couple years now and still use them from time to time and still like them a lot actually. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. Not so much a problem as a concern.on my left housing where the the two pins connect to the ear piece,it moves back and forth quit a bit.you can see where it moves.it's actually the piece inside the ear housing it's self..I'm curious if anyone has this happening ?I'm a little worried as my warranty runs out in a few...
me either. .only had these bad boys for about two months though and no problems. I also had two pairs of the se535.the 535 Ltd. And the 315.I only had a slight problem with cut out sound once on a pair of se535 .I cleaned the connection on both sides and never had a problem after that.☺
New Posts  All Forums: