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sorry for the late reply..thank you so much for the advice appreciate it.
yes helps a lot thank you..I'm going to be listening to both of them later today and I have a feeling it's not going to be an easy decision lol .I have listed to the 3003i a while back and liked them alot..the only thing I didn't like was the non removable cable which has been talked about many times .scares me alot actually.
thanks alot appreciate it ☺ soon I will probably be in the market for a balanced amp/dac combo kinda thing for sure.
great thank you .
It has probably been asked .but does anyone know how these sound compared to the roxannes?
I'm planning on picking up a pair of roxanne AK special edition in a couple days..for my sorce I have a 5th Gen ipod touch I'm using right now..Im wondering if the ipod will be OK with these seeing that they are only 15 ohm?
Pulled these out of my bag after not using them for the last couple months.kinda scared to use them that much because they are really hard to find if I break them .holy crap I can't take them out of my ears now lol these are still sooo good.I put other earphones in after these and and everything else sounds muddy in comparison. Wow. .just wanted to give these some loving ☺
that happened to my er4p's. Out of warranty I just put a couple dabs of crazy fine
holy that's crazy..they charge way to much for a couple pieces of plastic lol but thats a differnt conversation and of course most people won't admit that their 2k iem doesn't sound better then a 300 dollar pair..something like,.underratted:everything i own .overrated: everything else lol
sorry for the late reply to this but luisdent you are so right ..I've had multiple driver iems..w4r. 535..SE and LTD..4ai. .to just name a few..I bought a pair of the se315..a single driver iem. a while ago and never really gave them a chance because I had other multiple driver earphones.u thought about a week ago to give them a chance for a couple days.and wow got to say for a single driver and not even second to totl earphone in the shure SE line up they are quit...
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