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I personally cannot listen to a iem and say that I love or hate it in 5 or 10 minutes or whatever. Bright or dark sounding. I traded for the um50 a while back and at first listen, hell even a day or two days later I still didn't really like them. After about a week with them I started getting it. Then they were just sounding so engaging. Separation was crazy good to me anyways. Even with my w60's took awhile for my brain to say,, oh ya!! Hell ya!! These are incredible....
Great iem at any price really!!
that is awesome thank you so much buddy..I have to try them.
how would you compare the w50 to the um50? I have the um50 to actually my Layla to be honest. I just find them very engaging and the more I listen the more I like them. I think it's the only Earphone that I didn't want to trade or sell after two Weeks lol
I hate people who audition an Earphone for a few minutes and stomp all over it .some people need to get a life.sorry just p's me off!
I could be wrong lol but maybe check and maybe replace the filters. I know that happens with the likes of the er4's the filter get clogged. Just a suggestion. Hope you fix the problem. I to think I prefer the um50 to the w60.great Earphone but just not for the type of music I listen too.good luck!
Can someone maybe compare these to the westone um50? I'm looking for something a little different to go along with the um50. Would these just be a side step or a down grade? I've always loved a dynamic Earphone and have used pretty much only BA'S or a hybrid.thanks and happy listening .
ya I didn't really understand him awhile back either..I thought I did but now I'm just thinking what you just commented on..
I have the x12i and I think they sound good out of a phone but sound quite better amped.I think they are a little hard to drive.I had the 10 years ago and from memory the 10 sounded fuller or more of a mid bass hump then the x12i..it's a fun Iem to listen to.just have to give them a bit of juice Imo.
I hear ya brother. I put a new epic cable on my um50 case the old original one was junk.when I first put the new one on it was very dark sounding and didn't like it at all.but I stuck with it and now after about two weeks with it it is now opened up and now the Soundstage is wider and the highs are actually there now lol I wasn't one to belive in cables and stuff but I am now .they sound great now.
New Posts  All Forums: