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I have the universal .akr03 and I dont find them either too dark..I think they sound beautiful. I really wouldn't want anymore treble with them to be honest.these have to be the best rock n roll iem ever IMO. .they make my head move and feet move each and every time I listen to them.the power these have is remarkable. Drums on these are just fabulous. Dream theatre has never sounded so good .I've heard both the layla and the angie and they both sound very good.the angie...
I agree these still sound great .I must be one of the lucky ones with the built issues I don't or haven't really babied these and they still look brand first I had some issues with the cable cut outs on the left channel but I took the cable off of the housing a few times and never had that problem again. I'm using the roxannes as my go to right now but I pop these in from time to time and they still put a smile on my face
Can someone please tell me what the difference between the .akr03 and the original version is ? Is it just the looks and obviously the price ? Thank you and happy listening ☺
is the roxanne fit the only reason they fell from the number one spot? I've had my pair of roxanne akr03 ,s for a couple weeks now and they are really starting to shine..amazing clarity ..detail ..and soundstage.I absolutely love them for rockn roll. Drums on these are by far the best I have ever heard in a IEM. Coming from the w4,The 535, ue900. Ck10 which was probably my favorite over them all and a few other ones.I've heard the 846 a few times and really liked them but...
sorry for the late reply..thank you so much for the advice appreciate it.
yes helps a lot thank you..I'm going to be listening to both of them later today and I have a feeling it's not going to be an easy decision lol .I have listed to the 3003i a while back and liked them alot..the only thing I didn't like was the non removable cable which has been talked about many times .scares me alot actually.
thanks alot appreciate it ☺ soon I will probably be in the market for a balanced amp/dac combo kinda thing for sure.
great thank you .
It has probably been asked .but does anyone know how these sound compared to the roxannes?
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