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Great thank you!
Excellent. Thanks guys appreciate it ­čśÇ I find the case impractical myself too. And could see where it could cause problems with it being square like that. Believe it or not I have made the mistake of trading these off only to keep coming back to them. Nothing really can match them imo. Sure you might get a little better in certain area I suppose. But ya what a great headphone. Thanks.
Hey guys are some of you using the provided case? And if so how long have you been using it and are there and effects to the cable at all? And to some who have had this beautiful sounding earphone for a couple years how are your cables holding up? Thanks happy listening!
How long have you had yours for? And is that case the square one really good for the cable? I never use cause I heard it's not that good for the cable because of the shape of the case . Thanks
He must be talking mids with the three earphones. From what I heard the PF series rolls off at both ends no?? Bold statements compared to the other two great earphones imo.
Sorry to hear people having problems with the faceplates cracking. I have changed mine at lest ten times. What can I say I get bored of the same Color lol I have never once had any problems with cracking or anything. I just make sure that the left goes on the left and right on right. But I can see people getting pissed off for sure.i would imagine that Westone would replace them if they did crack ?
you are right!;-)
I've had both a couple different times actually and there is a difference to me. The reds are brighter. And not really by more treble they still roll off. To me it sounds like the upper mids have been raised a bit making them sound a little brighter imo. I found the bronze and the clear are the same. They both sounded smoother to me. Which ones are better?? Depends on what one likes and maybe the mood your in at the time. Again just my opinion!
Great thank you. Great read. Now I'm really interested. Same with the x12. Add some ampag and these little things sing and go to a different level. They do sound good out of my iPhone 6s but sound much better with some power. And with the added tweeter that would be sweet. These play with pretty much everything in there price bracket and beyond. These are one of the only BA. That comes close to a DD earphone. Specially in the low end. BA's sound fast and accurate but to me...
I picked up a brand new sealed x12i the other day for 150 cnd. I wanted a back up pair for my w60 so I thought why not. I thought I got a good deal until I listened to them. Now I think I didn't get a good deal I got a steal lol these sound frign fantastic. Holy crap I wasn't expecting that. I had a few years back the image 10 and they were ok I guess. But these are a lot better from what I remember from memory imo of course. I think they beautifully made too. Very small...
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