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Is there a amp in the $150-$200 price range that can drive the DT880 600 ohm, and give them the effect they need? Recommendations appreciated!
Alt-J has an interesting, soft, cool sound. Try listening to Matilda, Breezeblocks, or Dissolve Me.
*Clap clap*    Love this review. But I still got the O2+ODAC (mostly because I live in Europe). The Magni+Modi is something for the future perhaps - if they ever will be available with a 230V wall wart. 
Hurts - Happiness   It's an album where you can't find one single thing that annoys you. Every song is good if you have no problem with the genre synthpop. I mostly listen to vocals, and Theo Hutchcraft can really sing.   Their new album Exile will be released on 11 March. - the single Miracle from the new album.
I am gonna guess that you mean "Now We Are Free"?   While I am at it, if you want to hear fantastic vocals: listen to Kurt Nilsen.    A taste: (Sings in norwegian and it's a bad quality video - but still fantastic).
The soundtrack to "Gladiator" is fantastic. It's the first thing I listened to with my newly purchased HE-400 (got them yesterday). Burned in or not - still gives me a very pleasant listening experience.
Hi,   Possible audiophile in the making here, looking for some help.   I am looking for some new equipment in the mid- to upper mid range.   Currently I am using the Sony MDR-V6 which I enjoy a lot, but I wish to enhance my music experience even more. I mostly stream music using Spotify (320kbps), through my computer (P8Z77-V motherboard, Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC). I also have a Cowon D2 mp3 player (I think the MDR-V6 sounds great...
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