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I have the MM stack and I love it with my HD650s! Ive been using it with my computer at about 10-25% volume and adjusting the magni instead. I do have a question. I'm not sure what you mean by 16 bit and 24 bit files. I've been using ripped files from CDs and I know it's uncompressed at about 1.05mbps or so, but I don't know the difference between the bit files. Can someone help? Thanks!
I would go for a DAC. If you just go straight from your portable player into your headphone amp, then you are already using the DAC and headphone amp in your player. If you are using an iPod, I would look for something that connects via 30 pin connector.
I have the Modi, sounds pretty transparent to my ears, although I am yet to have an experience with a compleatly clear reference DAC. If you go that route, i would get the magni with it, they work good together. They would also probably look better than crossing different brands together :)
I was only finding prices around $450-$500
Those Denon's sure do look nice, but it's a little more that I would be willing to pay for my headphones. Does anyone have any expirence with the V Moda M-100? Those are said to be a good bass head choice, and I do enjoy some good bass every once in a while considering that I play the bass guitar and the Chili peppers are one of my favorite bands.
Momentum looks like a good route for me then. I think that those are more efficient, so would there still be a use for my amp/DAC? And also, my only concern about the momentums was the ear cup size. When I read the review on innerfidelity and other reviews, that seemed to be the main gripe.
I've been having a similar problem with it speeding up the audio. It raises the notes a a step or so, so it's really annoying. Also, when i first open itunes sometimes, it is in full screen mode, but the right side of itunes is sticking off of the screen, so I can't see it all. I usually have to restart Itunes to fix it, or just switch between full screen, half screen (whatever that is called) and minimized until it fixes itself.
Hmm... A lot of these seemed a bit below my budget, in the $180-$200 range. The HD650 were purchased for about $380, so I could go up to that, and maybe a little higher. I was interested in the AKG K550 that promised a open sound from closed headphones, but they looked huge. It was difficult to tell from the picture, but what kind of looks would I get if I wore those out of the house? Another one that caught my eyes that I found were the Audio Technica ATH-ANC9, but I...
Hello Head-fi! New member here, but I have creeped on other posts for a long time :). Anyways, I received a pair of the Sennheiser HD 650s for Christmas with a Schiit Magni/Modi headphone amp/DAC. Love the sound, but I'm not sure if it fits what I am looking for. My setup is near the center of the house, so with the open headphone design, I can hear other noises in the house, and I have a feeling that they can hear me. My main genres I listen to are rock and alternative,...
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