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I have not done any testing what so ever besides just listening to CD tracks. The headphone amps are connected from a line out on my Emotiva USP-1 pre amp. My Emotiva CD player is hood up to it. This is an all Emotiva system. I have not hooked the headphone amps up to the Marantz gear, as it didn't need it.   Maybe I shouldn't say better.. I should say sounds more full. Or with more headroom... Or maybe just more fun which wouldn't make it better, just better for my...
I have a complete Marantz 2 channel system. PM8004 Integrated Amp. CD6004 CD Player I have purchased two headphone amps and two headphones in the last month. Just got into headphones.. Amps Bellari HA540 JDS Labs O2    Headphones Beyerdynamic T1 Grado PS500     My Marantz integrated stereo amp produces a better sound than both my headphone amps. IMO. I was under the impression that integrated amps, etc would not drive Headphones to a level that...
You really think the PS500 is bright???? Try the AKG Q701.. Now that's bright. 
I have to say...I have had my PS500 for a month now..Just picked up some Beyerdynamic T1's. It's early but I think the PS500 is a better sounding can. Or maybe just more fun.Yes the sound stage is bigger on the T1 and is more clear as well... Maybe I am just a Grado lover. I have never listened to any other Grado's. Any other suggestions on picking up another set of Grado's to add to my PS500?
Got an email. So I guess I can void this thread...
I love my PS 500's. Anyone know if there is a velour cover ear pad for Grados?
Has anyone made returns to Head-Direct. I sent back my new HE-400. The return address for credit is different than the main office. I am a little worried since they received them last week and I haven't been updated. I have called and left a message as well as email them. The strange thing is.. The return address is an Apartment. Any help to calm my nerves. Thanks Please send the product(s) and the WARRANTY FORM to: You will need to print your paypal or credit...
What model little dot am I looking for?
I have read a lot of this thread and can't find any mention of the Beyer A1 amp with the T1. I have my T1 coming in Tuesday and can get the A1 amp for $650. Any opinions on the Beyer A1 amp with the T1's?
Thanks. The Soloist was on my list as well until I read the A1 was the amp choice for the T1. The CSP2 looks really nice for the price.
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