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OK. Thanks. Thought I would come here since I am now a huge Grado fan.. Love the PS500.
Can anyone help with this. I have been through the following.... Beyer DT880 600ohm AKG Q701 Beyer T90   Ended up with the Senn HD650...    However I just got Grado PS500's... Wow! Love them. Best I have owned yet... The Senn HD650 are just too muddy and smooth sounding to me but are not as harsh in the highs as the PS500... Not a bad thing. I like the PS500 better.   I am looking for a good alternative to the PS500..I am selling the Senn HD650 and...
The PS 500 are rated one of the best. What don't you like about it? I just got a set and they sound better than my Senn HD650.... Beyer 880 and T90... AKG Q701.... HD 600. And more..... I love the PS 500 for my favorite music... Progressive rock.
I found the audiotube web site.
Thank you. Could you point me to a place where I can get one of these... I also read that an OLD RCA type would help a lot to for around 60 bucks.
Can anyone help with a tube change on my Bellari HA540. I want to smooth out the top in a touch. It's a little harsh in my opinion. Wanted to know what tube would give it a little smoother sound but keep it very detailed and not loose a lot of the gain that the stock tube has. Don't want to really spend over 50 or 60 bucks. Thanks
 Hey The Telefunken tube for these.. What is the number I am looking for? Is it a 12AX7 as well?
Looking at the Emotiva XDA-2 DAC. It says that it has Audio File grade headphone amp. Specs are     Headphone Amplifier Output Output Power: 1.9 VRMS max into 10 Ohms @  < 0.02% THD (360 mW) 2.25 VRMS max into 47 Ohms @  < 0.015% THD (100 mW) 2.25 VRMS max into 100 Ohms @  < 0.01% THD (50 mW) 2.25 VRMS max into 300 Ohms @  < 0.01% THD (16 mW) 2.25 VRMS max into 600 Ohms @  < 0.01% THD (8 mW) Signal to Noise Ratio: > 105 dB (ref full...
When I plug the Senn's into my Marantz PM8004 integrated amp they sound great. I am looking for a good headphone amp for these and my 600ohm Beyers.... Maybe I just need a different tube
Thanks. I really feel I need to change my amp. The Bellari HA540 just sounds sharp and harsh to me..Have no idea what to get.
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