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It's really sad that I received used one. I wold just end up keeping them. Maybe.. If the T1 is really better like they say, it has to be a superb can
I will tell you one thing. These T90 Beyer's are sounding insanely good tonight on my Marantz gear.. Straight up with no amp needed.. Wow. If there are better phones out there, I will be super impressed... I do have to return these but when Amazon gets them in I will reorder if the HE 400 aren't as good or better.. Guess my Bellari really is that bad too.
Thanks.. I run everything off my Emotiva gear or my Marantz.. The Emotiva set up has the XD1 in it which is my DAC.. thats if i listen to anything off the computer. Most of the time its CD's that I listen to......have the Bellari which I don't like for the amp. I think it needs a different Tube..have no idea what to get.
Yep. Gonna get the Hifiman 400 directly from them to make sure I get the latest update.. I also have the 600 credit from these at Amazon... Anyone care to let me know how they feel about the Grado rs1 and 2 line for progressive rock.
 I think it sounds a little flat and thin. With that said it's also a little bright on my Beyer T90's.. It's not bad on my Senn HD650's but I get a much fuller sound on my Marantz gear. I have read that Marantz products do have good phone ports however... Would love to just change the tube to get a better fuller more WARM sound that Tubes are supposed to produce. This is however my first listen to Tubes.
I just took a listen and the T90 is going back and not for an exchange. Way to bright for me... The search continues..
After a few weeks with this amp I am not happy at all. I am going through headphones right now trying to find the ones for me. I was running some Beyer T90's tonight that I just got and thought that these cans were really bright but very detailed. I plugged in my Senn HD650 and the harsh highs went away... Well after all this I went to my bedroom and tried both phones in this set up. Marantz PM8004  Marantz CD6004   Wow the Marantz integrated amp sounds...
Yep.. Going to do that but will try them out first to see if they fit the bill for my sound over the weekend. Only problem is, and I order a lot form Amazon... This was fulfilled by Amazon but sold from another company. Amazon said they would credit me but they have no more stock at the time. Well at the very least I will listen to them over the weekend. Thanks
No. But neither did any of my other Beyer boxes that came from Amazon. There was no tape and no sign there ever was any..
Just received my new Beyer's this morning from Amazon. T90 version.. Great price too. In any case they almost look like they were demo's or maybe a returned item. Is there any concern here if they were returned from someone. I always worry about electronics. How they were treated.... Burn in....Time on them??? They look new. My reasoning is the cord was unwrapped and the adapter plug was screwed off. Maybe some scuffs on the ear pads velour but they may just be normal...
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