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Would like to keep it under 600.
Yep. But the X2 has recessed mids which I didn't care for.. Although I might give them another try now that I have the HD650 back in the house.
Any suggestions on a headphone that has highs with a little more sparkle on the top end and the lows with more bas punch/impact than the SennHD650? Beyer 880 Beyer 990   I love the mids on the HD650 but the other ends of the spectrum need addressing for me.
THANKS. I just got the new Steven Wilson limited pack on his new CD that just came out. It's exceptional. As for source material. I have all that covered. I have some really higher end equipment. Bought it when I was making some good money. Now that I need some new headphones the budget isn't what it used to be. If it were than I would get another set of Beyer T1's.
I owned the HD650 before and they were my 2nd most comfortable can just after the Beyer T1. It's been a while however since having both of them.The AKG required me wearing a beanie hat just to fit... Ha... I am just getting back into headphones, so I know I will own more than a few. Let's just hope my income can pick up.
May have to pass... I think I am going to pull the trigger on another set of the HD650. Can't go wrong with them and do you see how cheap they are on Amazon right now.. Holy crap. Last time I purchased them they were 480.00...
I owned the AKG Q701 and thought they were good. Big problem was they were to big for my small head.. They always sat loose on my head. I wonder how the K712 would do. These are interesting with the added bass.
I have two amps I can use. The Ballari amp and also my Primaluna Premium Hp Tube integrated. 800 is way out of my price range. The 700 being right at $600 is top of my price range...
Thanks. I forgot to add I had the Grado PS500 a while back ago. Not sure why I sold them. They sounded great but I think it was I couldn't wear them for over 30-40 minutes at a time. I even tried the bigger cups but the sound suffered. I hear the Senn HD700 might be what I am after.
Just asking opinions here for some feedback in case I am missing some brands. I listen to Progressive rock. A lot of it from Porcupine Tree to Rush etc etc. I am looking for a very detailed and wide sound stage. Good low end too I am leaning towards picking up Senn HD650. I owned these a long time ago but can't remember how they sound. I also can't afford Beyer T1's again like I owned in the past. I purchased the Philips X2 and thought the mids were very recessed and...
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