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Almost brand new Beyerdynamic T1. Purchased from an authorized dealer a few months ago. I use my HD650 a lot more and these need to go to fund an amp. Paypal fees and shipping included. UPS ground freight. Perfect condition. Zero scratches. They look and feel brand new. I have sold a lot on ebay. Check out my ratings under sigmonvonmunich. Thanks for looking.
Sounds like a plan... Still may end up getting the Beyer amp in the end to go with them.. Thanks
Well I either sell the headphones or buy an A1 Amp or a Soloist... Just not sure the amps will fix my two issues. I need a touch more bass and a hair off the treble.... Hope these weren't a 1300 mistake.
Thanks  Not sure I understand what you have said however. With all due respect...
I will make this as short as I can. My issue... Maybe I don't have the right amp/source for my T1's... I own the Beyer T1's , Senn HD650  I sold my Grado PS500. I thought these sounded incredible but sold them as they were very itchy and uncomfortable after 30 minutes of wearing  them..   Senn HD650 sound very good. Could sparkle in the highs a little more Beyer T1's could have more bass and a little less symbalence   I think the Grado's sounded...
So I take it that there should be no difference between the o2 and the Soloist.. Wonder why there are so many different reveiews that say you need the right amp.. Guess I don't understand this much.
Looks like it's a good choice and I can pick one up around 680.00 Now would this be a better option than the Burson Soloist SL at the same price point?
Hi  Looking to get a better Amp for my T1's. Right now I have the Bellari HA540 and the JDS Labs 02... I don't think these are helping the sound of the T1's. I know everyone here like's the Soloist amp.. Might be to pricey for me. Any other reccomendations. Maybe the Burson SL   How is the Beyer A1 Amp with these?
I like the sound, it's just not a huge impact like I thought it would be. For the price I was expecting a lot. I have read that there are only two amps out there that get the full sound out of these. However both amps are near a grand. Soloist and the woo audio.
NO one out here has any suggestions?
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