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I think the tone of these sound better for my taste. The instrument seperation is so good on these. I can't knock the T1's however. I would have to do a sided by side to look at the clear winner. I can say the T1 was more comfortable to me as the HD700 seems big on me. I think maybe the HD700 is just more engaging to me. 
I just picked up the HD700. What a wonderful set of headphones. I have owned the Beyer T1 and these are better.. I am really impressed with the detail. So balanced.
It does sound good. Nice and clear.
I am a previous owner of the Grado PS500.  It's been a few years however, but I just picked up the new PS500e.. I think I may have gotten a bad set... Or at least I hope. They are very congested and buzzy... On bass guitar notes they seem to get in the way of themselves.. I remember my old PS500 version was so clean and clear.. Any comments here on owners.. Not a big deal to exchange them as I bought them from a good online retailer.
Anyone here use a Parasound ZDAC v2 for their DAC and headphone amp?.. One was given to me and is in the mail. I know they make great products in the Hifi world. Just wanted some feedback before I get it.
Any imput on these two cans? I'm looking at spending around 500 and want a really clean sound. More so than my Senn HD 650.
Still up for sale? How many hours have these been used?
I had both a while back. I can not remember the sound but I think I preferred the 880 600ohm version better than the T90. If memory serves me right, the T90 was a little more harsh in the upper treble range. This was at least 3 years ago when I was going through a lot of headphones to see what I wanted. My problem is I sold off all my headphone since I didn't use them much as I rebuilt my Hifi system and was always listening to my tower speakers.. And now I need some...
That would be nice to be able to pick up the Beyer 880 at that price point if it gives me a little more top and bottom. I like the build and fit of Beyerdynamics.
I thought about the T90. I can stretch it a little if I had too. I do hear the T90 can get a little shrill in the upper register.
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