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For sale is my Sennheiser HD650. I just couldn't get into headphones. I like my music through my Monitors better. These have very little time on them. They look new. No scratches etc. Will ship will all original items in box. Free shipping. Asking $350.00 Sorry. USA Shipping only by UPS.
******* Sold********
Almost brand new Beyerdynamic T1. Purchased from an authorized dealer a few months ago. I use my HD650 a lot more and these need to go to fund an amp. Paypal fees and shipping included. UPS ground freight. Perfect condition. Zero scratches. They look and feel brand new. I have sold a lot on ebay. Check out my ratings under sigmonvonmunich. Thanks for looking.
Sounds like a plan... Still may end up getting the Beyer amp in the end to go with them.. Thanks
Well I either sell the headphones or buy an A1 Amp or a Soloist... Just not sure the amps will fix my two issues. I need a touch more bass and a hair off the treble.... Hope these weren't a 1300 mistake.
Thanks  Not sure I understand what you have said however. With all due respect...
I will make this as short as I can. My issue... Maybe I don't have the right amp/source for my T1's... I own the Beyer T1's , Senn HD650  I sold my Grado PS500. I thought these sounded incredible but sold them as they were very itchy and uncomfortable after 30 minutes of wearing  them..   Senn HD650 sound very good. Could sparkle in the highs a little more Beyer T1's could have more bass and a little less symbalence   I think the Grado's sounded...
So I take it that there should be no difference between the o2 and the Soloist.. Wonder why there are so many different reveiews that say you need the right amp.. Guess I don't understand this much.
Looks like it's a good choice and I can pick one up around 680.00 Now would this be a better option than the Burson Soloist SL at the same price point?
Hi  Looking to get a better Amp for my T1's. Right now I have the Bellari HA540 and the JDS Labs 02... I don't think these are helping the sound of the T1's. I know everyone here like's the Soloist amp.. Might be to pricey for me. Any other reccomendations. Maybe the Burson SL   How is the Beyer A1 Amp with these?
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