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I just picked up the HD600 Yesterday and own the X2 as well. I think they are completely different sounding. Both are good. HD600 has better mids and a smooth top but lacks the low end of the X2. I think they have a spot for different types of music. I listen to a lot of progressive rock so the HD600 may work better for me in the long run. I however will keep both.
Just picked up a set of Senn HD600 new for super cheap. I couldn't resist. I have only been using my Philips X2 and NAD cans for the last month. Both are wonderful. Just got done playing a bunch of tracks on the Senn HD600 for the last few hours. These are great too but could use a touch more in the bass department. What if anything has anyone noticed with burn in time on the HD600's? Anything in the lows? Do they open up a bit? Thanks
Yes the NAD are a little warmer but I think it's because it's a closed can. The X2 has a bigger soundstage and I think is the better headphone. I however only use the NAD with my portable devices. I love both. I am sold on both and will keep them. I will however still look for one more set of headphones to add to the two.
 NAD Visio.. I just picked up a pair and they are great.
DT880 is NOT flat... They sparkle in the high end. I owned the T1 at one time and they are not as bright as the DT880. The X2 has a great upper end and lower end.
The sound is completely different. The HD650 are great and the mids are better. I however don't like the top smoky sound to the HD650. The top end is more clear on the X2. I hear a V sound on the X2. The mids are almost two recessed. The overall sound was more enjoyable on the X2 to me. I would own both but don't listen to headphones that much. Now I did think the HD700 was better than both of these. But way more expensive too.
Nothing except for extended low notes. And it's almost a third less money. I loved the sound of the HD700. In fact I thought it was close to my Ribbon Tower speakers in the mids and highs. Just couldn't justify the price over the X2. I only use headphones if I have too anyways.
I did the same thing. I owned the HD700 and HD650. Sold both after I got the X2... Love them for everything except they are a little large for me. Wish they fit like the Senn.. I will most likely end up getting a pair of HD600 However.
You know. I am loving the sound of mine but hate the fact that my ear touches the inside of the right cup. The ear cups are very shallow on these. I want to love them but this bugs me and I keep messing with it while it's on. Any suggestions??
Hey everyone. I just picked up another set of the X2's. I am comparing them to my HD700. Will the bass on the X2's tighten up a little with time? I find these to be really good cans the second time around. They match the HD700 in detail... Well almost. My only concern is the bass is a little sloppy. Take in consideration I have less than an hour on these and the 700's have about about 10 hours..
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