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What model little dot am I looking for?
I have read a lot of this thread and can't find any mention of the Beyer A1 amp with the T1. I have my T1 coming in Tuesday and can get the A1 amp for $650. Any opinions on the Beyer A1 amp with the T1's?
I know I am in the Burson thread but want to know some opinions on the following. I have my Beyer T1's coming next week. I can pick up a Beyer A1 for $650 new. The Burson is going to run me around $990. I have read great stuff on both amps. Would the Burson really be that huge of an improvement over the A1? $650 is a really nice number for me.
Thanks. The Soloist was on my list as well until I read the A1 was the amp choice for the T1. The CSP2 looks really nice for the price.
Purchased my Grail headphone yesterday. Beyerdynamic T1... From everything I have read, the Beyer A1 amp is the ONE to get for these headphones. I have the Bellari HA540 right now. Anyone have thoughts on using the Bellari with the T1's? I had planned on getting a solid state in the future by the way. Thanks
Good to know I am not crazy. Thanks.
That might be true. As of now I liked the Senn HD650 better than these. Truth be told, the Beyer T90 was the best I have listed to right behind the PS500.  Not sure I want to even give these that much time. Like I said, something just doesn't do it for me... I also just tried the Velour pads without much improvement either..Oh well...That's what makes this hobby fun.
Yep. I have been switching back and fourth now for a little while and prefer the PS500 over the Hifiman by a long shot... Its also so much lighter as well.. That's a plus in my book...
Long story short. I owned the Senn HD650 for a while and was looking for a more clear sound. Went through a few phones and ended up with the Grado PS500 last week. These things are amazing and a keeper. I returned the Senn's to Amazon and purchased the Hifiman HE-400. Got them today and they don't sound good to me. Tried them through different sources as well. The Bellari amp drives them well. To me they are much more clear then the Senn HD650. Not as exciting as the...
OK. Thanks. Thought I would come here since I am now a huge Grado fan.. Love the PS500.
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