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So I finally picked up the 712Pro from Amazon. I haven't listened to them yet. Will be comparing them to a few headphones I have at home. Senn HD600 and 650. Beyerdynamic T5P Gen 2 and 1770. All of these are good in their own way. I am looking for better mids than my current stock of headphones. 
Been looking through this thread. What if any do the Leather ear pads change with this headphone. 
No no no. No AVR here. Looking for a small desktop system. There are a few our there with dedicated LFE Sub out. You can always use the RCA Out to power a sub as well. I have some extra stuff to use at home, but it's full size Audio components. TEAC makes a few that are a little thin on Power. Peachtree is there although a little large. I'll check out some others too. Keep the suggestions coming.
I've been into HiFi audio for a long time and have a good system in my Den. So I have a fair amount of audio knowledge.  Decided to set up a desktop system in my bedroom and need a little help. Source will be my Apple Imac. DAC will be either my Parasound ZDac V2 or my Chord mojo .Or maybe something new....Now I will be using this in conjunction with a 2.1 audio set up at the same spot.  JLB Studio 530 as my monitors with a sub that I haven't purchased yet. Any suggestions...
All true. I am leaning towards liking my AT MSR7's better than my new T5P gen 2 headphones. I just enjoy the music better on the AT. You would think at almost 700 more for the Beyer's you would get a better sound. Maybe better build quality.
I love my MSR7. Having been looking to upgrade these to have better soundstage and instrument separation. I bought the T5P gen 2 and still like the MSR 7 better. Was looking at the DT1770 thinking maybe they may be what I am looking for. Now that I see this, maybe not. Still searching for the right headphones.
I will tell you this on the AT. I purchased the Beyer T5P V2 and I almost like the sound signature better on the AT. If they made this exact can with a wider sound stage separate  instruments a touch it would be world class to me.
Thanks. Any other options out there? Really wish I could test a bunch to find what I am looking for. I use to use open back headphones but night time is forcing me to go closed back. CAN'T seem to find the sound I am looking for.
Hello. I love my MSR 7's but would like to find out if there is another headphone out there with similar sound with a larger soundstage and better instrument seperation. I bought a set of Beyer T5p Gen 2's. they have a much bigger sound stage and even better separation. However the mids and the treble are not as good as the MSR7 to me. So now I am seeking and even better MSR sound. Any suggestions????
I got the new Beyerdynamic T5p Gen 2 this week. I need a really good closed headphone since I now listen at night time. These are really good but something is missing in the mids or treble. I can't explain it exactly. The mids are just off. Coming off the Audio Tech MSR7. These have a fantastic sound but are very congested with a smaller soundstage compared to the T5p. Guess I am looking for more of the MSR7 Sound with better separation and a bigger soundstage. Playing...
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