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I would like to know this as well has anyone used the JDS Labs Element DAC/Headphone amp
I haven't had any issue with my Mojo and Bey DT1770. 
Iphone would be my source if I am using it next to my nightstand. Otherwise I feed it from my Imac in the music room. I have also tried my Parasound Zdac V2 and it just doesn't seem to do much for any of these headphones despite it's specs.
Need a Desktop DAC/AMP to power the following headphones   Beyerdynamic T1 gen2 Beyerdynamic DT1770 Senn HD600/650 AKG K712 Pro   Right now I am using my Chord Mojo. Wanting an AMP/Dac that I can leave on my nightstand that I don't have to recharge all the time. Just want to plug and play. Need power as I tend to listen at higher levels at time. Any suggestions? Budget. Trying to keep it under 600 but can stretch it maybe.
Thanks Not sure if that's a good or bad thing or it makes no difference. I had an issue with the 3pin connector on my first set. I have heard about issues with the drivers on these. Cross my fingers.
I just received my new replacement 1770"s. They came in a different carry case. The first ones had an integrated handle and a different material. It was just like the T5P Gen 2 box. The new or replacement set has a square box without handle. Is this an early model? Any info.
I had to send back my DT1770's for a warranty replacement. Sonic Elec could not be a better place to shop with how they handle everything. However, my new replacement had a different case. I think the original one with the indentation for a handle was a little nicer. This one is square with a different material on it. When did Beyer make the change? Is this maybe an early version? Late version? Just curious. Anyone else notice different cases for these. Not sure if this...
I am using the Mojo as well. I haven't found anything better yet. Also just got the K712. Having a little trouble trying to find any difference between these and my Senn HD600 and 650. All three almost sound the same. Mids are the only difference I can see. Acoustic guitar is better on the AKG.
While the T5P may be a little better, I just prefer the sound of the 1770 more. And I also found the DT1170 fit me just a hair better. Anyways, I saved myself a little money too.
So I have been comparing these to the T5P Gen 2. I like the DT1770 Better. Here is why. I think they have a cleaner sound. The sound stage is bigger on the T5P but I always feel like I am listing with a HALL EFFECT sound on the T5P... So the T5P are going back and I am keeping the DT1770  Only problem I have with the DT1770.. The Mini XLR connection is faulty. When  I  wiggle the cords, the sound cuts out of the right ear cup. Both cables do this. I also tried another XLR...
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