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Currently own the Audio Technica MSR-7. I really enjoy everything about these phones. My only Con would be the music sounds a little narrow. Or the sound stage is small. I am looking for a closed headphone that will be close to these with a nice low end and a clear almost bright top end. Smooth but not recessed mids. I am leaning towards the Beyerdynamic T5-P second gen but I really don't want to spend a grand. Any other suggestions???? Would the new DT1770 get me there?...
I own the NAD Viso. While its a great headphone I want something a little different and with more bass. Can anyone who has heard both of these phones tell me if the AT has a little more bass impact or is it a little deeper than the NAD? I am reading different things on both. Thanks
Hi all.  I had been planning on buying the Beyer T1 V2 for a little while now. However, I will have to go the closed route instead so I don't disrupt my wife's sleep in the same room. I don't have a place to audition here in town. Budget is $1100.00. Current closed phone is the Nad Viso. It's good but I am looking for a better sound like the T1 offers.  I need a good solid bass and mid bass phone with clear highs. Sound stage needs to be wide like the T1's Will be running...
I think they are an excellent headphone. They sound closer to my Ascend RAAL towers than any other headphone I have tried. And if you haven't heard of the RAAL ribbon tweeters on Ascend Acoustics speakers, you don't know what you are missing.
How can Amazon sell these so cheap? $543.00 is an outstanding price for these. I love the sound of them and just picked up a pair after selling mine a few months back. Should have never let them go but now I got some at a 200 savings.
Have you ever tried the Senn HD700? I sold mine but am looking to pick up another pair. They are a better X2 in the mids. Very good sounding headphone... I am keeping my X2 since they are a bargin and the BASS is very good.
You are about spot on and the reason I picked up the HD600... But I do enjoy these X2's a lot. They are the more FUN can.
It's not more revealing than the HD600. I would consider it Hifi and I come from that area but dip into Headphones a little.
I just picked up the HD600 Yesterday and own the X2 as well. I think they are completely different sounding. Both are good. HD600 has better mids and a smooth top but lacks the low end of the X2. I think they have a spot for different types of music. I listen to a lot of progressive rock so the HD600 may work better for me in the long run. I however will keep both.
Just picked up a set of Senn HD600 new for super cheap. I couldn't resist. I have only been using my Philips X2 and NAD cans for the last month. Both are wonderful. Just got done playing a bunch of tracks on the Senn HD600 for the last few hours. These are great too but could use a touch more in the bass department. What if anything has anyone noticed with burn in time on the HD600's? Anything in the lows? Do they open up a bit? Thanks
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